MTVs Video Music Awards Best and Worst

Hey guys this is just a short post for today so hope you enjoy!

This week saw the return of MTVs Video Music Awards and there was some serious style going on!
Here are my top 4 Best and Worst looks from the night.

1. Jennifer Lopez has taken my number one spot with her beautiful Charbel Zoe dress. Her look is so elegant and shows off her amazing figure. The cut out detail is in all the right places and she definitely shows she’s still got it. Her hair and make up is subtle and pretty too. She matched this look with a simple silver clutch bag.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards

2. My second spot goes to the the queen B of the celebrity world, the first lady of music, the one and only Mrs Carter. Beyonce had three looks for the night her black dress for arrival to the event, a body suit for her performance and this beautiful maroon dress by Zuhair Murad for the end of the night. I absolutely love this dress on her. The detailing is amazing and no one could have pulled it off better!

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room

3. Third place goes to the ever so gorgeous Rita Ora with her beautiful red Donna Karen Atelier gown. She is such a glamorous girl and this dress definitely shows Calvin Harris what he’s missing! She sported brushed back hair and a diamond choker necklace for this look. Red is definitely her best colour and she knows how to work it!


4. My fourth place goes to Rita’s friend and Black Widow rapper Iggy Azalea who looked super chic and stylish in a strapless Versace gown. The detail on this dress is beautiful and shows off all her curves perfectly. Her diamond necklace ties in perfectly and if you weren’t convinced by the song you know she is definitely Fancy now!


Now on my least favourite three looks from the night and these are just my opinion so feel free to tell me Im wrong!

1. My first place worst look of the night goes to none other than Amber Rose who apparently had nothing but a necklace to wear. Amber wore a diamond chain body piece by Laure Luxe to the event and definitely turned a few heads! It is a controversial look with people saying she looked amazing others saying she should cover up but as for me I will say well done for being adventurous but it was a bit too much…



2. Second place goes to Katy Perry. Katy rolled up to the VMAs pulling a Britney in a denim Versace dress with Riff Raff beside her doing a Justin Timberlake with a denim suit. Katy has a great sense of humour and adventure but frankly we were just forgetting Britney and JTs denim disaster and now its fresh in our minds again…


3. My third place goes to Arianna Grande. I feel bad and I have been battling with myself as to wether she should go on this list or not but her look just didn’t amaze me. I just feel like she could have done a little bit more with her look. There was just a bit of a boring vibe coming from her Moschino look that night and I just think she needed a bit more colour and I don’t know something more. Sorry Arianna.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Fluffy Jumpers and High Heels

Hey everyone I just thought I would do a short post on whats been happening lately and I have some lovely new purchases to share with you all! If you follow my Instagram you will have seen them posted a little while ago but I thought I would go into some more detail here.

First up out of my new purchases are just a few things I picked up while browsing around town. I finally managed to purchases a pink fluffy jumper and I love it! It is so comfy and just what I wanted. I picked this up in Primark/Pennys a couple weeks ago and it goes really well with black jeans and simple accessories. The second thing I picked up that day was my new favourite watch from Newlook. (I have a bit of a watch collection going on!) Its really simple with a pale pink strap and gold rim and numbers with a white face. It’s a round face but its not too big or too small its just the perfect size. It goes really well my new jumper coincidently! The third thing was Rimmel London’s Wake Me Up foundation. I have never used this foundation before and I actually haven’t used liquid foundation in a year because most of them dry out my skin and I could never find the right colour everything was either too pale or too dark. This foundation though is really good. It has good coverage and lasts a good while. The colour is good and it has a lighter look when you put it on. I brush a little of my MaxFactor Creme Puff over it to add a super flawless look but it still looks good on its own!



The next couple of things I bought were a few more beauty products buys. I topped up on my L’Oreal Paris Heat Protect Volume Spray which I can’t live without it is just the best! It also comes in straight and curly which I also have so if you haven’t tried them then do because they really do work! I also bought some more white nail polish by Rimmel London’s Rita Ora collection which works really well too. I also purchased a new lipstick. I decided to try out Maybelline New Yorks Tantalizing Taupe lipstick colour so I would have something to just wear casually instead of just have lipgloss and a red lipstick and I must say its really good. It lasts for so long and is a great colour.


My last amazing buy over the last week was my new beauties from Newlook. They were in the sale and I just love them so much! I cannot wait to wear them out. There is nothing like new shoes to make you feel good (unless they are ugly school shoes your mum picked out which thankfully was a good few years ago for me!). In the words of Marilyn Monroe “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world”



I hope you are all having a great week and I leave you with this lovely Marc Jacobs quote. Until next time!

Happy Fashions Dolls


Marc Jacobs

Design Skills Sketchbook Assignment Two

Here is the second assignment from my Design Skills Photoshoot sketchbook and this assignment is based on a movie! So for this assignment we had to choose a movie we loved and recreate and outfit from it. It was an up-cycling assignment so it involved sewing and creating pieces for it. Here is the first page and I hope you enjoy the rest of the post!


The movie I chose for this assignment was a BBC Four movie about the love affair between the photographer David Bailey and the sixties model Jean Shrimpton. I saw this maybe two years ago and I just love the outfits and style from the sixties and she was so glamorous and beautiful. So I based my outfit on a photoshoot she did.


Here are three photos of her modelling during that time that I could use as inspiration for my photoshoot. Below these is a photo of my make up inspiration. I like the idea of using Cheryl Cole’s look from a L’Oreal Paris hair product advert because her hair has so much volume and it has a sixties look about it. The two make up looks it are examples of simple but pretty make up and then colour with red lips.


IMG_3521.JPGThis next page has a few simple sixties looks and pieces that can be modernised and used in this photoshoot. I like the idea of using a coat or jumpsuit because you can add anything to them to style them up either with jewellery or adding your own look via sewing.

IMG_3523.JPGThis next page shows you my selected look and idea. I chose this outfit from one of Jean Shrimpton’s photoshoots because it is a sixties shoot but the top is a crop top which has come back this year and so can be used today. Its not a very complex look but I did make the top for this shoot myself so Im quite proud of myself! Below this photo are a couple of little sketches of how and what I will use to make the top.

IMG_3524.JPGIn this page you can see my creation process. I bought this top in Primark/Pennys for only €1.00 and then sourced my sewing necessities. I bought some lacey material to match the ruffles on the top in the photoshoot so I could add them so the bottom of the top to make them as similar as possible. I cut the vest top in half and hemmed the bottom so it wouldn’t unravel and then using my mannequin pinned the lace pieces to it so I knew where to put them and where to sew.

IMG_3526.JPGNext you can see my photoshoot photos with the finished top and I am actually so happy with it! It turned out just the way I wanted it to and is similar to the one Jean Shrimpton is wearing. These are only photos of my photoshoot in the sketchbook so if you go into the My Galway Adventure category then you will find the actually photos I posted when I did the photoshoot. For now though here are the ones I used in my sketchbook. I love the head shots I put in!



IMG_3529.JPGI hope you all enjoyed this post and stay tuned for the final assignment which is on Street style!

Happy Fashions Dolls


Glamour Puss

Glamour Puss
I love this Waffle dress from Miss Selfridge and here is one way you can style it. This River Island faux fur coat goes perfectly giving a touch of glamour and sophistication. I added the gold chain and jewel headpiece from Topshop because they are really fun but still elegant. The rings and necklace are gold to match the headpiece and add a touch of glamour to the look. The Missguided shoes are a simple black ankle strap heel which can make any outfit look classy. For make up and other beauty pieces I chose dark MAC lipstick and plum Essie nail varnish. I think these two things add a bit of grunge colour wise and go well with the dress and coat. I added the L’oreal Volume Millionize Mascara because I own it myself and it is just a really good product! Your lashes look really long and thick but not too much. The sunglasses I added just for fun (Im in denial that summer is almost over!)
I hope you like this piece and here are the links for the shops.
Happy Fashions Dolls

Hayden Williams True Classic Look

Hayden Williams True Classic Look
This Hayden Williams illustration True Classic is another elegant yet simple look which can be dressed up or down. It features mainly neutral colours but had a pop of blue from the coat. All of the pieces in this set are a good price range and easy to find. The three nude colours are the pencil skirt from, the heels from and the clutch bag which can be found at . The coat is a little above average high street prices from but is the closest thing I could find to the drawing online but that doesn’t mean alternatives don’t exist! The bracelet and sunglasses are from, the watch and necklace are from, and then finally the rings can be found at . Click on the items below the set to view them on polyvore and in store! 

Design Skills Sketchbook Assignment 1

Here is the fist post about my Assignments from my Design Skills module in College and the first one up is called Love. This assignment involved getting inspiration and doing a photo shoot on something that you love and I chose the sixties. I love the sixties style and the glamour of it all and how it has been creeping back into style in the last couple of years. If anyone remembers my first photo shoot post from a while ago in Galway this is the assignment for that. I hope you all enjoy my page by page post!


The first page is the Rimmel London advert from a magazine featuring Georgia May Jagger which is a retro theme and has a sixties look for make up and hair and I thought it was the perfect way to start my assignment because its a modern advert for a sixties look which proves that it is coming back around.



This is the first official page of the assignment because it involves the writing and lots of photos for the next few pages. I love this Jimmy Choo Image from a magazine because it has the the sixties style dress and sunglasses but with the leopard print and dash of purple it looks so chic and classy and also gives the modern twist. I like the setting for this photo too with the city backdrop and the fact that she is suppose to be on the go with her food and hair blowing in the wind. The bottom image is more the vintage sixties with the colour block scheme. The red dress and the matching red block tights and matching shoes with some navy thrown in around neckline and hat. Even her pose is sixty style with her hand so delicately pointed outwards while she walks.



This first picture is from backstage at the Valentino Autumn/Winter 13 show collection. This image reminds me of the sixties style everyday dresses they wore with there straight up and down style no cinching in the waist just hung on the body. I love crochet neck line detail as well. It brings the elegance to dresses it mixes up the sixties look and also the simple side plait hair style. The third image has a slight sixties feel to it because of the big volume back combed hairstyle which was typical of that time. I like it with the double denim look. This image is by Diesel.




These next two images are based on sixties colours and prints. The first image by Jaeger has a strong Twiggy vibe to it with her pixie hair cut and wing eyeliner make up. This pencil skirt and oversized jacket with the stripe pattern has a vintage oversized and printed look because the sixties involved a lot of colours and oversizing of style like coats, jackets, eyelashes and earrings. The second image has a few of the colours used in that time for clothes in it like the vibrant pink, bright red, and the tartan look which was sometimes used on dresses and skirts.



This next page is my favourite page because it has so many little bits and pieces for inspiration and a drawing of my own of a sixties look I came across online. The floral print coat has a nice sixties vibe with it printed flowers and oversized look. Big sunglasses were all the rage then and everyone oversized their eyewear so it would be noticeable and you could shoe off your eye style.  The two lipsticks where sixty favourites with pale pinks to nude to bright red lips to match your outfit and depending on your make up that day would add a little something to your make up that day. The items of clothing down the bottom where typical sixties prints and pieces with houndstooth, pinstripe, checks, shift dresses, t dresses, big coats, small stilettos, pencil skirts and tops. My drawing in the middle had the main sixties styles in one. The big volume hair thats back combed to add extra volume and height to it, The make up to make your eyes look big with layers of false lashes inspired by Twiggy, the houndstooth printed oversized coat to make you seem petite and smaller.



This is the page that contains some make up inspiration and accessory looks. This Maybelline New York image with Naomi Campbell shows the winged eyeliner look which was popular back then and even now! It shows a use of vibrant colours and make up ideas. The bottom images show another couple of styles with the left hand one showing oversized sunglasses with stripes and the right displaying polar necks with loose skirts.



This is the last page before the photo shoot photos which gives some inspiration for pieces for the photo shoot outfit look. Midi skirts matched with stilettos and a simple top. An oversized coat with a pencil skirt and hat. The white coat on the right is another idea with its simplicity you can just add a pair of gloves, stiletto shoes like above it with a sixties hairstyle. The necklace is a statement one to add a modern look to it. The nail art is cool as well because it has the sixties zig zag pattern which would go really well or the deep purple.



I hope you liked this page by page post of my sketchbook and next time I will posting about my movie theme assignment!

Happy Fashions Dolls


Stir Fry Prawns

Heres another recipe for you guys this week and its a dinner this time as usual its easy to do and still delicious. Hope you all enjoy!

This recipe is for Stir fry prawns with vegetables.


One Red Pepper

Half of one Red Onion

Two Carrots

One Spring Onion


One Packet Of Prawns

Sesame Oil

3 Cloves Of Garlic

One Tablespoon of Honey

One tablespoon of Soy Sauce


1. Marinate the prawns in the soy sauce, honey, and crushed garlic cloves for as long as possible in the fridge. Preferably leave them overnight but for a couple hours will work too.

2. Heat some of the Sesame oil in a wok and put in all the vegetables and leave to cook for 10-15 minutes. Then add the prawns and leave to heat for about a minute or two and then turn off the heat. During the vegetables cooking you can be preparing your other food like noodles or rice. While the wok is off leave the rice to cook and then once the rice is half done you can put it back on the heat. This ensure that everything is cooked together.

3. Put the rice on the plate and place the veg and prawns on top with a bit of coriander and you are good to go.

Here is my finished result using rice.




Hope you all enjoyed this recipe and thanks for reading!

Happy Fashions Dolls


Hayden Williams Shopping Galore

Hayden Williams Shopping Galore
Here is a second look based on a Hayden Williams illustration called Shopping Galore. I absolutely love this look and piece. Its actually on a wall in my bedroom its one of my favourite pieces! This is a chic look and easy to recreate with little or a lot of money. You can find all these things online or on the high street or even in your local vintage shop for example , and as well as other unlikely places like Amazon or . I love how stylish this look is with little accessories and how the cropped jumper and skirt alone create the elegance. You can easily dress any of these pieces up or down seperately but this is just such a gorgeous look.

Hayden Williams Style On The Go

Hayden Williams Style On The Go
I haven’t done an outfit inspiration post in a while and this time I decided to bring one of my favourite fashion illustrators pieces to life! I love this Hayden Williams illustration of Style On The Go of Jessica Alba and using this Net-A-Porter skirt I am showing you how to get the look. This is a simple look that is also so chic and pretty without too much fuss. This look features products from Topshop, Missguided, Asos and Mango.

Fudge Delight

Heres a new recipe for you all on how to make Vanilla Fudge. I tried this the other night and ot actually turned out ok! Hope you like it!

500g Caster Sugar
50g Butter
100ml Of Condensed Milk/Evaporated Milk
Teaspoon of Vanilla Essence

1. Grease a square baking tin about 20cm x 20cm and line it with grease proof paper so that the fudge doesnt stick to the tin.
2. Put all the ingredients in a heavy based saucepan and let it boil stirring every minute or so to make sure the sugar doesnt burn and stick to the pan and that the butter has melted.
3. Once the sugar has evaporated and the butter melted stir until its smooth and there are no lumps. Add the Vanilla Essence and stir until rich and creamy, almost thick.
4. Pour the mixture into the tin and pit in the fridge to cool. Once cooled cut into squares or any shape you like.

Here is my finished result! If you use a deeper tin then they will come out in thick squares but my tin wasnt that big so they are thin slices.


Hope you are all having a good week
Happy Fashions Dolls