Evanna Lily is a fashion and styling blog using affordable fashion by Lily Atkinson.

The first half of the blog name is Evanna and it is a name I have admired for many years and it means Young Fighter. The name is associated with being creative and excellent at expressing themselves which as a blog I am expressing my interest in the fashion world and creating my own fashion looks. The second half of the name is Lily because that is my own name!

While studying Fashion Retail in Galway Technical Institute which involved Fashion Styling and Window Displays I decided to set up this blog to show my interest in fashion and share my finds, looks and ideas. As a student at the time and now as a Newlook employee I know what its like to shop on a budget when you have other financial responsibilities so I wanted to show other people how to get the look for an affordable price. Affordable being normal high street prices from brands that are on trend and good quality with purse friendly prices. I also share my Visual Display work at my local Newlook and what I have been up to in recent times.  When I’m not blogging you can find me working in my local Newlook store of Killarney.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy my posts and continue to follow my adventures for many years to come.

Ever Yours




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