Valentines Day : For Them


Hello everyone and welcome to my annual Valentines day gift post with ideas for Him and for Her. Last year I did three separate Valentines Day posts for Him, for Her and for You which was aimed at the singles of the world. Todays post is on gifts for both him and her in one blog post as opposed to two. But for today its for all the couples in just one post!

For Him

Here I have just a few different ideas from different stores and brands if you are looking to give a physical gift as opposed to say a holiday or city break somewhere which of course is always a great gift too! Every guy is into something different from technology, experiences, travel, sport, clothing, food, music etc so there are so many different options for Valentines Day gifts out there to choose from! Of course you don’t always have to buy something you can create your own gift like maybe just planning a date night like cooking something at home (Tastemade has some really good recipes on their website and instagram if thats your plan!), having a movie night, just something you don’t need to spend money on and spending time together.

For Her

Likewise buying for us girls can be a bit tough on guys too but I think if you know what she’s interested in then you cant really go too wrong. There always that like joke or statement that men don’t know how to shop for women and I don’t really agree with it because I think if you have been together for a while then he’ll know your interests and have an idea of what to get you. I will admit yes there are men who are clueless about shopping and do need a few hints sometimes but I will say that if they know you well enough and put thought into what your interests are they will get it right. I know chocolates and flowers are a typical/obvious choice but its the thought that counts! Guys you don’t have to even hand the flowers as a gift you could surprise her by having them sent to her at work (like my boyfriend did for my birthday) and then have something small for her when you do see her. Again planning a date night in or out is a great idea too and don’t think it has to be a fancy place you would never go to just because its Valentines Day you can go somewhere you know that the food is good, the ambience is good and the prices aren’t insane! The main thing is that obviously she loves you so spending time together either at home watching a film or out having dinner is definitely the main idea. If you are in a newer relationship that has been going on for a few weeks and you’re doing fine but you aren’t like set on each other yet I would suggest sticking to something simple but still personal. You should know more or less her interests, hobbies or passions at this stage that you can work off of and see whats available in that area that isn’t expensive or over the top.

Thats my few ideas and a bit of advice from me anyway! I hope you find this post a bit helpful if you are stuck and I will speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



Skincare : Current Routine

Hello everyone and I hope youre all doing well and the week isnt going too slow for you. Todays post is just on a new skincare routine that I am trying right now which involves Clinique and Nivea. So I got these two Clinique products from my aunt in England who got them from my cousin who studied beauty and I have literally never used Clinique products before but they are so good! Theyre not like made to be used together as the liquid soap is part of the 3 Step range they have.The 3 Step range is basically three different products that are suited for your skins requirements. So theres a 3 step range for oily skin, dry, dry combination etc and they give you their three products that are most suited for that skin type that you can choose from.

Foaming Cleanser//Liquid Facial Soap Tube//Light Moisturising Day Cream

So as part of my night routine I always start with removing my make up with the Garnier Micellar Water for sensitive and combination skin because I found for me personally the normal pink one wasn’t really as gentle on my skin and left it a little bit dry so I switched to the green and its made such a difference. My skin is more slight combination like its not oiley enough to be on the oiley category but its not classed as normal either. Its more dry than its oiley like usually its the end of the day my face would start get shiny and oil looking in places but I would always get dry skin on my nose and on bits of my forehead so the sensitive cleansing water is just that bit more suited for me. Then to remove any excess make up thats been left behind I would use the foaming mousse which you literally need a small dab of and you just massage it into your face and it works into a foam as you go.

To follow that I use the facial soap to get rid of any dry skin and to clean any left over oils or cleanser off of my face and honestly after these two products my skin is so soft! I always dry my face after using any facial products with a towel by patting my face dry because if you like rub your face dry it just works up more dry skin and makes it redden so it makes you think that the products aren’t working so I would say to always pat your skin dry. Then just before I go to sleep I use the Nivea Moisturiser. I know that its day cream but I find that if I use a moisturiser and a primer my skin gets more shiny at the end of the day because my primer works kind of like moisturiser anyway so I only use that everyday. The moisturiser I only really use at night or if Im having a no make up day. Its literally the softest moisturiser. Its a moisturising cream so its a bit heavier than a lotion but it goes onto your skin so smoothly and gives a really soft and light feel to your face.

Thats it from me today guys so I hope you all had a good week and enjoy your weekend! Speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



New Beauty : Contour and Highlight

Lily Atkinson Beauty PhotoAfternoon everyone. I hope your week is going well. Todays post is just on two new beauty products that I have bought recently and they are a Contour palette and a Highlight palette. As you may know from previous beauty posts that I am almost clueless about beauty trends and I am always the last person to try them out because it took me a while to find a make up look that works for me so I dont really try anything like contour or highlight or strobing or anything because Im happy with my make up look anyway!

As its a new year I decided to give it a go just to see and to have a different make up look for ocassions or nights out thats slightly different from my everyday make up without doing too much. I picked up these two at work (Newlook) to try out because I figured why spend money on a really good and fancy palette to use it not very often and to just mess around with to see what works. Im still a beginner at this so Im not posting any selfies just yet! The highlighter colours are really nice theyre are just a trio of light sparkle nude colours which can be used as eyeshadows too. Im going to try and build up my skills before I move on to smokey eye shadows and more colourful tones than nude!

 Isnt the highlight such nice nudes? Ill keep you all updated on how Im getting on with them the more I use them. I will definitely be using this weekend as Im actually in London for a family party so you will be seeing a post about that when I come back! 

Speak to you all soon! 

Ever yours 




New Favourites : Lavish Alice and Folkster


Navy Waistcoat Tailored Jumpsuit – Lavish Alice

Hello everyone I hope the day is treating you well. Todays post is just on two brands that I myself have recently come across and I am obsessed with their products. I will definitely be making a purchase soon because its all so gorgeous. These two brands are Lavish Alice and Folkster. You may have seen some Lavish Alice pieces in a previous blog post but this is my first time mentioning Folkster as I literally only came across it in the last month or so. I will start with my favourite pieces from Lavish Alice first and you will definitely see why they are such a gorgeous brand. Their pieces are designed so beautifully and are just the most stunning products. The most recent Lavish Alice pieces I have seen on is on Retroflame on her Instagram and they are just such nice pieces. lavishalice

Black Collarless Blazer Style Jumpsuit 


Grey Oversized Check Boyfriend Coat


Satin Asymmetric Waterfall Hem Midi Dress 


Off White Keyhole Neck Plunge Cape Bodysuit

Next up we have some of my favourites from the Folkster website. As I said I am fairly new to this brand but after looking at their website its definitely a new favourite of mine. They are a really cool brand based in Ireland with simple but stunning pieces from clothing to homeware and even bridal wear! They will definitely be featuring in a lot of posts this year! I came across them because of another blogger mentioning them and it was a gorgeous piece they were wearing. I think it was a dress or a playsuit Im not sure but I instantly had to have a look at their stuff!folkster-lee-dress-sable

Satin Lee Dress


Elsa Camisole in Navy


Velvet Romper Playsuit


Overlay Silver Dress

So those are my favourites from both of their websites this week but there is so much ore amazing stuff on them so have a look! Thats all from me today so I hope you are having a good day and I will speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours




New Year : 2017


Good Morning everyone and a very happy new year to you! I hope you entered the new year with a cheer and are looking forward to the year ahead. My post today is just one on what I am hoping for in 2017 and my resolutions. This post is a catch up one just to start the new year off as I know I have been very quiet throughout December even though there was my birthday and christmas and new years so there was plenty of occasions to blog about and I will apologise for my absent presence through December! Im back now and I am starting 2017 with a new post on my resolutions, hopes and catching you up on what I haven’t said in December!img_1169So just before Christmas it was my birthday which I celebrated with Éimear in Killarney as it was our twenty first. I wore this gorgeous white lace dress from Prettylittlething which I was perfect and exactly what I wanted! Its only available on the website in sizes UK 4 and 8 now as I bought it a little while ago. Its in their Sale stock now so its now down to €21.00! I only have a few photos from that night and because its Winter its dark so early here the pictures are all in darker light so you cant see it the way that it actually is so Im sorry for a lack of photos! I had a great night and Im glad I celebrated it some way.

A few days after my birthday I actually went out and passed my driving test so Im now fully qualified to drive! Its so different driving around whenever I want now like being able to just drive into Killarney whenever and not relying on someone else so its great to have that bit of independence. If you read last years New Years Resolutions post you will know that it was my goal for 2016 and even though it was the end of the year I still completed it which I am thrilled about!Lily Atkinson ChristmasLily Atkinson ChristmasThen came Christmas. I don’t know what it was but something about this year didn’t feel like a full on Christmas. Maybe because there wasn’t snow or that the weather has been more mild than cold I dont know. I was actually working on the 23rd and 26th so I only had the two days to be Christmassy really (some of the other girls were working on christmas eve so Im thankful for the two days) and then I was back into work on the 26th for the sales so Christmas just felt quick this year. I didn’t do that much for it I had the usual Christmas dinner at home with my family and himself. It was quiet but nice to be all together. I think everyone this year has been talking about how much they ate over Christmas something about it this year no one can stop eating myself included! Its all the dinners, puddings and then biscuits, chocolates, crisps and snack food comes out and there is just something irresistible about them! Quality Street chocolates are definitely my weakness! I got some really great gifts including a new office chair which I am thrilled with because its exactly what I wanted for my room! I will post a photo to my Instagram soon but I will leave the link here to it. My favourite though is my gifts from Himself which were a beautiful silver bracelet and diamond earrings! I feel very lucky indeed! 2017 balloons pinterestThen last night for NYE we had dinner for my granddads birthday who is still going strong at 86 and putting us all to shame with his energy and motivation to do things. It was family and himself for dinner which my dad cooked (he literally stressed himself so much over it even though he chose to it haha) and then we watched Graham Norton which was hilarious. He had three Irish guys on it including Michael Fassbender who is from Killarney too funnily enough a few doors down from Éimear! He also had the O Donovan brothers who won silver for Ireland in the Olympics for Rowing and they are just so funny. Its great to see Irish people going off and doing well for themselves and in this case for Ireland too. We finished the year with our tradition of watching Jools Holland Hootenanny and toasting the new year with a glass of Champagne. There is something about New Years that I love. I think its the start of a whole new year where anything can happen and you can start over leaving the negatives in the previous year and bringing the positive memories with you into a new one.

I am quite pleased with myself that I did complete a good few of my goals for 2016 and I have a few new ones for 2017 which are:

  1. To spend a little less and be a little wiser on what I spend it on. I tend to use my discount at work on almost anything that I like so from now on the question “Do I need this?” will be thought of before because I have so much stuff that I buy and never wear so it ends up on Depop after months of sitting in the wardrobe!
  2. To post more regularly on here. I have been very quiet over December and I know I have said this before but this year I have a plan for blog posts and to have ones on a regular basis as opposed to now when I have one here and there every week or have one and then go a week and a bit without one so this year I will be writing more!
  3. To be a bit more social and active. I don’t usually go on nights out except for every month or so (sometimes less) so I want to be more social and go out with the girls more and have our usual fun. In terms of being active I definitely need to start walking or something after all the food so I want to get into an active routine to keep me fitter and to have more exercise in my life. With a dog (soon to be two) that shouldn’t be too hard to go walking!

So thats really everything from the last month and my resolutions for now. Again my apologies for my silence through December but I have posts drafted now and ready to go so I am back! I hope you are all enjoying the first day of the year I know that I am as Im having such a lazy morning in my dressing gown and slippers haha. From tomorrow onwards I will have a brand new puppy in the house! So I have three cats, a dog, a new (very playful) kitten and now I’ll have a puppy as well. Its going to be a busy house for my family!

Speak to you all soon

Ever Yours




Christmas Gifts : Last Minute


Hey everyone I hope you’re all well and getting organised for Christmas which I cannot believe is only a couple days away! Todays post is just about some gift ideas if you’re still looking for something to get your mum, your girlfriend, your brother, boyfriend etc so I hope this post helps you out with some ideas! I have virtually all my christmas shopping done which I have surprised myself about because I honestly got everything sorted in like a week. I found some really cute bits on my present searches too!zoeva-brushes-pink

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set zara-denim-sheepskin-jacket

Denim and Sheepskin Jacket – Zara


Iphone 7 in Gold –


By Savvy Square Terrarium – Asos


Timeless Roman Numeral Wall Clock – Gilded Hound


Ted Baker 4 Mini Fragrance Set-Ted Baker


MAC Cosmetics Eye Palette Cool Neutral –

So those are just a few ideas for your last minute Christmas shopping. I hope that you are all looking forward to the Christmas days to come and that you have all your shopping sorted by then! I must apologise for my lack of posts the last week or so as I have just had a good bit going on in the run up to Christmas with work, my own christmas shopping, passing my driving test, my birthday the week before last and its all just keeping me busy! Don’t worry I’ll be back with posts just before Christmas and just after.

Merry Christmas!

Ever Yours





Good afternoon everyone and a very happy Thursday to you which happens to be the day after a special Wednesday for me as yesterday was my birthday and I turned the big twenty one! I literally cannot believe how fast this year went that its already my birthday and coming up to Christmas! So todays post is just a little bit about what I have learnt in 20th year and how I’m feeling about turning twenty one!img_1086

One thing I have learnt over the last year is that this quote is definitely true. Sometimes you have to give up and let go for something great to happen. You won’t find what you’re looking for if you’re constantly stressed looking for it everywhere you go and sometimes you wait for something to happen for what feels like forever and all of a sudden when you stop searching so hard for it and putting all of your energy into it it can find you and take you by surprise with how fast and well something can develop. I myself have experienced this in the last year since around last December. This year has definitely taught me that if you don’t take a chance and see where something goes you will never know where it can take you and what can happen for you. Sometimes it feels like an eternity waiting for something for happen for you and in my experience the wait was definitely worth it for me! So if you feel like something is impossible and that its never going to work out for you always keep your head up about it and know that whatever it is is waiting for you just around the corner it just takes a little time for you too meet it sometimes but when it does you’ll appreciate the chance and experience even more.

This is another quote to live by and I think you should always seize an opportunity to try something a little out of your comfort zone. Wether its an opportunity at work or whatever I think you should always say to yourself “I will try my best and see what happens”. I actually had an opportunity at work this year to get involved with a responsible role which I was thinking about for a few months and eventually I just went for it. I was kind of putting myself of for a good while thinking “I am really interested in it and I think I could do it well but Im going to mess up in this area so I wont go for it because I cant do that part” and eventually I decided to just go for it because if you never try you never know! It ended up that I didnt get to work in that role but its alright because at least I tried and I did my best and sometimes things arent meant to be in the end but as my nan says “You cant win it if you’re not in it” So if something about a new opportunity to progress scares you then thats a good thing because I think it shows you’re passionate and want to do everything in the best way and get good results and with everything you stumble now and again but dont let the mistakes go to your head and just take a lesson from them and try again.Pinterest Balloons

Im excited to see what the next year of my life brings to me and what lies ahead. I dont exactly have a plan for this year neither do I ever really have a plan for anything! This year though Im going to start planning things a bit better and set myself a few goals to get completed! I have definitely thought of a few options in the last year like going back to Galway for another course, seeing if theres any fashion related jobs I can do in England maybe. Im just keeping my options open for now and seeing where life may take me.

Ill be back later one in the week with a post on what I got up for my actual birthday and in my celebrations over the weekend with friends so I will speak to you all soon!

Ever yours



Newlook Beauty Haul

Lily Atkinson Beauty

Hello everyone I hope that the week has treated you well. You may have guessed from the title that todays post is a big enough haul of Newlook’s remade and re-launched make up and beauty products that include so much more than the first lot of beauty they have had for the last year and a bit. They have everything from professional make up brushes to different hair products. They have seriously upped their make up game and I am definitely impressed. As you are all well aware I am not a contour, eyeshadow, highlight or tan kind of girl but I do like the basics that I use everyday so I basically picked up variations of things to test out and I swear I will definitely be trying out contouring before the year is out! Eyeshadow is something i have never been into so that may take a while longer haha. Lily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson Beauty

Blusher Brush//Foundation Brush//Concealer Brush//Black Cylinder Case Brush Set

I picked up a few basic brushes for foundation, concealer and powder to test out because they are something I use everyday regardless so buying a contour, eyeshadow, bronzer etc brush would have been a bit pointless because I never use or do any of those things so these three were ideal. They are so super soft and have such a good size brush for what you want to do with them. The concealer brush compared to my Eco-Tools brush is wider and a bit thicker which I think will give more coverage and will use less concealer because it will have more of a spread. These metallic grey brushes you buy individually so you can buy whichever one you need instead of buying a whole set that you may not use. The rose gold brushes how could I resist? Look at how gorgeous they are and the case they come in is so nice! They are really similar to Pennys brushes I will say that but they are just that bit thicker in the handle and they are matte black instead of a plastic black colour. Lily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson Beauty

Champagne Lipstick Colour//Dark Raspberry Lipstick//Orchid Matte Lipstick//Mulberry Matte Lipstick//Porcelain Liquid Concealer//Black Eyeliner Pencil//Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil

These lipstick colours are divine! The champagne is really light but there so much like sparkle to it so it would be amazing over a nude colour lipliner to add a gloss feel to a look. Orchid was a little bit pinker than I thought it would be but I still really like it on it makes a nice change from wearing a nude colour everyday but its not like a dramatic colour difference from it it just has more of a pinky tone to it. The mulberry and dark raspberry colours are so good! I love having a darker lipstick for nights out and these are just perfect. Dark Raspberry is a dark red but not deep deep dark red so its a nice lighter shade than what I usually wear. Mulberry is the nice darker tone that I would normally wear and I love it. They all last so long on too! The concealer is one that I have been meaning to try because Im just kind of sick of my Rimmel Concealer Stick that I have been using religiously for the last few years and lately I just find that Im not loving it as much so I wanted to try out a liquid concealer to see the difference and I am loving this one so much. It has such a nice texture to it so its not too heavy and it lasts all day really well so I think this is definitely my new favourite! The eyeliner and eyebrow pencil I am really liking as well again they have such a good long wear and are a really good colour and product.Lily Atkinson Beautyimg_1026Lily Atkinson Beauty

Gloss Top Coat//Nude Nail Polish//Gel Black Nail Polish//Get Set Nail Spray//Glass Nail Files//2 Pack Beauty Sponges//

Im sure you are all well aware by now that I am obsessed with having white nails all the time for everything so while I’m waiting to get white nail polish into the store I opted for a normal gloss top coat, nude and gel black just to change it up every once in a while. I really like the nude colour but to be honest its not exactly right on me but I have yet to wear it properly and Im so used to white nails that any other colour looks strange so Im just going to have to get over the colour difference! Black nails are something I used to wear all the time when I was younger but over the last few years I only ever do my nails black rarely but its a good change sometimes and its a colour Im used to again (Im so adventurous with colours aren’t I? haha). The nail spray is something I bought last year and its definitely handy to have if you have to emergency top up your nails before heading out so its definitely one to try out! Beauty sponges are something that I have never used before and am not fully aware on how to use but I started using them for blending my concealer and its so good for getting it all even and flawless so Im very glad I picked these up! The refresh and prep spray you see in the photo I actually bought by accident I meant to get the fix make up setting spray so I will let you know how I get on with that now that I have exchanged them! Lily Atkinson BeautyLily Atkinson Beauty

Cleanse Makeup Brush Cleaner//Refresh & Prep Skin Energising Spray

So thats literally everything from my beauty haul (which I apologise for being so long) this week from Newlook and you can see everything they have to offer including body washes, hair products, tanning products, skin scrubs, nail care, false nails, perfume etc over on the website and in our store!

I wil have a short post up later in the week on the perfume as well just on the new bottles and packing and it will be my second Newlook perfume post since my first one in 2014 which has been a massive hit with you guys so look out for it!

Ever Yours



Twenty One Dresses

Kendall Jenner 21

Hello everyone and happy Sunday to you. I hope you have all had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend ready for Monday tomorrow! Todays post is just a few different styles of dresses that I have been looking at for my 21st in December and to be honest Kendall Jenner has not helped me make a decision by stepping out for her own 21st back in November in this amazing look alike silver dress that Paris Hilton wore for her 21st a few years back. It is just stunning! Literally is such goals for my birthday (not that I would be able to pull that off at all if I came across it!) So here are some of my ideas from my new Pinterest Board Twenty One.


White Crochet Panel Lace Dress – Prettylittlething


Long Sleeve Zip Detail Midi Dress – Missguided


Silver Satin Wrap Long Midi Dress – Lavish Alice


Angel Sequin Cross Front Midi Dress – Prettylittlething


Asymmetric One Shoulder Bodycon Dress – Missguided


Military Plunge Bandeau Dress by Rare – Topshop

So these are just a few options from my Pinterest board where you can see so many more! I am determined not to wear Newlook for my birthday because I work there and thats the majority of my wardrobe due to my discount so I want to wear something different for the night! (although the shoes and accessories I cant make any promises!).

Speaking of Newlook I have two new posts for you guys in the next week on their perfume revamp because my last Newlook perfume post you guys loved (and still are loving) and that was two years ago now so I have brand new one for you. I also have their new and extended beauty range to post about so I will be reviewing and showing you what I have picked up from our selection in the Killarney store (and Im actually really excited to try it!). For now though thats all from me and speak to you guys soon!

Ever Yours



New In : Shoes and Boots

Lily Atkinson Footwear

Hello everyone and happy Sunday to you. I hope the week has treated you well and that you aren’t too upset that Monday arrives tomorrow! Todays post is just on two new purchases from the last week which you will have seen on my Instagram already but this post is just a little bit more on them including links to purchase!

Lily Atkinson Newlook HeelsLily Atkinson Newlook HeelsLily Atkinson Newlook HeelsLily Atkinson Newlook BootsLily Atkinson Newlook BootsLily Atkinson Newlook Boots

Black Metal Trim Suedette Block Heel Ankle Boots//Silver Ankle Strap Pointed Heels

So I picked these up over the last week from Newlook both online and in the Killarney store. I ordered the boots online and they actually have a higher version online now which you can see here. I just love the gold detail on the heel it just adds such a nice detail to them! You are probably aware by now that I am obsessed with pointed toe shoes as well so I instantly fell in love with these and literally didn’t hesitate at all to order them! I wore them for the first time the other day to a meeting in Cork and to be honest I was expecting them to be uncomfortable the first time being worn like with all shoes but they were actually so good. I will admit that the top of the ankle did start to rub a small bit towards the end of the day but I expected that anyway. I am just so in love with them!

These silver shoes to be honest I was persuaded to buy by one of the girls at work and Im so glad I did. I tried them on in the store and wasn’t sure what I thought of them so I took them home anyway and tried them on with a few outfits and now they are here to stay! They are just different from all my other (black) shoes and is a nice change from the same shoes I always wear out. I haven’t worn these yet but Im excited to get them into an outfit. I like that they are a patent silver rather than a glitter because I personally think glitter shoes will be destroyed after a while just (depending on the quality) that the glitter will rub off really easy, wear away etc so with these I think that if they get a scratch on them or anything it won’t be as visible.

So thats me for today and I’ll be back during the week with another post! Have a good day everyone!

Ever Yours