Little Missguided

Missguided Crochet Insert Dressmissguided crochet white bodyconCrochet Lace Bra Insert Bodycon Dress White

Afternoon everyone I hope Monday wasn’t too tiresome for you yesterday and I hope that summer has kicked in where ever you are because here in Kerry its warm but grey with light showers (typical). If you added me on snapchat you will have seen in my story the other day that I was taking a look on Missguided for some inspiration as to what to wear to Ladies Day at the Galway Races this year and I came across some amazing stuff! Not just ideas for the races but just really interesting and stylish pieces. So I thought I would do a post to show you all these really cool pieces incase you’re looking to update the wardrobe too!Long Sleeve Mesh Top Midid Dress KhakiLong Sleeve Mesh Top Midi Dress in KhakiLace Overlay A-line Shift Dress in BlueLace Blue overlay aline shift dress

Long Sleeve Mesh Top Midi Dress Khaki//Lace Overlay A-Line Shift Dress Nude/Blue 

The first white dress and the second khaki dress are very Kim Kardashian at the moment and the  phrase “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” comes to mind and I think they are really cool pieces. I would love to be able to pull them off but I dont think I could to be honest! I think they really good on the people who do wear similar pieces to these when I see them on my Instagram feed or on Tumblr. Kim Kardashian has some seriously good looks the last couple of years so if you want to channel her then Missguided is where you need to shop! Go fourth and release your inner Kim K! The blue lace dress is so pretty and perfect for fancy summer things. The colour is just gorgeous and the floral lace is such a cute detail. I think I’ll keep an eye on this one for the races!

Slinky Cowl Front Midi Dress TaupeSlinky Cowl Neck Front Midi Dress Taupe backLace Scallop Hem Back Detail Bodycon DressLace Scallop Hem Back Detail Bodycon Dress side

Women’s Midi Dress – Taupe//Lace Scallop Hem Back Detail Bodycon Dress Taupe

These two dresses may be favourites out of them all. The Slinky Cowl Neck Dress is so nice! I just love the colour and the neckline and I think it would be perfect for wearing to any kind of occasion. The second dress again I just love it. The detailing is amazing and its different its not plain or right on trend and I think its really nice and would do for any formal type of occasion. The back is interesting too because its a cut out design but not backless.

Mesh Cut Out Heeled Sandals In BlackMesh Cut Out Heeled Sandals in Black BackSqaure Laser Cut Caged Heel Ankle Boot Black Suedesquare laser cut caged heel ankle boot black suede pair Mesh Cut Out Heeled Sandals Black//Square Laser Cut Caged Heel Ankle Bootie Black Suede

I know its a little early in the year to be thinking about boots but these are definitely not a typical boot! I came across these while browsing and I just love them! They are both so different and look designer and expensive but obviously they aren’t and are affordable! Like my mother I am a bit of a shoe addict so I am always looking at footwear and these are so cool! The first one is more of a shoe than a boot and I think because they are they will go with anything like jeans, skirts, dresses, everything! The second are more of a boot and I think they would go better with a skirt than pants because depending on the leg length of the trouser it could make the boot look odd but I think they would be amazing with a pencil skirt co-ordinate!

fur trim 70s style platformfur trim platform70s sandalsTassel Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals TanTassel Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals Tan close up

Fur Trim 70’s Platform Sandals Cream//Tassel Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals Tan 

How cool are the 70s platforms? Seventies is such a trend at the moment these are perfect. The colour is so handy because it will go with virtually anything and the little fur detail is so cute and playful! A platform is actually such a good shoe because you’re not straining from the height of the heel. If a heel is really high and the sole is flat your foot will have so much pressure on it from the shape of the shoe but with a platform its balanced and it makes up for the height of the heel so you are comfortable. The second pair I think are just really trendy with the tasseled fringe detail. Tan brown is so in at the moment so I think these would be a really cute and fun pair of shoes to have for outfits. The fringe is so in and I think these are such a cool way to have that detail instead of just on clothing!

So thats basically it for today and I hope you all found some inspiration from todays post! Its been a while since I did a website post so I thought I would get back into that again and with all these really interesting piece its a good way to do it! Just as a side note I updated and restarted my Depop account yesterday and added two new items for sale and apologies to everyone who left messages about items but I haven’t used it since I was in Galway and forgot to re install the app on my new phone! So take a look at that if you’re interested my user name is evannalily. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

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Purchase of Pieces

Buy LessAfternoon guys! I finally got around to do my purchases post which I have been aiming to do for a couple weeks now and could not find the time. I have so much to post about its kinda crazy but I managed to do it so here it is!

evanna lily instagram Evanna Lily snapchatSo you may recognise this image from my Instagram from a couple weeks ago and its basically one way to start off the post because this contains the first lot of purchases from this month and it actually helps me to figure out what came first! So to start off I have bought this printed playsuit which I mentioned in a polyvore post a while ago which you can read here and although I havent worn it yet I cant wait for the sunny holiday days in Spain that I can wear it wondering around where we are staying! The hat is from Pennys and I am really glad I found it because for the last couple years I have been stealing my dads on holiday! The striped jumper is also from Pennys and is a really nice nude colour with a white stripe which I have worn a couple times before the weather got hotter over the last month. These Black Leather Ankle Strap Block Heels are from Newlook and I bought solely for wearing with this playsuit but are such a nice little casual shoe. Its not a high heel so it doesn’t get uncomfortable to wear them and because its a block heel your balanced on the ground. The white clutch bag I have mentioned before in my Friday Night Awards post which also came from Pennys. It is so cute and handy because it fits almost everything into it! The sports pants and runners I picked up from Newlook because I wanted some stuff to go walking in and I am so glad I did! They are so comfortable and handy to have.  You can shop them here.

Sportswearevanna lily instagramNewlook side split knit

So I bought this Black Pointelle Knit Split Side Vest from Newlook about a week ago and you will have seen it on my Snapchat and in my previous post Sportswear and Statement Necklaces in more detail and I just love it! Its so comfortable and different. It a little bit longer on me than in this image because I am definitely no Kendall Jenner when it comes to height but I still love how it looks. On the same day I also purchased some new jeans (I am officially a jeans addict its ridiculous!) and a high neck vest top which I have worn under  the knit vest and you can kind of see it in the photo. Its just a plain Black Ribbed Strappy High Neck Crop Top which is so handy to have just to throw with shorts or a skirt for whatever occasion. They are just so handy to wear casually or even on a night out. The Blue Authentic Skinny Jeans are just plain blue no rips or anything because I think a plain pair is always a must have and my trusty pair that I bought in H&M a good few years ago have finally given up. I am so glad I bought them because all I have at the moment is ripped ones or a high waisted pair so its nice to have a change!

newlook high neck ribbed crop topNewlook jeansstudio21 playsuitLastly I purchased this Studio 21 White Cross Over Neck Playsuit completely on a whim at work the other day and I cannot wait to wear it out! It was an online return we had in the store which went onto our last chance rail because we dont stock Studio21 at our store and I just spotted it in the fitting room on the rail and thought I would see how it looked and I am so glad I did! I may have to alter it slightly because although it is my size the top half is a bit loose and the cut out piece doesn’t show on me so its just a case of getting to the needle and thread and should be fine! I really need a plan a night out with the girls so I can wear this out considering its not baltic at night anymore! Seriously I went out about 3 weeks ago and wearing a knit jumper with fur lined boots was more of an option than a playsuit!

So thats really all my purchases to date except for my beauty purchases which I am going to put in a separate post because this one will be miles long if I put it in here! Any questions about anything in this post or any other post feel free to get in touch! You can also follow me on snapchat for updates now incase you didn’t know my username is evanna_lily and feel free to add me! I have been a little quiet on there lately because I have had a reaction to a beauty product and my skin has been in bits (thankfully not on my face) so I have just been recovering from that and getting back to normal. Today was the first day I have worn normal clothes and gone to work instead of wearing sweatpants in the last three days! I think it might be starting to go now so hopefully tonight it won’t keep me awake! Everyone say a prayer for me!

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Sportswear and Statement Necklaces

Scenic RouteHey guys! I just thought I would update you on all on whats been happening lately and share my last few days with you. Incase you haven’t added me on snapchat yet (evanna_lily) you won’t know about my little day out the other day with one of the girls. We hadn’t seen each other in ages so we decided to go out for the day and take a walk, do a little shopping and then see a movie and it was such a nice day. We started off by going for a walk to Muckross Park here in Killarney and thank god the weather was pretty good and the sun shined the whole time. It was so nice to just go out and spend a while walking in the sunshine catching up with a friend and just getting some fresh air. Im usually either at work or at home and occasionally in town browsing so it was really refreshing to see the national park after a while and just have a walk and be somewhere different. After our stroll and catch up we took a trip into town and did a little shopping and of course we went to Newlook because as an employee I get a discount and I have vouchers for family and friends so its handy for my student friends to get some money off when they have a budget! After our walk it was actually around half 5 so everywhere was starting to close so we just managed to pick a few things up and then had some food. While eating our meal we just decided to go to the cinema that night and see the new Jurassic Park film because we were both saying that once we go home we were going to do nothing and be bored so why not! The film was actually quite good and even though Im not really into dinosaur films I thought it was pretty cool! Here are some photos from the day

Sportswear Muckross Beach Lakes of killarney Muckross HouseIn the first  photo you can see I am in my new full sportswear gear that I got from work which you can find hereOne of the things I bought after our walk was this Pointelle Knit Split Side Vest which I just love! One of the managers at work wore this the other day last week and since then two of us have bought and one tried it on! Its a really cool piece and I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do and I wore it properly the other day with accessories and went to work and I really like how it looked. We have the brown one in the Killarney store at the moment but you can get it in black as well on the website. I also picked up a top (which I wear under this) and some more jeans which will be coming up in a purchases post a little later on. I have so many new purchases to post about its actually scary! So here is my look for work from the other day which features my new knit piece!

summer Knitwear statement necklace evanna lily instagram evanna lily snapchat              It is actually such a cool piece and I cant wait to wear it more! I probably won’t be posting outfit posts for the next day or two on my snapchat or instagram because I am dying of heat rash from getting too hot at work the other day so if anyone has any tip on how to get rid of it they will be greatly appreciated! I am going to prepare some more posts tonight and have them up now that I have a few days off so keep an eye out for them!

Hope you are all having a good week and speak to you soon!

Ever Yours




Gypsy Girl

chain mailAfternoon guys! Sorry for my little silence the last few days but Im back with a new post on a gypsy style trend that has been making an appearance at work. So there is just lots of off the shoulder tops, maxi dresses, crochet and statement necklaces so I thought I would do a post on where to find some of these pieces with some inspiration on how to wear them.

This image has a coined necklace which I have seen loads of different variations around and heres a few that are similar. They are a really cool piece to have because they just add a little edgy or boho feel to a look.

So these three are just similar silver based Statement Coin Necklaces which I found online. The first is Light Blue Coin Drape Tassel Statement Necklace which has a really nice aqua blue colour in it which really makes it stand out. The second is  a Boho Silver Coin Statement Necklace which is the more simple of the three and has the small layered coin detail. The third necklace is a Statement Layered Coin Necklace Silver from Missguided which has a three part detail and a dropped coin effect. You can also find similar ones here and here from two of the mentioned websites.

gold and greenMissguidedBloomingdalesASOSForever21

Next is this gypsy style top which I have seen loads of in a few different styles. Theres a good few at work with a string shoulder strap and an off the shoulder sleeve but I have been asked a few times over the last couple of days about strapless off the shoulder tops so I thought I would definitely do a post with them! These four are all different and are really interesting styles of the top. The first is a Missguided Off The Shoulder Crochet Lace Top in white which is just a simple summery top which is so easy to dress up or down. The second is a more colourful playful version which is a Aqua Lotus Brooke Off The Shoulder top. Its a cool print which would definitely put summer into an outfit! The third is Lira Off Shoulder Festival Top which again is versatile because of the colour but also really good for festivals and summery nights because its simple but has such a nice crochet detail. Its similar to the white one above but is more of a fitted style than that and a bit more cropped too. Lastly is the FOREVER 21 Floral Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top which is such a nice summery style with the blue and pink floral print. Its a low off the shoulder look and has a sleeve if you’re not mad on showing off your arms all the time. I just think its really fun and different!

maxi maggieAmayaSouthBoohoo

Lastly we have maxi dresses. Im actually a bit short to wear them myself but I love the look of them! The have such nice prints and patterns are a summer wardrobe essential. Just for hanging in the garden, heading to the beach or just for something to wear in the evenings on holiday. the first one here is Amaya Purple multi coloured printed maxi dress and is a just at the ankles which is perfect if you want a maxi dress but dont want it on the ground. The pattern is also a good one if you’re not into crazy patterns and prints because its just a multicoloured but low key pattern and by that I mean its not in your face. The second one I have here is South Crinkle Floral Print Maxi Dress and I think the print is so cool. Its just so bright and summery and has a tropical vibe to it which just really brings out summer. I love the colours in it too! The last dress is Petite Ivy Bardot Printed Maxi Dress and I just really like it. I like the combination of colours in the form of that pattern and its just really interesting. Almost oriental but then again almost tribal. All three of these dresses are so different and contain perfect summer colours!

So thats my post for today and I hope you enjoyed it and found some inspiration from it. I will have more posts up soon because I have so much to write about! But for now I will talk to you all soon

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Outfit Of The Day

Outfit Of The Day
Hey guys! Todays outfit post is a recreation of my look from yesterday. If you follow my snapchat then you will have seen this look (and my sunburn!) from yesterday already. Its such an easy summer look to wear though especially when its sunny and hot like it was yesterday. I spent most of Wednesday with one of the girls sitting outside in the garden having a catch up and soaking up the sun which finally showed its face in all its glory yesterday after a good while of cloudy, chilly days! All these pieces are Newlook and are instore or online at the moment. The shorts that I own I actually bought last summer but you can shop ones similar to these here. This Blue Diamond Print Drop Pocket Kimono I bought a little while ago and I just love it. Its more of a jacket than a kimono but its really light and perfect for summer. It goes with virtually anything and I wear it to work a majority of the time! Its a really nice little piece which makes an everyday outfit that bit more interesting. The top I have is actually a blue stripe but this Monochrome Stripe Crop Cami is identical to it. Its not as cropped as it night look it is actually a bit longer so you can tuck the end of it into shorts but you cant tuck it into jeans. Obviously if your moving about a lot it untucks because it is still a crop top! I dont actually own this  Fringe Tassel Across Body Bag but how cool is this bag? The White Leather-Look Lace Up Trainers I bought for my daily walks and they are so comfortable. They are similar to Adidas trainers but not as pricey. They are a really nice little runner and even though I only ever runners when I go walking these are making their way into a couple looks for casual things! This Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser Cocoa Radiant is just amazing. You literally just spray it on rub it in for a few seconds and then you’re ready to go. It dries so quickly. Im living on it today after getting so sunburnt yesterday! This is the coco radiant one but you can get the regular one too. I did use it yesterday a small bit in the sun to increase the chance of getting tanned but it backfired on me a little bit! I tried out this Rimmel BB Cream Matte Light yesterday as well just to test it in hot weather for my holiday later in the year and I am so happy with it. It didn’t get oily or anything it literally stayed the same all day and I was so glad to see it hadn’t gotten oily and rubbed off in places or anything considering it was gone 20ºC!
Evanna Lily Instagram
Evanna Lily SnapchatSo thats my look from yesterday and I hope you got a little inspiration from it! The sun has hidden a little bit today behind the clouds so Im back to jeans for the day to work which is a good thing considering how sunburnt I am! I think the only place Im not sunburn is my face and even then my neck and ear got caught a bit! I hope you all enjoy your Thursday!
Ever Yours

Holiday Waves

beach wavesAfternoon guys! The sun is finally starting to show its face here in Ireland if only for a few minutes at a time but still none of us are complaining! Todays post is part two of my previous post Resting Beach Face on some holiday foundations and this one is all about some hair products.

So normally when I go on holiday my hair just explodes because of all the straightening I do and I normally end up resembling something very close to Monica Gellar when the FRIENDS cast go to Barbados. The last time I went on holiday though it didn’t seem too bad because of the fact I have cut down on the amount of straightening I used to do. So here are a few products that I have read about to help fight the frizz abroad to avoid looking like this (which with my glasses I usually do)

princess diaries

So with my research done I have found these products that are sure to fight the frizz and help keep the holiday hair looking normal and that will hopefully stop you looking like a Diana Ross impersonator in photos.

Bumble and Bumble Surf SprayOne product which I have heard amazing things about is Bumble And Bumble products. This  Surf Styling Spray is perfect for that beach style hair look. I read in reviews that it gives a wavy beach look with texture and also structure. It also doesn’t leave a crunchy salty feel on your hair so I think Im definitely going to give this a go over the summer! I have a couple of friends who have used their products and they say they are amazing so I am keen to try them out for myself!

John Frieda Frizz EaseThis next product is from John Frieda and its perfect for that fight the frizz look you want on holidays. This Finish Polishing Serum has a shiny and manageable result to hair and it works especially in Humid Atmospheres. It also protects against heat damage if your looking for a long term frizz solution!

Sedu anti frizzThis little bottle of  Sedu Anti-Frizz Polishing Treatment  is an Argan Oil that is a smoothing product for colour treated, dry or frizzy hair. Its perfect for humid weather because it controls the frizz and keeps hair looking smooth all day long. It would be perfect for holidays when its just too hot to do anything with your hair and its started to resemble a crows nest rather than a beach curly hairstyle look that looks so natural in all the Tumblr and Pinterest pictures!

So those are the three main products that I hope will help some of you with the hellish holiday hair to turn into a more heavenly holiday hair look so if you have any questions or comments then dont be afraid to ask! I will have a third post on holiday beauty products up after this one on some holiday cosmetic essentials that I will be taking with me and some for you guys to try out so look out for that! I have so many posts to catch up on as well so I am doing my best when Im not working to schedule them all in for you al to have lots to read. So there will be a few coming up this week! I hope you are all having a good week and I will chat to you all soon!

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Friday Night Awards

Carrie Green Quote

Afternoon everyone I hope the week is treating you well! For anyone that follows my Snapchat you will know that I attended the Connect Kerry Business Womens Awards here in Kerrys here in Kerry with my mum who was nominated in the Health and Fitness category for her work in Homeopathy (you can see her website here) and I had a great time! There were lots of winners from the night and there was so much glamour!

For this event I wore a simple black dress that I got from work which is perfect really because I wear it on nights out and to things like this event so its always handy to have an LBD in the wardrobe!

I finally wore my Black Leather Ankle Strap Heels after buying them about a month ago and never had the chance (or weather) to wear them! They actually are such a comfortable shoe and go with virtually everything! I knew I loved them the minute I spotted them at work and I had to have them! I wore this Black Strappy Laser Cut Hem Dress I found at work also about a week ago which I thought would be perfect for it because its simple, stylish and is the perfect LBD. The crochet detail at the bottom adds a really nice detail to it and makes it different from the normal body con midi dresses. It is actually so comfortable because its a soft material and has a bit of stretch to it so going up the stairs is not as restricting as I thought it would be! As I said above you can wear it for a night out or a dressy event. I also wore my new earrings from Pennys which are just silver diamond shaped drop earrings. I also tried out this Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner for the first time which I picked up while I was out the other day and it is actually so good! It stays on  for hours and doesn’t stick to glasses or anything so it stays on perfectly.  I also picked up this white leather look clutch bag from Pennys the same day (You will have seen this in my snapchat story) and it is the perfect size. In the photo it looks like a flat thin clutch but it actually has a lot of space in it for make up, a phone, a camera, whatever you want for an event like this one really and its perfect for me because I can never just bring one thing anywhere I always have about 20 things on me incase I need them! I have only recently started bringing just my purse on nights out instead of a handbag and even then I have make up in the coins bit and my keys stuck in there too!

My mum wore this dress she found in Wisteria and went with a green and blue theme because they are her favourite colour combinations because they are sea colours. Here we are about to set off for the night. (Shout out to dad for taking our photos for a good few minutes before we left!)

When we arrived to Ballyroe Heights I instantly felt underdressed because there were some amazing dresses around! They were all floor length with sequins, embellishments, lace, crochet, full skirts, mesh, furs and there were so many different styles and amazing looks I felt so under dressed! There was a champagne reception when we walked in where we were talking to some people that my mother already knew and another woman I used to work with in Newlook who now makes and sells her own amazing headpieces which you can see on her Facebook page here.  After having a few photos taken by photographers like Dermot Crean for (where you can see more of the amazing styles) we were sat at our tables and our orders for the meal were taken. I had a starter of Salmon Roulade with Crab Meat and a salad, then there was a really good Passion Fruit Sorbet to cleanse the palette, then Beef with vegetables and a gravy sauce and for dessert there was a plate of mini desserts like dark chocolate mousse, honeycomb ice cream and mini meringue. There were a few speeches made by the founder of Connect Magazine Margaret Brick and the local TD Michael Healy Rae and the sponsors Lee Strand Dairy.

Connect Awards

Photo credit to Dermot Crean at with Lea Parker Bond, Rebecca Atkinson and Lily Atkinson (myself)

The food was good and did the job of filling us up! The presenter for the night was Sarah Hayes who started the night with a poem about Kerry. Margaret Brick said a few words about how happy she was with the turnout and how everyone was a winner wether they won an award or not and she also said a really good quote which I think is actually perfect for life. “Dont Let Success Go To Your Head And Dont Let Failure Go To Your Heart”. 

Michael Healy Rae mentioned how well everyone has done to keep a business going through Irelands tough times over the last few years and how our grandmothers and great grandmothers were the first female entrepreneurs because they had children to mind as well as a few farm animals outside and kept a house and family going themselves which is true. He also mentioned how the entrepreneurs in the room were the role models for the next generation of business women.

The awards were handed out after the meal was finished and there was a couple of people from our table and the one behind us who won awards from the different categories. My mother didn’t win an award unfortunately but as Margaret pointed out everyone was a winner! Overall the night was fun and it was good to do a bit of net working. The awards finished around 1am and there was dancing and music but at this point we were so tired and I was working the next day and mum had a meeting in Cork too so we called it a night!

I hope you enjoyed my post and I will speak to you all soon! Also congratulations to everyone who won and to Margaret Brick for organising the event, Sarah Hayes for presenting and Ballyroe Heights for the venue and food!

Ever Yours



Red Review

Hey everyone I hope you’re having a good week so far! So you’ll know from my Instagram that I recently re-did my hair colour to touch up what I had done in Sean Taaffe Hair Salon and todays post is just a little review of the colour I used.Garnier Olia Garnier Olia Box Garnier Olia Box side Garnier Olia 4.6So to re-colour my hair I used Garnier Olia Deep Red 4.6 because I was told because my hair already had a red in it I should use a 4.6 shade otherwise it will just go wrong so I decided to go with this one. It is actually the perfect shade that I wanted and this one is permanent where as before when I had it done it was a semi permanent and I am hoping to keep my hair this colour for a while because I am just bored with my own colour! You can get this colour virtually anywhere Boots, small pharmacies, Online just have a look around for it. The actual dying process isn’t difficult at all!

Garnier Olia Box Contents Box Contents colour bottle garner box contents ConditionerIts actually so easy to dye your hair using this product. You start off with a skin test 48 hours before (make sure you do this with every dye because you don’t want to use it and then find out you’re allergic!) and when you know you’re not allergic you can start to colour. You just mix the colour developer and the colorant cream together in the little bubble like bottle until they are well mixed and then wearing the gloves in the box you just distribute the colour throughout your hair using the tip of the bottle. Theres two different ways of dying your hair with this product so the first way is if you have never coloured your hair before and the other is if you already have dye in your hair. There isn’t really a difference in the method its just to do with how long you leave it on for. I started with my roots and then worked my way to the ends of my hair and left it on altogether so that the colour didn’t come out really bright on top an then dark on the ends. You leave it on for about 20 minutes so have a magazine handy or something!

All you do then is rinse your hair in hot water until the water runs clear which takes a little bit of time to make sure that the water is clear because its on your roots and scalp so you need to really rinse your head. You then apply the conditioner which you can also save for future washes which just kind of locks in the colour and then you just style it as normal! Obviously throughout this process have a towel handy thats not white and that you dont really care about to wipe dye off your face and to protect clothing and to dry your hair off with when you have rinsed it.

GarnierSo I can honestly say I will be using this product again to touch up my roots! It is a really easy process and its not that expensive. I read reviews of this product before I went out and bought to make sure that it was a good product and I have to say out of all the reviews I read I only saw maybe 2 bad ones. So if you are looking for a colour in your hair just for a change then try out the Garnier products. My hair is a dark brown anyway so it didn’t change my hair dramatically it just added the colour to it but its not bright and its not dark either.

I hope you enjoyed my little review today and I will speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours



Summer Suit

Summer Suit
Afternoon everybody! Todays post is a Polyvore post for a really fun holiday look that I was thinking of. I have been off work for the last few days and I was in yesterday and we have so many new products after coming in during my days off and one of them is this playsuit which I just fell in love with. When it comes to clothing I have a vision of an entire look right down to accessories, hairstyle, nail colour everything so when I saw this I had this vision of the playsuit, a straw like summer hat, block heels, retro sunglasses and a simple bracelet with a messy holiday hair low bun. So I have tried to recreate my idea for you guys now and this is what I have!
The high neck red folk print playsuit and the black block heel sandals are both from Newlook
and I think that in terms of being on holidays that heading out in the late evening for a bit of dinner out and a little wander these shoes are perfect because if like me you like a heel but think that wearing really high dressy shoes on holiday is a bit pointless then a block heel is perfect because its an even step instead of a slim heel were you could die on a cobble street if you step wrong. I think that shoes are tricky on holiday anyway because its so warm your body swells a bit like for example rings dont go on or come off as easy so its always essential to have a pair of sandals like these from Nordstrom because they are just the most practical type of footwear. Plus they turn this look from a dressy look to completely casual for wandering around little streets all day and discovering new places without the pain of blisters, sore heels and your ankles twisting from balancing around on a heel. The accessories are really simple and are perfect for this because they aren’t fussy but still add a little something to it. The hat and glasses are perfect because they are holiday essentials for any warm weather climate. The bracelet just adds a bit of detail to the look and dresses it up a bit but its subtle. The H&M fringe bag is right on trend and is just more fun than the everyday holiday beach bag that almost everyone has tucked away somewhere! The white nail varnish I feel is just the best colour because its neutral and I feel like reds, pinks and nudes would just match into the playsuit print colours a little too much.
So thats todays outfit post and I hope you enjoyed it! I am still working on my holiday moodboard for outfits for my holiday in a couple months so if you want any help or inspiration do get in touch and I’ll create a post to help!
Ever Yours

Resting Beach Face

Audrey Hepburn BeautyAfternoon guys! So todays post is just about some beauty and hair looks Im researching for my holiday in a couple of months so I can be prepared. Im off to sunny Spain so the weather will be really hot (unlike Ireland at the moment) and Im just trying to see what beauty looks I can do while Im there so my face doesn’t melt off and some hair products so my hair doesn’t explode! So Im going to divide them up to create a few different posts and Im going to start with foundations today.

Pinterest                                              So what I am looking for is the barely there make up look because I don’t see the point in have a fully made up face while you’re on holiday if its a hot country because

  1. The weather will play havoc with it and it will more than likely just slide off your face the more you’re in the sun and also you’re face won’t get tanned because of the layer of make up over it
  2. If you’re at the beach or at the pool you are more than likely going to go swimming so its just going to come off in the water anyway

So what I normally do on holidays is go for waterproof mascara and my L’óreal BB Cream Foundation and occasionally a bit of concealer so that it lasts but its not really obvious Im wearing make up. I want a really good foundation like my BB Cream so I did some googling and heres what I have found.

Clinique Stay Matte Foundation

So I came across this Clinique Stay Matte Foundation while looking at ideas online and I saw some good reviews for it so far. Its sweat resistant, absorbs shine, controls oil and its suppose to stay good in humidity so I will definitely be looking into this one a bit more! It comes in seventeen shades and you can see the reviews and shades on!

L'oreal Nude Magnifique BB FoundationSo while researching I came across this L’óreal product I mentioned above and I really does work for anyone whos looking at a natural looking foundation and cant seem to find your colour. I tried this on a whim about 5 years ago and I have used it ever since. It starts off white with these little beads in it (you cant feel them dont worry!) and as you apply it it changes to your skin colour and it lasts ages. It has 24 hour hydration and has SPF 12 so its great for holidays to just throw on whenever and your hardly need concealer with it! Theres three shades which are Dark, Medium and Light skin tone so theres no fuss about shades and types and trying to find the exact right shade.

Rimmel Radiance BB CreamI use the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation on a daily basis for my everyday make up anyway and I saw this on the website and judging by the reviews it is a really good product. I always read the reviews on things before I buy them just to get a feel of how people find them and to see what the pros and cons are of the product so its a good habit to get into when buying stuff! This product primes, smoothes, conceals, helps to minimise pores appearance, provides natural coverage, moisturises for 24 hours, brightens skin with a vitamin c complex and gives a radiant finish.

So thats my foundation post for the day I will have my next post which will be hair products up tomorrow but I will probably have loads more make up posts to come as Im not going for another couple months! If you have any suggestions or anything then feel free to let me know!

Ever Yours