Chic With Chickidee : New Favourite Homeware Store

Afternoon everyone and welcome back to another post all about homeware! The more I think about it the more I feel like homeware is something I could actually do for a living a never get sick of it. I just love a good browse at interior decorations and especially when its affordable and you know … Continue reading Chic With Chickidee : New Favourite Homeware Store



Evening everybody and a happy Thursday to you all I hope you are all eagerly awaiting Friday and of course the weekend too. Todays post is a short one on a particular day in the Evanna Lily calendar and that is the anniversary of the the blog! This day three years ago I had been living … Continue reading THREE 

For Her

Hello everyone I hope the week is going well for you. Todays post is a two part post this one being the first. So its that time of the year again where romance has its designated day in February and I am of course on about Valentines Day. Wether you are single, involved with someone … Continue reading For Her