Easy Street Look

Easy Street Look
This is a simple street style look that is fun and easy to create. I tried to match a lot of the accessories with the colours in the top so that it all adds up but isn’t too matchy matchy. I have given two choices of shoes just for variety but I love the pink heels with it! I added in the red nails and lips for a colour pop. I kept the jewellery gold and silver so they have a street style look. As you can tell I’m obsessed with cat eye sunglasses (mainly because they don’t suit me so Im using them in nearly every outfit inspiration post!) again from Asos.com because they have such good selection!

Tapas Thursday

Hey guys this is a post all about the family dinner I had yesterday in Killorglin and I hope you all enjoy it!
Yesterday night my family and I decided to go out for dinner and we decided on two places in the town of Killorglin. For my outfit I went with a simple look featuring my pink chiffon top with black highwaisted jeans. My new chain necklace was one of my accessories and I threw my purple knit cardigan over it because it was warm but it got cooler as the night went on.


Before we had dinner my dad decided that it would be nice to have a drink somewhere else first and he decided to take us to The Killorglin Golf Club and the view there is just amazing. There is a view of the entire Laune river heading off into the sea and the mountains bordering it with clouds sitting onto of them. Here are the photos I took of the view.



20140725-082619-30379316.jpgAfter our drinks we headed into Killorglin town to eat at a Spanish Tapas restaurant called Sol Y Sombra. The restaurant is based in an old church and has been there for a few years now and the food is really good! For the meal we each ordered one or two tapas dishes and just shared them. I ordered a platter of mixed meats and cheese with a little spicy sauce. The meats where Salami, Parma ham and Chorizo (I think thats what it was I’m not too sure!) and the cheese came with this really nice purple triangles which my mum told me is like a solid jam to eat with the cheese it was really nice! My second dish was Squid Rings with Garlic Mayonnaise and they were just so good! I had never had squid before so it was something new and interesting and I will definitely be having it again!




My mum ordered Prawns with Chilli and Garlic which were a little bit spicy sometimes but had really good flavours! I am not a mad lover of prawns myself I can only have a few without going off them but these where really nice and there was only 6 or 7 in the little dish so its not a massive meal of them.




My brother ordered meatballs as he doesn’t really like spicy food and likes to eat what he knows he likes. These were really good too they came in a tomato sauce which was rich but not too heavy or too thin and the meat was perfect proportions and of course being a teenage boy he got a few chips as well. I can safely say there was nothing left in the bowl by the end of it! My father had a Goats Cheese Salad but by the time I remembered to take a photo of his meal and everyone else’s his was half gone!

So if you’re in Kerry and looking for a nice restaurant thats a bit different head over to Sol Y Sombra in Killorglin or the Golf Course for a nice drink or food with a stunning view to try something new.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and are having a good week!

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Simple Chic

Simple Chic
This look is a simple black and white stripe top combined with white jeans which gives a slightly parisian feel to the look. It is easy to recreate and get the look yourself online or on the highstreet! The accessories and other pieces are what makes the outfit more interesting. I used gold accessories with this look because it is on trend at the moment with gold chain necklaces. midi rings, etc etc and I used them i this post because they go so well with the white of the jeans and the stripes of the top. I layered two necklaces to make the necklaces stand out a bit more but one will work fine. I have chosen two choices of shoes for formal or casual looks. I chose Burgundy or red colours because they just add some more colour to the look. I kept the bag a neutral colour because I didn’t want to go overboard on colours. The lipstick and nail polish are colours that match parts of the outfit i.e the shoes and lipstick, jeans and nails. I love these sunglasses from ASOS because the cat eye shape is just so cool and they are such a good price!
Hope you like this post and don’t forget to like and comment!
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Rooms With A View

Hello everyone! I just have a little outfit and dinner post to share with you from Saturday and I hope you enjoy it.

Saturday was a fun and productive day spent at my friends house in Kells Bay, Kerry helping them get it ready for guests to stay in because they rent it out. We spent the day cleaning and tidying so there wasn’t any time to go and sit on the pier or anything but the view from their house is just wonderful. It overlooks the sea and the mountains and it is an amazing view all year round. Here it is! The weather was good thankfully



After spending the day in Kells I got home and changed into an outfit for dinner in town. I bought a denim shirt and gold chain necklace in Primark/Pennys on Friday and I couldnt wait to wear them! I’m a little bit late jumping on the Denim trend but I love this new look! I also like it because its almost the exact same as my header for the blog!


Killarney was really busy last night because there was a Fleadh Cheoil (Music Festival) with Radio Kerry on so everyone was gathered in the street to watch the music so nearly all the restaurants in town were full but we ended up having dinner in The Castlerosse Hotel and Resort just outside Killarney and the food was amazing! With another great view of the Lakes Of Killarney we sat by the window and ordered our food. For a starter I had a bacon salad with tomatoes, lettuce, bacon and some relish.

My main course was an absolutely delicious Spinach Tortellini Pasta in a creamy cheese sauce. It was really really good! I would definitely recommend it for anyone staying in the hotel or just looking for good food!

For dessert I had strawberry Mille Feuille which was also delicious! It was a great combination of cream, strawberry and pastry. It wasnt a heavy dessert either so it was the perfect after meal treat.

Hope you all enjoyed this post are all having a good week!
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Simple Trouser Look

Simple Trouser Look
This outfit inspiration post features one outfit with multiple ways if wearing it. The outfit itself is a simple pink cropped jumper with belted black women’s trousers. I have given a few options of wearing these items with three choices of shoes, two choices of bags and multiple accessories. The first is a formal look with chunky ankle strap heels from Boohoo.com which add height and match with the trousers. Add the patterned clutch bag from Newlook.com its small, sophisticated and fun. You can add any accessory to this formal look by using the gold bracelet, rings and earrings. For the up styled look for this outfit you can add the white stilettos from Missguided.eu with the Monochrome Slouch bag from Janenorman.co.uk with the gold watch, rings and earrings. For a more casual look use the Pink Canvas shoes from Newlook, the gold watch, the slouch bag and the sunglasses from ASOS.com and you have a great combination! This look is so easy to mess around with! This is only an idea for an outfit so if you have any suggestions or have created your own versions of this look please share them and comment below!

Black Jeans Blue Shirt

Black Jeans Blue Shirt
I was inspired to create this outfit by a styling book I have which says you should put “A diamond necklace with denim” and I instantly thought of an idea for an outfit post! I haven’t done a polyvore outfit post in a while and so I thought it was a good time to do one. I couldn’t find a diamond necklace that is good for the budget so this pearl one will do. I matched these two things with black and gold because I think they just compliment each other so well. The blue denim stands out against the jeans, the gold adds shimmer to the look and it just always looks good. Overall its an easy look to recreate and can be dressed up or down for whatever the occasion. All these products are available online or on the high street so they can be easily sourced.
I hope you all like this outfit and found some inspiration for any piece you have lying around that you don’t know what to do with! Check out the rest of my Polyvore creations in the Category Outfit Inspiration and on my Polyvore page.

Fashion Illustrations and Nail Frustrations

Hey guys here is just a little update on whats been going on in my life lately! The sun has officially left Ireland and the weather has now turned from glorious sunshine to dull skies, heavy to light rain and sometimes the odd muggy day. So the wardrobe has been a been scattered through the week but at one stage I was wearing a jumper. In July. I know its madness.

Mostly this week I have been working on my drawing skills and adding some new things to my bedroom. Both of these activities included someone called Hayden Williams.
Hayden Williams is an amazing fashion illustrator from London who has a fan base ranging from Oprah, Beyoncé and Kate Moss and the magazine Vogue! Hayden has been drawing figures since age three when he was obsessed with Disney animation since then he has been growing more and more popular with his first big discovery being made by Rihanna when she made his drawing of her her profile picture on Instagram. You can find Hayden on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook! I highly recommend you take a look at his pieces they are just amazing!





So this week I used his amazing artistic skills to practise my own drawings and designs and build up my art strengths! I did study art for my leaving certificate and hated figure drawing because I could never get the face, hands, feet, or proportions right but I love his way of drawing! Here are my not so amazing attempts at Hayden‘s illustrations figures using a few designs and dress styles of my own



For any of you thats following my Instagram you will know that I also printed off a few of his pieces and placed them around my room too. I printed off four of my current favorites and here they are! I placed Audrey Hepburn around my jewellery displays, the vintage icons above my perfumes, the Dior shopper above my notebooks and then finally the lady in the green dress in-between my two chilli plants to keep the whole green theme in that area.




Lastly to my frustration a good majority of my own natural nails broke and so the others has be shortened and they are just the strangest things. I am so used to having long nails and these are just too short for me! So I am trying to find a good place around Killarney that will do Gel Nails. I have a few great suggestions from people already so hopefully sometime next week I will have lovely long nails again! Here a picture I put up on Instagram yesterday and you can see how short they are now.


I hope you enjoyed this post and are all having a good week!

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(Hayden Williams Illustrations Collected From Tumblr)

Michelle Keegan For Lipsy London

Hello everyone! In this quick post I just wanted to talk about my favorites from the new collection on Lipsy London by Michelle Keegan. They released this new collection during last week and it is just fabulous. Michelle Keegan’s new line is a mixture of chic lace dresses to warm stylish coats. I have selected the pieces that I love best from this collection and here they are.

First up is this Embroidered Playsuit. This piece features mesh short sleeves, with an embroidered detail around the sleeve stitching and a keyhole back detail and a concealed zip to fasten it. I love the black against the nude its so sophisticated and stylish. It never fails as a colour combination in my book!

Embriodered PLaysuit-mesh short sleeves, keyhole back


I absolutely love this Lace Applique dress! The lace detail on the waist and sleeve is just gorgeous and its so elegant and sophisticated without having too much fuss around it. You don’t even need jewellery with this piece because it has so much detail on it.


Lce Applique Bodycon - love v back


This blue cami top is another favourite of mine because it is so simple but classy so it can be worn dressed up or down. My go to look for a semi casual event is a cami top and high waisted jeans and this is perfect for that. It has chain detail around the neckline and the straps are crossed at the back.

Embellished Cami - Chain detail and cross back


This long sleeve cardigan with a waterfall front is really nice too! I love this whole look in general because its comfortable and casual without being too baggy or boring. Its easy to thrown on just for heading to the grocery store or hanging around the house with a friend. You can have minimal jewellery like a long necklace and small earrings but other than that you don’t really need anything else.

Long sleeve cardigan - waterfall front


Lastly I have chosen this beige waterfall mac coat. Its really flattering and can be tied at the waist or buttoned up. I know its a bit early to be looking at coats but it has been raining here in Kerry all day and it this coat is very tempting right now! I love how it is versatile and looks really comfortable.

Waterfall Mac - tie waist:button up

I hope you all liked this post and head over to Lipsy London and shop the Michelle Keegan collection for yourself!


Happy Fashions Dolls


(Images collected from Lipsy London)

Colour Pop

In this home decor post I will be talking about how to create bursts of colour in different rooms of your home to brighten up the place and I will have some examples on how to do that which I have found online.

First up is this image I found on Tumblr a while ago. I love this yellow door because I just think its so fun and inviting. Again I love colours against a white background because they really stand out and are eye catching when its against white. I really like the door itself aswell because its an old style sort of door with the window above the frame and the wideness of it. It reminds me of a town house doorway.



Now this is an idea for a small dining room and I love the matching the candlestick holders with one set red and the other yellow. They are really vibrant in the room and add an air of fun and the unusual to the room because of their structure and shapes. For example the yellow candlestick holders start off wide at the base and and then narrow but create an eggshell like top for the candles to sit in. With the red candlestick holder the arms sort of reach out like branches and curve upwards.


colourful reading room


I absolutely adore this re-usuable Jar idea for bathrooms or just around the house. I love the colour of the blue and how pretty they look. I saw these on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and I saw a different Pin a few days later on how to actually make these. You just make the paint whatever colour you like and add some to the bottom of the jar and use the brush to paint the insides. I think they are so elegant looking and I love the fact they are DIY because then you don’t need to buy any new materials (except a little paint maybe) and you can just wash out your old jars when they’re finished and add a little paint and your done!




This idea for a dinning room or kitchen table is simple but pretty. The chairs a pale mint colour and are a bit subtle but still noticeable. They go really well with the wooden table and stand out against the natural wood table. Again because the walls are white they stand out more but I like the effect of the chairs against the wooden table and floor.


Mint Vibes


I love this desk for an office! Its so spacious and handy and I love the colour. I love the shade of the blue and it adds a bit of character to the room. Its a warm friendly colour and has a nice feel to it. It is a bit subtle but it is eye catching and you notice the colour instantly when you walk in.




I hope you all enjoyed todays Home Decor post and found some inspiration for your home too!

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Three Weddings And An Anniversary

As some of you are aware there were a few wedding events happening recently that I think we should highlight (As spectacular as it was I wont be talking about the Kimye wedding). In this post I will be talking about three newly wed couples and one anniversary.

First up I shall be talking about the couple of the century who celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary yesterday (04/07/2014) and a series of throwback photos were posted on Twitter and Instagram in celebration of them. This couple is… The Beckhams! David and Victoria Beckham tied the knot fifteen years ago yesterday on the 4th of July 1999. Their wedding was definitely one to remember! Victoria posted a series of photos from the day on her Twitter account yesterday (@victoriabeckham) and they were so wonderful! Victoria’s dress was a Vera Wang piece and it was accompanied by a Diamond Coronet created by Slim Barret. So congratulations to them on their anniversary! Heres some throwbacks for you guys (by the way how cute is little Brooklyn in the last photo?)





Next we have the weddings. Starting it all off just before the Kimye marriage we had Poppy Delevingne who married her hubby James Cooke in Kensignton on May 24th 2014 and she looked stunning. Her dress was a vintage Chanel piece and it was absolutely gorgeous! Of course her little sister Cara Delevingne was on hand as a bridesmaid and she too looked gorgeous in a white dress. She later had a second wedding in Marrakech.





Another wedding that needs to be taken into account this year was Olivia Palermo‘s wedding to German model Johannes Heubl at the end of June. What I love about her wedding was that it was private and she didnt do traditional wedding attire! Instead of a white dress with all the trimmings and pieces she opted for quite a different look. Olivia wore three Carolina Herrera pieces in the form of a cream cashmere sweater, white shorts and a sheer satin and silk tulle skirt and blue heels. This look was actually so elegant and pretty. The simplicity of it was just gorgeous that it totally works. It was just wonderful.




Lastly we have the British tv presenter, radio presenter and clothes line owner Fearne Cotton. Fearne met Jessie Woods (son of Ronnie Wood) in 2011 and they had their first son in 2012. They were married on July 4th of this year. Fearne wore a beautiful tulle dress white a silver sequin panel neckline. She also wore a daisy head band. They were married in a registry office in London with family and friends on hand.





I hope you found some inspiration from this post and enjoyed my little wedding review! Let me know what you think as always and have a good week everyone

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(Images collected from Google)