Pretty Baby Blue

Pretty Baby Blue
Afternoon guys I hope your Monday is off to a good start and isn’t dragging on too much! Its snowing here in Kerry so I hope its warmer where you a re too! Todays outfit post focuses on this gorgeous baby blue chiffon tank top from and I just love it. I think it is so elegant and so simple so you can wear it to anything. I love baby blue chiffon! My favourite dress is about 6 years old and is baby blue chiffon from Tk Maxx and I will never get rid of it! I just love the colour and the fabric. I have matched this top with some simple things so as not to drown out the colour and style. I used this arrow stitch pencil skirt from to highlight the colour and also makes it look more like a dress. Black is a heavy colour with this top so white is really the way to go. The coat is just to add a bit of contrast to it so its not all white and blue and is from The shoes and clutch bag are matching blue because you cant have all white with this look because then it would look a bit too extravagant and expensive. I think its good to look like you put effort into your look but you dont want to come across as too much of a fancy nancy! They are both from and The accessories are again simple enough so it adds a bit of bling but not too much. The gold chain crystal necklace is pretty but not too glitzy and is from and this hexagon bangle set is from The rings are a good thing to add to a look either using one or all of them just to add a little more detail. This set is from and these diamond earrings are from Lastly the make up should be pale, pastel colours so I went for nude colours in the lipstick and nail polish. I didn’t want to use blue nails or red lips because then the nails would match too much and the red would clash.
I hope you all like this outfit and have a good monday!
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Midi Rings And Jeans

evannalily pinterest


Good afternoon everyone and happy Saturday I hope your weekend is off to a good start and I hope that the weather is a bit better wherever you are because its just rainy and windy here in Kerry! Todays post is just a little catch up on my purchases of the last week and a bit and if you follow my Instagram these will be a bit familiar to you but all the details are on here!



On Wednesday I did a little shopping in town and went to Pennys for the first time in what feels like years and got a few nice things. Working in Newlook obviously I have to wear the Newlook stock so I literally don’t shop outside work because I wouldn’t be able to wear anything else to work but that doesn’t mean I cant wear other nice things at home right? So incase you haven’t heard Pennys (or Primark depending on where you are) have new jeans in and I decided to see if they were everything that the articles had said and I tried on these Ankle Grazer jeans and I love them. They fit really well and are the perfect length. As I am only a mere 5’2″ jeans lengths are nearly always a problem because either the waist is good but the leg is too long and ends up wider as a result (anyone else who is on the short side knows exactly what I am talking about) so the fact that these jeans only go to just above the ankle is great. They are similar to one the ones Kim K is wearing in this photo but no doubt way cheaper!

Kim Kardashian



While at Pennys  I had a look at the jewellery because my favourite Topshop midi rings are all worn on the band and have lost all the gold coating on it so I think its time to just expand my ring collection a bit! For anyone who hasn’t noticed yet I wear rings everyday of my life. I used to have a really pretty simple ring pack that someone bought a long time ago and after a good many years they all gave up on me so I purchased my Topshop rings last summer and they are a little faded now so once again Im on the hunt for the perfect ring. Trying to find the right rings is near impossible because none of them fit. Size small is normally too big for me so I discovered that if I buy midi rings in a medium or large they fit like regular rings. My new Pennys rings were two different packs of regular rings and midi rings one in gold and one in silver and even though they are a size small a couple of the midi rings still fit like a normal rings. They are really simple and pretty and I love them! Im so glad I bought them because they were the last two packs there!



The other two items in the first photo are actually from work. The striped top is new in and flew out the door so we only have a few left! I am having such a love affair with stripes at the moment I now have so many striped clothing pieces and I love how versatile they are. They go with virtually anything and are so in at the moment. The boots I bought because my favourite pair of black pointed toe boots that I wear to work and outside the house are started to look worn. The toe is a little scuffed and the leather has expanded a bit which is slightly upsetting because I love them so much! So these round toe block heeled boots are now added to my collection!

Now that I have the weekend of work I thought it was about time to let my hair down (literally) and leave it natural for a change. I have to start letting go curly naturally for a while because I am so mean to it with straighteners and I actually forget how nice it can be natural. So I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome and think Im going to go with this look more often!



So I hope you are all having a good weekend and did have a good week! Im going to be a little quiet next week because I am working literally everyday and they are little longer hours than normal so I will speak to you all soon!

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Fashion And Photography



Happy Sunday everyone! Todays post is just about some websites and blogs that I have found and been introduced to recently and been following for a while that I thought I would share with you all so you can see some great work and pieces that I have come across too!

First up we have a Cork student from the Crawford College of Art and Design called Ryan Elle who is studying Fashion Photography. I was sent the link to his website by the man himself after he contacted me via my Facebook page and he has some really amazing photographs! On his website you can see his college work which are really worth having a look at because they are different and unique and really interesting. I really like them because he experiments with colours and styles of photography. Here is one image that he has allowed me to use which is only one example of all his work.


You can see this and all his other great work over on his website at where you can also see his contact details if you are looking for a photographer!

Next up is one of best friends who I have mentioned a few times over the last year and a bit but has recently started blogging over on her own fashion blog called Fayette Maruelle. I met Aleksandra a year ago when we both started as students at the Galway Technical Institute studying Fashion Retail and we have been friends ever since! She is new to blogging but already has some great posts up! So definitely go and check out her blog at!



Lastly we have a you tuber who specialises in Hair care, styles and tutorials but also features make up and outfits called Bebexo. I discovered this youtube channel a few years ago while looking for some debs hairstyle inspiration and have been hooked ever since! She has some amazing tutorials on some really amazing styles up on her channel and she has some really good competitions for hair products too. Her videos aren’t really long or complicated as well she makes them easy to follow and explains the steps really well. She does loads of different looks from formal hairstyles to everyday looks.  If you haven’t heard of her and want to change up your daily look a little bit definitely go check out her channel at Here is just one example of one of her tutorials.

irregular braid headband bebexo

So thats my favourite blogs at the moment so definitely go check them out because they are worth taking a look at. I hope you all enjoyed todays post and found some interesting information from it! Remember any comments or questions you have leave them below or email me via the contacts page!

Thanks to Ryan Elle for allowing me to use his image and Aleks for letting me mention her!

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My Everyday Make Up

Audrey Hepburn Beauty

Afternoon everyone and Happy Saturday! I hope you all had a good week and are having a relaxing Saturday today. Todays post is all about my daily make up routine for my make up look for work or just going to town thats easy to do and doesn’t take any time at all.

Like many girls my age it took a while to find the make up look that actually looked good (lots of scary memories of bad foundation colours!) but now that I have a routine and look that actually works I will not be changing it for a very long time. Its hard to fns the right foundation colour for your skin so before you go buying one make sure you know your skin colour. If you are pale go for a pale foundation because anything other than that is going to leave a line and you do not want that! The whole point of make up is its suppose to match your skin and just cover any imperfections you might have and enhance whats already there. Heres a simple chart that I found online with a few different foundation colours to help you get an idea of what to get.


Its handy to look at this type of chart before you going buying foundations just to know where not to go colour wise. If your buying your first foundation definitely ask someone to help you figure out your colour because if you do it yourself chances are you’re going to get a bit wrong. So if you have pale skin stick with the paler tones definitely dont go with an almond or tawny colour because you think it will make you look tanned because it won’t. It will just leave a line around your face and jaw highlighting the difference between the foundation colour and your natural colour. It took me a good while to find the right colour for me so when you have the colour sorted stick to it! So here is my routine with the products I use and I hope you find a little inspiration!


So this is my basic everyday look which takes no time at all and has long lasting wear. Its a mixture of concealer, liquid foundation and a powder. I only started this make up look last summer and I have been doing everyday since for work or going to town. I have a different make up look when I’m at home all day which is just a L’Oreal BB cream foundation and powder so as not to use up all my good foundation when no ones going to see me! So here are all the products from start to finish!


I start off by putting on some vaseline moisturiser on my face because my skin is a bit dry in places and I have learnt from past experiences that if your face is too dry the foundation will pick it up and make it look worse so I always make sure that I put a bit of moisturiser on everyday to keep it moist all day. Then I put this Rimmel London Concealer in shade Natural Beige 004 on my chin in-between my lip and my chin, on my nose, under my eyes and between my eyebrows. I always put them here to hide any of the dry parts I have and any red pores I might have (theres always a few) so that when I put my foundation on it just covers the concealer more. This concealer is the only one I have used for a couple years because its the perfect shade. It goes perfectly with my skin colour and my foundation so I don’t need to find a new one!


Next I put on my Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation in shade Ivory 100. I only bought this last summer to try it out because I heard great things about it and I am so happy that I did. The colour is a really good shade for me because Im on the pale side but not like properly snow white pale so its a good colour for in-between pale and natural beige. It lasts all day and really does give you a nice glow. You can buy this anywhere e.g Boots Chemists, Tesco any kind of Pharmacy that sells beauty products really. So at this point I have on my concealer and foundation so my face is virtually done. I have any blemishes or imperfections covered up and if I need to I’ll just go over the concealed areas again with a tiny bit just to ensure that they are covered up properly and the foundation brush didn’t wipe it off.


Step three is my Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder in shade 81 Truly Fair and I can honestly say I cannot live without this stuff. I have been using it for about three years now maybe a little less, with a few different foundations and last year I just used it with concealer on its own. It is really the best powder I have ever used. It lasts all day and is such a good match. I can easily say I will not moving away from this powder anytime soon because I have no complaints about it and it finishes off my make up look perfectly. Using my Eco Tools Blush Brush I brush this over my face starting with my nose and then over my two cheeks, forehead and then my lips until my face is done. This is a really good way to finish off my make up look because it just gives it that flawless look.


Lastly I apply my L’Oreal Excess Volume Mascara and Maybelline Tantalizing Taupe Lipstick and its done! I have used so many mascaras in my life its unreal. About five years ago I had about 7 different mascaras in my make up bowl and I used every single one of them almost everyday. I love having long thick lashes and mine are quite long naturally so the mascara enhances it! I wear glasses everyday so I dont bother with eyeliner or eyeshadow at all but I will always put on my mascara. I only really wear contact lenses on a night out or for an occasion so then I might use eyeliner but I actually dont like eyeshadow. I was never good with it and I dont really have any care for it. I actually really like my eyes in general so I dont like being too fussy with them so just mascara works for me! This lipstick is a my favourite everyday lipstick. Its so rich and moist and lasts all day long. I always wear it to work just to dress my lips a little. My lips are quite red naturally so if like me you find it hard to wear lighter colours then just put foundation over your lips when you’re applying it and then it pales them so the lipstick works. My lips are naturally a bit big so I dont use any lip liner or anything but I do have one just to try it out so more on that later!



I hope you all enjoyed this make up post and if you have any questions or comments please let me know! Also let me know of any posts you want me to do on any subjects you want to read about! I hope you all have a good weekend and speak to you all soon.

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Neutral Nancy

Neutral Nancy
Evening everyone! Sorry for the late posting but I working all day today! So this look is a really simple Neutral look featuring this AX Paris Jumpsuit which is really easy to style and as you all know I love a piece you can dress up and down for any occasion! Because its a neutral colour it would go with virtually anything so I decided to keep this a simple neutral look with no loud colours or fancy jewellery so that you can see how easy it is to recreate because some people do get scared when they see colours in an outfit incase it doesn’t suit them. So I have kept this look pretty simple but I have injected a little contrasting colour here and there. I added the darker lip and nails look just to add a little difference to the look and I think it works really well. The darker red colours compliment the paleness of the rest of the pieces and make it pop a little bit. These white pointed court shoes are also AX Paris so you can find them on the website with the jumpsuit too. I think white was a better choice than more neutral colours and then black would have made it a bit heavy too so white was the way to go! The clutch bag I chose for this is such a cool item because its fun and not too dressy so its perfect to add the fun vibe to a look. This wrap is gorgeous and also the great thing about these is that you can wear them whenever you want wherever you want. At home, thrown over a top out for a coffee whenever! The grey in this wrap is also really handy for the silver jewellery I chose for this look because it ties them in with the outfit. I think Gold is a really nice accessories to have but Silver is equally as elegant and chic. So these three silver pieces are simple with no fuss, glitz or particular glamour to them and I like that they aren’t really shiny, classy glamorous pieces and that they are just simple everyday things you can wear however you like.
I hope you all like this outfit post and had a great day today!
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Dressing Table Talk

Afternoon everyone I hope you are enjoying the week so far even if it is only Tuesday! Where I am its not just an ordinary Tuesday though its Pancake Tuesday so I hope everyone is filling themselves with pancakes today I know I will be later!


Anyway todays post is all about my dressing table which is finally organised! Its not an official proper dressing table but it does the trick for now! So I’ll just show you my little layout and what you can find on it.



So as you can see my dressing table is a bit full but after having it all spread around my room I’m finally happy with it! The secret about this table is its not actually a table. It is actually a fold up bed that has nowhere to go so was put in my room while I was living in Galway! I have a plan to redo my whole room over the summer so Im hoping to find the perfect table then but for now this one is a great substitute! In the top image you can see my jewellery displays which I am so happy with because before I had them all hanging on one of the stands or across a shelf and then one day I found an old necklace box and I have been using the lid as a display box since. I don’t think you need to spend a fortune on things like fancy display boxes and trays and stuff when you can use something so simple like this. You just need to do a little DIY and you have something you need without spending a penny. Having said that if a nice display tray came my way for very little money I would consider it! In the bottom photo you can see my brushes on display so that they are always ready when I need them and are always where I can find them!


My room is actually a mixture of red and white and so only the ceiling and one wall is white (which Im planning to change this summer!) so now that I have the table sorted my perfumes actually look so much better against the white and you can see the colours properly. Its the same with the jewellery they just stand out a bit more and look more elegant against the white background. This table has basically all the things I use everyday and all the things I dont wear all the time like my dressier earrings and bigger necklaces are on display on another shelf. These perfumes I use all the time especially the purple one so its handy to have them next to my wardrobe mirror and right where I need them. The jewellery holders I have had for a few years now and I would recommend getting one because they are actually really handy (excuse the pun) because for all the simple short necklaces its the perfect length for them and they are shown off really well instead of getting knotted in a box or all mixed together.


As I said before I used an old box lid as a display tray for my jewellery and I actually really like it. Its the perfect size to show off my daily pieces like my earrings, rings, necklace and watch. As you can see I have a million and one pearl earrings in all different sizes so I thought this was a good chance to show them all off and put my favourite pearl necklace with them so they’re all together and then have my gold chains and diamond bits with them so everyone can see them and I know exactly where they are. My smaller hand out of the two jewellery holders is my favourite one because its based on a Chanel. It has the bib black flower ring like on the cover of one of my Chanel books and then the little pearl bracelets are kind of Chanel like so there is a slight theme with this!



Last up are my other two favourite perfumes Anaïs Anaïs and Marc Jacobs Dot which are on each end of the table. If you haven’t come across Anaïs Anaïs try it out because it is my favourite perfume ever. Its a sweet floral scent and I fell in love with it years ago and it is one that I will never go off of! I also have my make up brushes on display and they consist of one E.L.F foundation brush, my Eco Tools Set and my christmas gift the MAC Heirloom Brush Set. I have had my Eco Tools brushes for a couple years now and I love them because they are such good brushes and also they are also using natural materials in their products.

You can find any of the things I have in this post with these links:

Pure Perfumes –

Anaïs Anaïs Perfume –

Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume –

Eco Tools Make Up Brushes –

MAC Make Up Brushes –

I hope you all enjoyed todays post and found a little dressing table inspiration and if you have any questions or comments please let me know because I love to hear from you guys! Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and talk you soon

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The Look Of Lilac

The Look Of Lilac
Afternoon everyone! Here is a quick outfit inspiration post for you all featuring this gorgeous lilac boyfriend coat from! This is a perfect colour for starting to let Spring back into your wardrobe because its not too bold or too dark and you can dress it anyway you want! i have put it with these ripped knee jeans from to keep the main pieces a light colour because too much black will just drown this colour. I chose a stripy top from Newlook again because stripes are bang on trend at the moment and they are a really fun thing to play around with in different looks. These heeled boots from Missguided are perfect for this look because they are such a classy heel without any fuss and you can wear them to anything and with anything! Im still on the hunt for the perfect black boot to wear to anything, anytime I want so these are going in my wish list! I have put mostly black accessories with this look because they make the coat stand out a bit more and also its not summer so were still allowed to wear some black and greys! The white bag from matches in with the top and the light blue of the jeans so its a perfect bag. Throw in a little bit of gold with a necklace and watch, add some pale lipstick and you are good to go!
I hope you all enjoyed todays outfit post and have a good Monday everyone!
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Midnight Castles and Chocolate

Good afternoon everyone I hope you have all had a good week and enjoyed your Valentines Day yesterday since my last post! I have been a little quiet lately but I have just been working away at Newlook and enjoying some little adventures with friends but I’m back now with a post to update you all on whats been happening lately!


First up we have new favourite accessories that I bought a couple of weeks ago! I wear stud diamond earrings everyday virtually and my favourite pair have finally started to give up because after a few years the gold base has turned to copper and leave that green colour on my ears when I take them off! So I treated myself to a new pair of Roam Diamond earrings from work and they are much better than my last pair. They dont have any gold base so no copper after a few years and they are just so easy to dress up and down. This necklace is really long in real life the chain goes down to your navel and I dont normally wear long necklaces but this one is so nice with everything. I love the actual triangle detail on it because its different and not too fussy or plain. I have basically been wearing it since I bought it and mostly with a white vest or with my green chiffon shirt for work. It was on sale too!


The weather is starting to get more Spring like (Finally!) so I decided it was time to give my Primark shoes a day out and they are actually so comfortable! They go really well with my striped jumper and acid wash jeans as seen here. Its a bit weird because Im so used to wearing boots now from Winter but I love these so much and they are probably my new favourite flat shoe!


If you’re following my Instagram you will have seen these already but for those of you who don’t Insta this is one of my new favourite hairstyles. I basically copied this from Kim Kardashian (but not as professionally done) and its an easy way to just switch up an everyday ponytail. I used to have my hair in ponytail all the time a few years and now with my new glasses when its a normal ponytail it just looks a bit off. The glasses just look really big and my head looks kinda small(er) so to just put a bit of volume into the top makes it a bit more interesting to me! I havent used any hairspray in this look just simply pulling at the top when its tied up. I’ll do a more detail post later on if anyone is interested just let me know!



As I mentioned above I have been spending time with some friends and its been really nice to just go out like when I was in Galway and just spend time doing something random but great! I dont drive so the fact that I have friends who do is so handy and twice in the last week we have been out just driving around seeing some really cool things and Ross Castle in Killarney where I live was one of them! It was really late when we decided to go there but it was so worth it. This castle is an amazing view in daylight but it looks really cool at night all lit up and it was kinda nice to have no one else there! There was a deer there as well but he wasn’t very photogenic! This castle actually has the lake behind it and you can walk all through the forests and around the lake and its a really nice place to go if you’re every visiting Kerry! It was little freaky at night because there was an animal making a weird screech noise and it does look a little like it was haunted but thats just me Im not the bravest soul!



Now yesterday was Valentines Day and it was either the first image or Kourtney Kardashian for you so I hope you all had a nice day with your loved ones and had a nice romantic day. If (like me) you weren’t spending it all loved up and with an other half than I hope you still enjoyed the day anyway! I was working for the afternoon but when I got home I had a nice evening planned for myself involving about 80 stone being put on from all the chocolate I had stored away since christmas!


I spent the night with my favourite French/American movie, Spiced Mandarin Hot Chocolate (which was so delicious!), A chocolate dessert and the rest of a cadburys bar! I think its safe to say I have put on about 400 stone and definitely treated my sweet tooth! I have never received anything on Valentines Day in my entire life (Its true!) so I wasn’t expecting a night filled with romance anyway but I hope all my fellow single pringles enjoyed your Valentines Day regardless and if you are single its just a day to spoil yourself a little bit more than usual!

So thats really everything thats been happening since I last spoke to you guys and I am preparing a few posts for the next few days so I can fully catch you guys up on everything! I hope you are all having a good Sunday and talk to you soon!

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The Frizz Fight

Good afternoon everyone I hope the sun is shining wherever you are because its finally starting to poke its head out here in Kerry (its not warm but still!) and its starting to feel like Spring.

If you follow my Instagram you will have heard about this post already but for those who don’t know todays post is all about my new favourite hair product! As you are well aware from my last hair care post ( I love L’Oréal Paris products for my hair and are basically the only product I use to protect it from all the heat I use on it. This post is just a review of a different L’Oréal product that I decided to try out recently so I hope you enjoy it!


So I was restocking on my regular hair products after work the other day and I spotted this Hot & Smooth Hot Straight Spray and decided to test it out. The other L’Oréal Straight Spray I use is similar to this one but this is like a more advanced version. This one has a much sleeker and smith finish once my hair is completed. I love how it does exactly what it says on the bottle. A lot of products I found before would woe for a day or two and then my hair would curl on its own even though the label said it would lock out humidity and stay straight so its great to have products that actually work!





As you can see this says Frizz Free, Polished Finish and Three Days Sleek hair and I can honestly say it does! Because my hair has been straightened so much over the last ten years it has become prone to a lot of split ends and heat damage so when I straighten it now it has that slight frizz to it, the hairs that stick out once you have dried and straightened it but not with this. It is so sleek once you have completed your hair you could have been at a hairdressers. It has a really nice shine to it and there are no whips sticking out which is great! I combine this with my usual Volume Spray from L’oréal and I have the perfect combination!



I love my hair straight because when I smaller people used to comment on how frizzy and unmanageable my was (and not in a nice way!) so I started straightening it and but thankfully over the last four years I have let it go natural more. I just love how long it looks when its straight and I can proudly say I have never had extensions put in and I haven’t experimented drastically with dyes or products! I have only every dyed my hair twice in the space of about 8 years so it is somewhat healthy (besides my straightener addiction!). I am starting to itch for a new look at the moment so there may be a new look at some point later in the year but for now Im happy with it!

I hope you all enjoyed todays post and found a little hair care inspiration! Remember any comments or questions you can leave them here or get in contact via my contacts page. I have a few exciting projects coming up over the net few weeks as well so look out or the details on those!

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