Oh Portugal

Pinterest QuoteAfternoon everyone! Happy Thursday to you and I hope you all had a good week since I last posted. I definitely enjoyed my week as I was away in Portugal with Himself and I literally cannot get over how fast that week went! We were there for eight days Sunday to Sunday but obviously two involved travelling so I dont think they count! It was such a great week away and we did a good few things while we were there. We couldn’t do too many things as his leg is still healing from his soccer accident a few months ago but we managed! Now were back in Ireland braving the rain and autumn air.

img_0715Lily Atkinson PortugalLily Atkinson Portugal

For our week away we booked in the Ondamar Hotel Apartments which were so nice. The staff were so helpful and friendly and it just had such a nice location and the apartment was just what we needed and had a great view of the outside pool which was definitely a bonus to wake up to! Its located right in-between the new town and the old town so you had a choice of the two which were only a few minutes away. The old town I adored because its just full of white washed buildings and good restaurants against a blue sky with  the beach right beside it. IMG_0692.JPG

Tuk Tuk Taxis in the Old Town (really fun to use by the way)

Lily Atkinson Portugal

Family Photo Sculpture in the Old Town


Outdoor Pool Area at Ondamar

Lily Atkinson Portugal

Night View of the Outdoor Pool from the Bar

We had such a good time in Portugal and saw so many interesting things. We found a couple of great restaurant one of which had the best burger I have ever had. It was a gourmet burger so it came with goats cheese and caramelised onions (I know some people find goats cheese sickening himself included but it was so good). We spent a good few days wandering around the old town just looking at restaurants and shops and enjoying the weather. The weather was so good while we were there. It was around 22/23 degrees which was a bearable heat unlike if it was in the thirties. We had one dull day but thats all so we got lucky with the rain (unlike my holiday to Spain last year). It was so nice to just get away from Ireland for a while and not have to deal with the stuff that everyone deals with all the time like working or home stuff etc. It was so nice to spend time with himself as well especially after his soccer accident a few months ago now he’s virtually back to himself (with a crutch helping him along) so its a little sad coming back to the cold Irish weather and reality again! In a move very unlike myself I got only two outfit photos from the whole week and they were both at night in the apartment mirror so I have none to show you! It was all things that you have seen before and will definitely see again!


Hey there Ireland

So that is my post on my little week to Portugal which I still cannot believe went by so quickly. On my first day back in Ireland I was already missing it! I hope you are all having a good day and talk to you soon!

Ever Yours



Display Table Change

Lily Atkinson Visual Merchandise

Good afternoon everyone and happy Saturday to you. Todays post is one on a table display I did in work recently which I posted to Instagram a little while ago and you all went mad for it so I thought I would show you what exactly is in this layout and what products I used and of course the links to view them on the website with the prices and official descriptions!black-quilted-chain-bag-newlookblack-faux-fur-pom-pom-beanie-newlookkhaki-suedette-strappy-tie-back-heels

Black Quilted Chain Bag//Black Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie//Khaki Suedette Strappy Heels

These three pieces are big at the moment especially the khaki heels. Khaki is such a great colour or Autumn and goes with so much! People love these shoes in store which are also available in black. They are really good at bringing a pop of colour into a darker outfit so if your wearing any black or type of grey it adds a nice pop of colour. As you can see from the photo they are a little bit darker in person than in the websites photo. The bag I chose for this table because its really like a Chanel bag so its a really good piece to have for nights out or anything going out because its deep enough to hold make up, phone etc but not for an everyday bag. The hat I thought was a cool edgy effect to the tables theme kind of like a Kylie Jenner – esque feel to it with the pom pom beanie dressy bag and khaki shoes so its like dressy but casual which is definitely her style. black-suedette-strappy-tie-back-heelsblack-leather-zip-side-glovesgold-gem-stone-stretch-bracelet

Black Suedette Strappy Heels//Black Leather Zip Gloves//Gold Gem Stone Stretch Bracelet

The silver bracelets in the image are actually gone from the website but the gold stone ones are new in so they are there and they are in store too as you can see! So the finished result is this layout which I aimed to keep in a punk princess trend that is in store. Punk Princess is basically blacks, khaki, dark grey and deep reds and includes chokers, faux fur, leather, gold, lace, cross style accessories so if you imagine Kylie Jenner in an oversized Yeezy t-shirt with a beanie hat, plain Chanel shoulder bag and a cropped pointy toe boot with a gold choker or bracelet watch and deep red lipstick its that kind of style basically. Its casual but with dressed up pieces. img_0513Lily Atkinson Visual Merchandise

So that is my post for today and its the last proper post Im going to have for the next week because I am off on my travels to Portugal! You can follow along my holiday over on my Instagram where I will be posting photos of what I am up to! I cant believe I’m finally going it was months ago Himself and I booked it so its come around so fast! Talk to you soon!

Ever Yours




Evening everybody and a happy Thursday to you all I hope you are all eagerly awaiting Friday and of course the weekend too. Todays post is a short one on a particular day in the Evanna Lily calendar and that is the anniversary of the the blog!

This day three years ago I had been living in Galway for about a month and a bit and had the idea to start a fashion blog while studying retail and from my little rented bedroom in Salthill I created Evanna Lily. It has definitely gone through some changes over the last three years and my posts have definitely developed over time and even now Im still learning all about blogging. My little blog is literally something that started as an interest of mine and become a major hobby and passion for me and I have changed it around and developed my blogging style so much over the years and I am so pleased with my little creation.

Evanna Lily is not a massive fashion and lifestyle blog, Im not paid to do any posts so its not like a job for me as a way of earning money even though I have collaborated with websites and brands over the years I have only been paid once for a post so Im not sponsored or promoted in anyway besides my own social media, Im not living a great comfortable and shopping filled lifestyle buying on trend and gorgeous pieces from a hundred different stores or shooting stunning outfits and looks in a scenic location every other day I am just a 20 year old girl living here in Kerry in Ireland just showing you some affordable, wearable and versatile pieces from everyday brands and stores to share my interests and inspiration for everyday fashionable outfits and looks that I hope you all get some ideas and inspiration from too. I know that I can go a bit quiet on here sometimes and I guess thats just because I don’t have something new in my wardrobe on a regular basis to show you guys and to post about so Im still working on gathering content that is different every time and getting posts up on a regular basis to bear with me on that one!

So what I will say is that Evanna Lily has a long way to go and probably won’t ever stop being changed here and there but thank you to everyone who has followed and taken interest over the last three years wether you followed from the start or just recently but thank you for your support even if its just reading a post now and again! Heres to another year!

Ever Yours



Adore Me In Fall


Image From Adore Me

Good afternoon everyone I hope you are having a good Sunday so far. Today I will be talking all about how to wear some great lingerie in Autumn because even though the weather gets colder and you end up wearing a heavier layer doesn’t mean you cant still feel good underneath! This post features a great lingerie brand called Adore Me which specialises in underwear for every occasion. It has such a great selection of bras, lingerie, sleepwear, corsets, swimwear and so many others including plus size lingerie too! They have been providing great versatile, detailed and sexy pieces perfectly suited for every size and shape since 2012 and they are definitely worth looking at. You can see a lot of their ideas, inspiration and pieces over on their Adore Me Pinterest page too!

 Believe it or not but depending on what bra you have on it can actually impact your mood. The first thing about underwear is knowing what your correct size is. Its always good to get properly measured so you know exactly what size you are and also to get advice on what shape of bra and style suits you best. You’ll be amazed how many people wear the wrong size bra without realising. You can always tell yourself when it doesn’t fit right because the back can either be too high up causing you to be uncomfortable, the cup doesn’t fit properly to you leaving a space between the edge of the cup and you, etc etc so if you haven’t been properly measured before its something you should consider. Your size also changes regularly due to hormones, age, your diet, pregnancy etc etc so its good to get measured now and again to check if your bras are still fitting right.

Adore Me Rainey Unlined BraletteAdore Me Black Lace Braletteharriet_1292_web_harriet-red-push-up-balconette-bras-for-women19_paris_hipster_012_web_paris-pink-lace-unlined-demi-bras-for-women_1Rainey White Bralette//Black Circe Bralette//Harriet Balconette Bra//Rose Pink Paris Bra

These four are my favourites from the Adore Me website and as you will know from previous posts bralettes are on trend right now and something that I am crushing on lately. The ones here are really nice styles and easily worn as a bra or to dress up a top. First is this white bralette which is really similar to the one I own below. Its a simple classy bralette with a halter neck strapped back which would make it really nice under a loose knit. It would just add that little bit more to your Autumn look. This black bralette which again is really similar to the one I own below would be great to own. I usually wear mine under a loose knit jumper or khaki top which comes off the shoulder so you can just see the lace detail of the top and it is such a great look. Add a choker and some pointed boots with jeans and you are good to go!

Red bras literally suit everyone in whichever shade you buy it so its always good to have one red underwear set. This is a push up style but not the style that brings you 10 styles bigger than you are it just gives a nice lift to whats there. It would be so nice under a grey jumper like the first image just to add that pop of colour and intrigue to an outfit. Lastly is this Rose Pink bra which is gorgeous. The colour is so pretty and the style is stunning. Same with the red it always good to have a nude set of underwear. This would be really nice with a low neck jumper just so you can see the floral detail just starting to peek out under the low neck of the jumper. Especially with white, cream or black. Nude is such a flattering colour and is always sexy on because its that flesh tone so it gives the illusion that its not there. Lily Atkinson Adore Meimg_0405img_0379To end this post here are my favourite three pieces from my wardrobe! As I said the Adore Me white and black bralettes are really similar to these ones from my wardrobe and I would say equally as comfortable!

So thats all from me for today guys and I hope you enjoyed this post! This is my first kind of proper underwear post you could say so I hope you enjoy it. Remember you can see more products at http://www.adoreme.com and over on their Pinterest too!

Ever Yours



Everyday Satin


Afternoon everyone I hope your week is going well. Todays post is about another trending item which is Satin. You may have noticed this over the last couple of weeks sneaking into stores in the dressy departments but they aren’t just for dressing up because silk or satin shirts are having a moment, plain satin t-shirts, bomber jackets and other bits and pieces too. So here are some items that you can wear on a day to day basis.


Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top//Oversized Satin Top with Sheer Hem//Wrap Blouse with Collar

These three pieces are from ASOS and are so good for everyday. The first one I love the ruffle detail and the cold shoulder is having a major moment. Its a nice versatile colour too which is always great. The second is a really good Autumn piece because its long sleeved and a boxy style which is in around this time of year. The third piece is this wrap blouse in black which is just a cool black satin shirt which can be worn dressed up or down. Satin shirts are having a big moment especially in a pyjama style so look out for those!plt-satin-duster-coatplt-khaki-satin-bomber-jacketmink-satin-shirt-dress

Black Satin Duster Mac//Khaki Satin Longline Bomber Jacket//Mink Tie Waist Satin Shirt Dress

These next three are from Prettylittlething and are really simple everyday pieces. The duster coat is so nice and again so on trend right now heading into Winter. Duster coats and jackets are so handy for Autumn when the season is starting to get cooler but not wintery enough for a heavy coat. Khaki bomber jackets have been a trend for the last couple of months so you are definitely not going wrong to get one! The tie dress is really simple and pretty and so versatile for dressing it up or down. You could wear it with tights and boots or with a heel. This one is available in black, champagne, navy, red and gold too if this isn’t your colour!

 So thats all from me today I hope your day is off to a good start and I will speak to you all soon with a new post later in the week!

Ever yours



Velvet Fever

blue velvet pinterest

Morning everyone and happy Wednesday to you. Were halfway through the working week now so Friday is nearly here! Todays most is on a very popular new trend which is Velvet. Velvet is making a comeback and is definitely back for a while and is available in so many different forms. Velvet chokers, tops, dresses, bags and even shoes. So heres a few pieces out there available now.Zara Velvet DressZara Velvet TopZara Shiny Velvet Sweatshirt

Velvet Dress in Mink//Pink Velvet Top//Shiny Velvet Sweatshirt

These three pieces are from Zara and are stunning and all around €20.00! The velvet dress is so pretty because its a nice neutral sort of colour so you could put almost anything with it either dressed up or down. It definitely has a nineties vibe to it so you could go with that and wear a choker and simple heels or a long line necklace and flats you could easily wear it either way. The top again is simple yet versatile. It can be easily worn over jeans or cigarette pants with heels or flats. The sweatshirt I love because its suppose to be slouchy and comfortable but still makes a simple at home look that bit more interesting. I love the shimmer in it too it really adds a nice detail to it.Missguided Choker Neck Crop Top GreyMissguided Longline Velvet Bomber in NavySquare Neck Velvet Cami Dress

Velvet Choker Neck Top and Skirt//Longline Velvet Bomber Jacket//Square Neck Cami Dress

All these velvet pieces are from Missguided and as usual really good pieces! The first is a choker top and skirt co-ord that are sold separately so if you’re looking for the to click “Top” in the description underneath the picture and likewise for the skirt. Its a space grey colour and great for nights out. I really like the built in choker affect on the top its so cool. The second item is a longline navy velvet bomber jacket which I am just in love with the colour. I myself am no way able to wear longline jackets because I am not the tallest of people so this would never suit me but the colour is just fabulous and for anyone who can wear longline bombers I am very jealous of you! Last is this burgundy velvet dress with a square neckline. Obviously you would want to wear a bralette or even like a little boob tube inside it depending on what you’re comfortable with but again I love the colour and the fact that its so versatile.KRAZY Pointed BootTopshop Thick White Velvet ChokerTopshop Crinkle Velvet Blazer

Krazy Pointed Boots//Thick Velvet White Choker//Crinkle Velvet Blazer

The last three pieces are from Topshop and are just amazing. I am in love with these velvet pointed boots and are priced at €50.00 but as most things with Topshop are well worth the price! The choker is €10.00 and is the perfect accessory because its velvet and its a choker which are all the rage and are a must have item this season. Its a thick style so its that bit more interesting than the thin style ones. Lastly is this green crinkle blazer which is available in sizes UK 4-12 so act fast if you want this! Its a little pricey at €89.00 but its so stunning. Its a really nice shade of green their own description of the colour is Jade so its a nice change from Khaki thats in at the moment.

Thats all from me today guys so I hope you’re having a good week and I’ll speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours




Black Bralets

Afternoon everyone and happy Wednesday to you. I hope the week is off to a good start. I will start by apologising for my radio silence the last week and a bit but Im back with a new post and that is Bralettes. A bralette is actually such a great thing to own. I bought one a couple months ago and I am almost obsessed with them since. A bralette is a bra obviously but its not the same animal as a bra. A bra usually has wiring and moulding in the cup to give you ultimate support and keep everything exactly and firmly in place. A bralette on the other hand still provides the support of bra but without such firm positioning. It keeps everything in place but doesn’t push anything higher up than it needs to be while being comfortable. They are a great purchase and really great for throwing under a t-shirt or a dress if you are small or average chest size. If you’re on the larger bust side then you would need something with a bit more support.

Missguided Lace BraletMissguided corded lace braletMissguided Ladder Front Bralet

Lace Bralet in Navy//Corded Lace Bralet//Ladder Front Bralet

These three are from Missguided and give you a sense of the range of styles there are around. The great thing about a bralette is that you can wear it as a top (within reason) so they are really great for nights out and also really good for taking that everyday t-shirt and jeans look and making it that bit more interesting. They are great for wearing under any low cut top or bodysuit if you’re not mad on showing too much flesh. A lace one is always really good for this because it adds a little detail which could easily be part of the neck line.  You may remember my favourite bralet from this post and how I wore it on a night out.

Topshop PU chain BraletTopshop Lace BraletTopshop Lce Detailed Bralet

PU Chain Bralet//Lace Crop Top Bralet//Lace Detailed Bralet

These three option are from Topshop and are all pretty and different. I love lace on clothes because it just adds more a delicate and dressy feel to something to simple. Lace is having a moment right now so you are bound to have seen it on things in many stores. Leather is also back so this first bralette with chain straps is right on trend too. The first and third options here are more of a top style so you wouldn’t really wear them under a top but the second option is more a bra style so you could easily wear that under a bodysuit or top or when it gets to that awkward Autumn/Summer stage when its too hot to wear a vest and jumper but too cool to wear just a jumper it would add a nice detail with the jumper just off the shoulder showing off the strap detail. Thats the great thing about them covered up or not they still make an everyday outfit that bit more interesting.

Thats all from me today and again sorry for my radio silence the last week and a bit! Ill be back soon with another post!

Ever Yours



Homeware: Latest Buys

IMG_0034Afternoon everyone I hope the week is treating you well! Todays post is just a catch up on my latest purchases of homeware pieces. I have been obsessing over homeware stuff for the last week and a bit and I have just gone a little crazy on getting all these like bits for my room when I really don’t need them! None the less I regret nothing and am happy with every single one of my purchases!IMG_9899IMG_9920IMG_0018So all of these homeware bits are mostly Newlook (I know you guys must be sick of me posting about Newlook products but because I work there its super easy and affordable to get things!) The first is this china white cup with Coffee And My Bed on it with black and gold letters. The only thing is is that it can’t be put in a dishwasher as the lettering won’t survive or a microwave because the gold letters will cause damage to the cup and microwave but other than that its a cute little mug that you guys went MAD for on Instagram! On the same day I bought this little False Green Plant which I loved the gold base on it. I picked up these bedsheets from Primark/Pennys a couple days ago and I love the monochrome print sheet (you are all well aware of my love for black and white!) and the other thing about it is that its reversible so you can have the black side inside the bed or the white inside. To be honest I would probably have the white side up more as black would look too heavy with my current wall colour. I also got a plain white one with a sateen stripe in it too because white sheets are just so handy to have. IMG_9975IMG_0028These two last items are possibly my favourites out of these. First up is this little false lotus plant in the cutest white base which goes so well with all the things on desk and is just a cute little detail to have in the room! Its also available in the same plant form as the gold base one but in the white base instead. Secondly and last but definitely not the least is this light up mirror. I have wanted a light up mirror for doing my make up properly (with what little skills I possess) for ages and I saw this at work and had to have it! It doesn’t include batteries when you purchase it but it only takes two regular AA batteries so they aren’t hard to find. Its a really nice light it gives off I know it looks a bit yellow here but thats because the photo is in daylight. Its good because it stands on its own or you can have it leaning against something you can put it literally wherever! Both of these are from Newlook in the homeware department and are available in out Killarney store!

Thats all from me today guys but I will back soon with a new post! Hope your day is going well!

Ever Yours




Cut It Out

Cut It


Afternoon everyone and happy Sunday to you I hope you all have some exciting plans for the weekend even if it is just a relaxing night in like myself. Todays post is on something I have been crushing on lately and that is cut out swimwear. In a couple months time I will flying off to Portugal with Himself so I am gathering inspiration and ideas for what to bring with me!
I have started my Portugal Wishlist board over on Pinterest where you can see my ideas for holiday and what I have found from various websites. These two swimsuits are from Missguided and I love how simple but cool they are. The first is a simple T bar style cut out swimsuit and therefore lessens the risk of getting a strange looking tan from all the lines! The second is a side and front cut out swimsuit which you can see on Suzanne from SoSueMe over on her Facebook as she is in Marbella. I also have a couple of other swimsuits like this over on my Pinterest board.
black-cut-out-bikini-topBlack Mesh Bikiniblack-cut-out-side-bikini-bottoms- Newlookblack-cut-out-high-neck-bikini
These bikinis are all from Newlook and feature in my Polyvore set at the start. My Polyvore set contains a mix of tops and bottoms so here are the actual bikini sets with links to the tops because the bottoms are quite easy to match with a simple black pair new or old. The first cut out bikini here is a simple cut out/torn detail on the top and the high waisted bottoms and having just purchased this bikini myself I love it! Its so flattering on and just really nice to wear instead of a plain bikini so I am definitely looking forward to bringing this to Portugal with me! The second mesh bikini is a cool one because its more of a sporty look and the mesh part on the top and bottoms gives you some cover if you are into the idea of a cut out bikini but not confident to pull it off (like I was) . The third option is a more severe cut out style with the high neck string detail on the top and on the side of the bottoms which is really cool and different and is perfect if you wanted something cut out but not like a tear effect like the first. The last bikini is a really simple cut out halter neck style with mid rise bottoms. Its really simple but so stylish so you are on trend but not in a really obvious way. Pinterest Swimsuit
So thats it from me today. The weather is after picking up here in Kerry the last few days so summer and beach wear is definitely still an option we have when clothes shopping thank god! I am still shopping around for some Portugal bits before I go so I will definitely be posting about some more things before I go. Speak to you all soon!
Ever Yours

Latest Looks

IMG_9855Good afternoon everybody and happy Tuesday to you I hope your week is off to a good start. Todays post is all about my latest looks from two separate nights out I had last week one with the girls and one with the people from work. There are similarities between these two looks but worn differently both times. First up is my night out with the girls on Sunday night.


On Sunday night week before last Éimear and myself met up with Aoife (who you may remember from previous posts before) who has been abroad for the last year and after not seeing her for almost that whole year it is so great to have her back and we had a lot to catch up on! As we always go to The Kube we decided to have a change and try somewhere different and ended up in The Lane Bar as part of The Ross Hotel in Killarney and I got this Mint Oreo Choc Cocktail and oh my god. I would describe it like an alcoholic milkshake. Its made up of baileys, creme de menthe, tia maria, vanilla ice cream and oreo cookie. Its so nice and has such a good flavour! I will definitely have these in mind in future when I go out!

For my look that night I went semi dressed up. I wore a simple long chiffon side split top which I bought in a Newlook sale over a year ago. I wore plain black shorts with it and the split is a bit high and my pointed to boots. My make up was my usual simple make up look but I added a red lip using my Rimmel by Kate lipstick in shade 30. I dont usually go for a coloured lip I would wear a nude colour on a daily basis and on nights out because I feel safer with it but I love a dark winey red lipstick now and again. Especially when I’m wearing mostly black because I think its a nice colour to add into it. You may have noticed I am obsessing with plaits at the moment so this simple at the back plait is so easy to do and goes with everything dressed up or down.Newlook braletteNewlook extreme ripped high waisted jeansIMG_9844

On last Thursday night I had a night with some of the people at work and I wore a casual outfit that was just comfortable and not too fussy. I wore this really nice Lace Bralette and having not been mad on them I actually really like them. This one is really comfortable and goes so well under low cut bodysuits or tops. I wore it under the bodysuit that was featured in this post and the lace was just coming out from under the top so it gave it a nice effect. I wore the tops with these Ripped High Waisted Jeans which again are really comfy and because they are high waisted they make your leg look a bit longer which in my case is always a bonus! I also picked up this long line silver necklace which isn’t on the website yet but it is in stores. Its a nice like longline silver necklace with tiny diamante detailing on the two bars. One at the top which you can see and one on the very end of the necklace. I paired it with a thin choker and the same make up and hair look from the Sunday night and I was good to go!

Thats it from me today. I have a few posts to share so I will speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours