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Good Morning to you my readers! I hope you all had a good weekend and that your coffee is strong this Monday.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been in contact with a woman from the bridal and occasion dress website and shop Rosa Novias and I am happy to be sharing some gorgeous Debs and bridal dresses with you in this post. They have so much from wedding dresses, mother of the bride, bridal party to communion dresses, bridal accessories and it basically has everything you need in terms of finding your look for the big day wether it be your wedding or your debs/prom!

I myself being only nineteen (and single) haven’t started shopping myself for a wedding dress just yet but I can still see how beautiful some of them are. I am a long way off from getting married (way, way, way off) but still I can appreciate the design of them and talk about their debs/prom wear which is more towards my age and some of my readers heading to their school debs, college ball etc.vintage style ivory wedding dress Rosa Noviasau-elegant-a-line-bateau-beading-sweep-brush-train-chiffon-wedding-dresses-65

Vintage Bateau Lace Bodice Wedding Dress//Elegant Chiffon Train Wedding Dress

I have done a few website collaborations on Evanna Lily over the last two years and I am always so happy to have a website take interest in my little blog and ask me to take part in a new project they might have. So big thanks to Rosa Novias! As they also have debs and prom dresses on their website I thought I would talk about them a bit more as debs and other dressy events happen in Kerry at all different times of the year. The debs is always a big season for people who have finished secondary school and they are normally in summer but it doesn’t hurt to get some inspiration together!


Chiffon Princess Floor Length Prom Dress//Sparkling Sleeveless Sheath Satin Dress//Sleeveless A-Line Chiffon Dress

Finding the perfect debs dress can be tricky because depending on your body shape, what colours suit you, your height, etc etc you could end up being drowned in a dress. I think its always a good idea to go to a store that can give some great advice on what would suit you. For instance when I was purchasing my own debs dress (almost three years ago) I went to a woman who sells and rents dresses near to where I live who found loads of them for my body shape and all the styles that would suit me. So definitely play around with different styles. Its hard to find things that suit you everywhere. For example one of my friends has reddish hair so certain colours didn’t suit her because they clashed. These three dresses are gorgeous styles! They are simple but elegant. Not too fussy or glitzy but still really classy. You can see many many more over on the Rosa Novias website by clicking here.

They also have a great range of Cocktail Dresses available for other special occasions. They are always such a handy little things to have for weddings, dressy parties etc.Dazzling-Chiffon-A-line-Evening-Dresses-18458Sweetheart-Short-Zipper-Party-Dresses-17183Royal Blue Beaded Chiffon Cocktail Dress//Sweetheart Short Zipper Party Dress

So thats all from me today guys. Big thank you to the people over at Rosa Novias for getting in touch and make sure you take a look at the website for whatever occasion you have planned! I have a couple more collaboration posts coming up this week so stay tuned for those!

Ever Yours



Fringe Fun

Lily Atkinson Fringe SkirtI finally got round to doing my post on my Zara purchase in Spain! I spotted this fringed skirt in the Zara store in Valencia and I just fell in love with it. Fringe is so in as a trend for AW15 (you can see that trend and more from AW15 on my new Pinterest Board) so I thought I would jump in on it while I could! Its suede material and has two layers to it. It has the fringe at the end of the actual skirt and then a layer of fringe on top on the waist band which makes it more fun to wear. Lily Atkinson Fringe SkirtLily Atkinson Fringe SkirtLily Atkinson Fringe SkirtThese photos were taken by my brother who is really into photography so Im using his talent when he’s not in school! It was just shot at my house in different parts. These few are from the front of the house and the rest are at the back. Lily Atkinson Fringe SkirtLily Atkinson Fringe SkirtLily Atkinson Fringe SkirtLily Atkinson Fringe SkirtSo I just styled this with some simple pieces. I wore my plain black €2.50 vest top from Primark (which are the handiest vests to have so I picked up a good few in black, white and grey) with my  new favourite boots from Newlook which I have mentioned a good few times since I bought them! I put my old H&M leather jacket on my shoulders. I love this jacket I bought it about four years ago to go with my uniform for school which had grey, burgundy and dark grey in it and I had finally passed my hoody phase (I literally lived in a hoody for about 3 years because I hadn’t worked out how to fashion yet) so I bought this to wear to and from school and now four years later its bang on trend again!

So thats it for today and I hope you are all having a good Saturday! Speak to you all soon with some exciting news!

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New Beginnings

Evanna Lily PinterestGood afternoon everybody I hope that Tuesday is treating you well and thats its a nice sunny day wherever you are as it is here in Kerry. I just wanted to do a little post today to mark the second birthday of Evanna Lily!

I cannot believe it has been two whole years since I started blogging back in my little room in Galway while in college. When I started blogging on Evanna Lily I was seventeen and had just gone off to college for a year to study Fashion Retail and Styling in Galway Technical Institute. I had no idea about blogging or how to go about it so I just decided to jump in and learn along the way and I definitely have! Of course I took some inspiration from other bloggers who are much bigger and more well known then me to see how I could develop my own skills. I have changed up Evanna Lily a few times in the last two years with the layout, the way I post, what I post about and how I write.

Since Galway I have done so much more fashion related things like working in Newlook, getting to post with other websites involved like and others along the way. I have a few projects in progress about the future of Evanna Lily but for now Im just going to keep working on them and I will let you know the details nearer the time but for now I am excited about the next year of blogging ahead. Im going to be honest and say there are times when I feel like theres no point and that I should just forget about blogging but when I do I think about all the opportunities that have happened through blogging and all of the opportunities yet to come and also about all the other bloggers like Suzanne from SoSueMe, Erika Fox of Retroflame, Lorna Ruane of LCScloset and so many others who have such success from blogging and have gained amazing experiences in work, life and travel through their blogs who wouldn’t have had those opportunities if they had given up. End of the day if you give up on one good thing you are giving up on so many other amazing things waiting to happen to you.

So thank you to my readers and followers for taking an interest in my little blog and for showing support the last two years and I cant wait to share the next year ahead with you all again!

Ever Yours



Farfetch AW15 Guide

Evanna Lily PinterestEvening everyone. Todays post is a guide by Farfetch on AW15 accessories to finish off your look. It features pieces in each trend from this Autumn such as soft fur, seventies and graphics. Take a look at the guide yourself below to see what catches your eye and you can visit their website to see all these brands pieces and so many more pieces by many different brands!

Farfetch InforgraphicThere are some really great pieces to get purchasing this Autumn/Winter involving fringe, soft fur, monochrome, studs etc. Seventies is such a big trend at the moment with flared jeans, florals, aline skirts, browns and denim. So I would definitely recommend trying a few things on if your not sure about which trend works best one you. If your’e a smart shopper you will find pieces that you absolutely love and will stick with you for a few years! So if you have a bit of spare time then head over to to see what they have to offer!

Thanks to for sending over the infographic! You can also read more about this guide by clicking the link here

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Style In Spain

Blake Lively QuoteSo as I was in Spain for two weeks I obviously bought a few different looks with me which this post is all about. I didn’t go too fancy or anything just summer clothes that are versatile because thats all you need on holiday! I wore the same thing a couple times just switching it up each time so I didn’t end up packing everything but the kitchen sink!Lily Atkinson Outfit 1For the first day I wore this Newlook maxi skirt that I got years ago which I never wear except like this in summer because maxi dresses just aren’t for my height! I threw a thin belt around the waist to bring it in a little. Even worn like this its near enough to the ground so its nice to just lift it up a little at the side. Its a super comfy look and its so easy to create. Its great on holidays for just lying by the pool and just relaxing around.Lily Atkinson Outfit 2Lily Atkinson Outfit 2 playsuit

For our first and second dinner out I wore this Paisley Print Playsuit and Sleeveless Jacket from Newlook that I bought a couple months ago. Its actually so comfortable and so easy to dress up! I just wore my Primark jewelled sandals with my usual midi rings and an arm bracelet I have had since I was about 11! I also brought a pair or midi block black heels with me which also go perfectly with this playsuit! I did a post featuring this playsuit a little while ago which you can see here.  The shoes I used in that post are also really similar to the ones I brought which you will be able to see in my last outfit!

Lily Atkinson Outfit 3Lily Atkinson Outfit 3 Chiffon TopLily Atkinson Outfit 3 street This look is definitely one of my favourites! Its so simple and easy to create. So this chiffon top with side splits I bought in a sale ages ago for a party I didn’t end up going to. As it has quite high side splits I bought black shorts to wear underneath which are almost the exact same shade of black as the top so you wouldn’t even notice them underneath! The statement necklace adds a nice detail to it I think. It just adds a little something more than if there was no jewellery. I was actually unprepared that night because my hair was still wet from being washed and I literally threw it in a bun and put on a bit of foundation and I was in the car to go! That was the night we found La Trastienda and after we walked through all these little streets of the town where my brother took this photo. He’s into photography so I can always get an outfit photo done haha! Lily Atkinson Outfit 4So I didn’t actually have time to get a full length photo of this outfit but you can get the idea of it from my snapchat haha. So this is a cotton top with lace detail that I bough in H&M in Valencia which you can buy here. I love the lace detail on it! Its a quarter sleeve knitted top so its not like a jumper. Its a good colour as well because its like a white nude so it goes with everything! I just put it over denim shorts and wore my lace up shoes. I just went for a casual look that could still be dressed up. I love it at home with black jeans and my pointed boots with just a simple white scarf! Lily Atkinson Outfit 5Lily Atkinson Outfit 5 80sSo for this one it was just thrown on going to the beach one day and I only had the small belt with me so I had to make an extra belt hole using an earring (bit of a DIY job!) to make it actually work as a belt with the shorts! I like this look because it has a bit of an 80s feel to it with the shorts up at the waist and the small belt. Throw a kimono over it and I was set for the day!Lily Atkinson Outfit 6 FourLily Atkinson Outfit 6 twoLily Atkinson Outfit 6This Cameo Rose floral dress is one of my favourite looks from this holiday. Its casual but so dressy at the same time. Its actually a bit loose its not a fitted style dress but I threw the belt around it (this belt has been used more in two weeks than in 5 five years!) and I wore the black block heels and my primary sandals with it and I had two simple casual looks! This look and the last one are my two favourite looks from this holiday and I am so excited to share them!Lily Atkinson Outfit 7IMG_7636IMG_7634This last look is my favourite! I bought this Parisian Collection Playsuit a few months ago and I just love the embroidery on it. It was also available in black as well but as it was a while ago I dont think they are there anymore! There is a similar one here on LucLuc which I have also seen in white too! I only wore my midi rings with this for accessories because I don’t think it needs anything else. It speaks for itself really you don’t need to dress it up with jewellery because of the embroidery detail. Thats just me though! These shoes are plain black block heel sandals I got in Newlook. You can see similar ones here on the website.

I hope you enjoyed todays post and I have a few new things planned to post over the next week so stay tuned for those! Speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



Spanish Storms and Sunshine

evanna lily pinterestSo todays post is all about my second week in Spain which unfortunately brought a few days of rain and storms! It all started on the sixth day when there was a massive thunder and lightening storm! It lasted nearly all night for the thunder to actually stop! The sky went so black it was crazy dark. My dad made us brave the elements though and we went out for dinner. I guess it wasn’t raining so it wasn’t really really bad. I managed to catch this thunder roll as I was heading out!

The next day was a rainy day. It just rained nearly all day. So dad managed to get the television to work in my parents room only to find it was all in German but we watched it anyway. There is something quite entertaining about watching Flight Of The Concord, Drake and Josh and seeing Tom and Jerry dubbed into a language none of you understand. We also managed to identify the mosquitos that had be eating us alive for the last few days. Normally mosquitos only come out at night and bit you once and fly away but we had literally been bitten every point of the day at least 200 times. We discovered that the mosquitos were in fact Asian Tiger Mosquitos from southeast Asia. I won’t go into too much detail but basically they are around all the time day and night and can bite you 50 times in 15 minutes! My mother ended up having an allergic reaction to them! So if you’re going abroad to America, Spain, France, Greece and even in parts of Germany look out for them because they are seriously awful little things!

Over the next few days we went a few different places in an attempt to get out of the house and away from our hungry little friends who were using us as dinner! We went to the town of Xaló where there was a market on and honestly the amount of Michael Kors (or Michael Nors as I call them as they weren’t authentic) I saw was insane. There were loads of great antiques, technology, clothes, furniture and loads loads more stuff on every stall! Over the next couple days we didn’t really do much due to the weather but one thing we decided to do just to stop ourselves going mad from being stuck inside was go to Valencia City. It was a beautiful city when it stopped raining for 5 minutes. We got absolutely soaked. I have never known rain like it and I am living in Ireland! It was literally like someone just tipped a full bath of water over us. I did however manage (with mum) to hunt down Zara and H&M. Literally hunt because our clothes and shoes were soaked through and we needed retail therapy. I picked a few new things including dry socks for the drive home! I will be posting about them later on in the week! On the way back to the car the rain let up and I managed to get a few photos of the cities pretty buildings.

Valencia SquareValencia BuildingValencia Square StationValencia StationThe next day we just hung around the house where the sun tried to break out after 4 days of rain and grey skies and at the end of the evening it was having little moments of strong hot sunshine which gave us all hope that we had not booked a holiday in vain!

The Wednesday before we left we spent the entire day at the beach because the sun made a return to us and even though there was a slight wind it was still so nice to just lie out in the sun and we started feeling like we were on holiday again only to realise it was the second last full day we had! At this point I was so determined to get a tan so I (foolishly) didn’t bother with the suncream as it didn’t feel that hot and there was a wind so as you probably guessed I along with my father, who has an ancient tradition of saying he doesn’t burn on holidays and then doing exactly that, burnt the backs of our legs and our backs! So lesson learned always listen to the mammy about suncream!

Denia Beach sunbathingIMG_7382The next day brought Thursday the last full day there! So once again we spent the day at the beach soaking up the last of the sun and enjoying being away from the relentless mosquitos! We travelled this time to Barracca Beach which was a stone beach. We rented sunbeds for the day and just chilled out. Myself and my dad could only lie on our fronts due to our epic sunbathing session the day before so we just topped up on the factor 50 suncream every hour! This beach was completely different to Denia beach not just because it had stones instead of sand but because it was more of a cove beach whereas Denia beach stretched on for miles!IMG_7577IMG_7584Baracca Beach sunbathingIMG_7580As it was the last night we decided it was a must to have dinner out rather than cooking for ourselves so we headed out to Casa Grau again for our last supper. I mentioned it was really good in my week one post and this time I managed to get some photos of the cool decor they had! As it was our last night in Spain I decided to dress up a little for the occasion! The full look will be in my Outfits Post!House Room OutfitCasa Grau RestaurantCasa Grau Restaurant Decor 2Casa Grau Restuarant DecorWe had a great last meal with some great service and I treated my parents to it as a thank you for the holiday which they were pleased with. Isn’t the decor so imaginative? It was so colourful and interesting!

After dinner we headed to a hostel that we found a couple days before who’s bar does the best mojitos going and we couldn’t leave without having one last one! After that night it was back to packing and tidying the house and then off to Alicante Airport again! After getting there early we had a two hour wait to check in and then another hour for our gate info and then another hour waiting to board because Airlingus decided not to tell anyone it was delayed until we landed in Cork.

So all in all we were back home at 3am after realising we were insanely hungry so the first thing we did when we got home was eat the Mcdonalds we picked up on the way at 3am!

We had such a great time despite the mosquitos and the bit of rain and I would gladly go on holiday again anytime soon! I hope you all had a great two weeks while I was gone and didn’t miss me too much! My Spain next post will be my outfits from the holiday of which there are a few so I will speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



Away In Spain

Home QuoteHello everyone! As of about 3am yesterday morning I am once again back in Ireland after a lovely two weeks off in Spain with my family. I am so tired and I have so much to do since coming back but I have a few days before I go back to work so I have a good bit of time to get it all done and I get to sleep in my own cosy bed again!

On Friday the 28th we all headed to Cork airport to get our flight for our first holiday in a couple years to Spain where we got a house through Airbnb near a really cute town called Javea or Xábia in Valencian on the Costa Blanca. It was a later flight so we went straight to the house and (with a bit of sat nav drama) we eventually found the house and went straight for the beds. The next morning we could actually see and be aware of our surroundings and the place was so nice. We had our own pool and we were next to a mountain behind us. The garden was so nice and it was just a nice little living spot.

Lily Atkinson Spain House ViewHouse PoolThe house had literally anything you could need. The woman who owned was a really great hostess and definitely thought of every possible need that anyone staying could have for sleeping, cooking, eating, swimming etc etc. The pool was such a good thing to have because the first day (Saturday) we spent most of it just unpacking, adjusting to the weather and laying by the pool. The pool had a lilo float which my brother and dad got great entertainment from! I also found it great for just floating around the water relaxing in the sun! On that first day in the evening we went down to walk around El Arenell which is like a long stretch of beach with restaurants and they lead off into the town. We had dinner in a restaurant called La Tagliatella and I swear to god it was the biggest bowl of pasta I have seen in my entire life. You choose your own type of pasta and what sauce you want with it (Carbonara in my case) and they brought it in a bowl I swear I could have sat in!

We found out the next day that there was a fiesta happening the first week we were there so there was loads of little events happening in the actual town of Javea. So we went in that evening to see what was happening. That night they had a bull event happening which was like training for arenas. The bulls weren’t hurt of anything they were just assessed for actual bull fighting. We didn’t watch that but we walked along the pier just taking in the view and the atmosphere. It was such a nice town with an old part with this amazing church and a new part and there was just so much life there as well. I would definitely recommend it as a place to go!

Javea Pier ViewJavea Pier View 2Javea CatsJavea ChurchThe third day brought us the first of the rainy days. We had some really bad weather while we were there with thunder, lightening and rain which was not ideal because that was similar to the weather we were getting away from! After one grey, dull looking day we had a bit of sunshine so we headed to the town of Denia which has a really really long beach which we aiming to be on. Its a really nice beach because it is sandy and you can literally just go anywhere. Theres no sunbeds you can reserve of anything you just take your beach towel and claim your space!

Denia BeachDenia Beach sunbathingDenia Beach SandThe next day the family and I got boat in Javea to try snorkelling and I have to say it is definitely not for me! Just the combination of the mask, the flippers I just could not do it. I literally jumped in and about 1 minute later I was back on the boat just watching everyone else it is just not something I think I will ever get into! I swallowed some of the water as I was getting out of the water too which definitely did not help! It was a really amazing day as well it was really sunny with no hint of bad weather anywhere around and it was a perfect day! We found this amazing restaurant for dinner that night called La Trastienda which had the best food. Its not a massive big fancy place its just simple and has great quality food. On the first night my mum had some chill and garlic scallops and my brother had this delicious stewed wild boar which he ordered again the second time we went there. I had a plain burger served without bread and homemade chips which were like crisps they were so thin but they were so delicious! The second time we went I had this absolutely amazing Teriyaki Fillet Steak which honest to god I would walk back for! I also got a delicious Chocolate and Toffee Dessert after which my mother also dug into. Heres the photos from my snapchat!

La Trastienda meal mainLa Trastienda DessertLily Atkinson Outfit 4

The next day which marked the one week stay we headed back to Denia beach in the late afternoon for a few hours and decided to go out for dinner. Once we got back to the house though the weather just turned completely. Little did we know it was the start of the rainy days to follow! Around eight o clock the sky just went so black as if it was near midnight and the thunder and lightening started. I swear it was the loudest thunder I have ever heard! It was the kind of thunder you get in movies that rolls for ages. The lightening was flashing in the clouds too but we braved it and headed out to dinner. We found this place called Casa Grau which had such great food and really interesting decor. Its located in the old part of the town but its modern and honestly the food from taste, quantity and presentation was amazing! We headed back there for our last meal in Spain but more on that in my next post!

So thats part one of my two week trip to Spain. Week twos activities will be in my next post and then after that I will be posting my outfits and looks from the holiday! I still have good few things to do at home and in town so Im off to do those. I hope you all enjoyed the post and speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



See You Soon

oceanHello everyone! This post is just an update to say that I won’t be posting for the next two weeks because I will be in sunny Spain and so won’t have the ability to post while I am there! Obviously you can keep up with me on my vacation by following my Snapchat @lilyatkinson_95 and following my instagram @evannalily and also my twitter @Lily_Atkinson95 where I will posting a few photos and sharing my holiday thoughts. As I am away I will not be responding to Emails until my return to apologies for anyone who wants to get in contact! I hope that you are all well and I will speak to you all soon but for now I will in the sun looking nothing like this Hayden Williams Illustration!Hayden Williams IllustrationsEver Yours



Newlook New AW15

Newlook Aw15


Good Afternoon everybody I hope your Tuesday is treating you well so far! Todays post is just on Newlook’s new AW15 collection and its really good! It has lots of tan, camel, burgundy and fringe! Above is a polyvore set of a few of the key pieces so head over to the website for this and more
So Newlook released its Autumn/Winter 2015 collection a couple days ago and its got some amazing pieces in it. Its got a seventies vibe to it and features all the on trend details like fringe, tans, a line skirts and also ankle boots which we are just starting to consider slipping back into for Autumn! The pointed boots in Image three are the ones I bought by the way and I absolutely love them! I think out of these three looks the first one featuring the leopard print skirt and waterfall gilet is my favourite look. I just love how it has a vintage feel but is also so classy and different. I love the colour combinations in it. You can shop all the key items in the images by clicking the descriptions below the images!
Newlook AW15 look 2newlook aw15 look 5newlook aw15 look 1111219043_10153539730504809_6033375241170999913_n
These four images are not featured in my little collage at the start but are still cool enough to get a mention! The rust coloured shorts are also available in two other colours on the website so if you’re not feeling the red then take a look at those. The jeans and the fringe heels are so handy because they are basic pieces you can wear at any point like jeans just lying around the house and the shoes for dinner out or a night out just dress them up however you want!
I love the yellow top with the floral waistcoat I think its a really nice look and the colours really compliment each other. Its a nice simple but stylish casual look and at an affordable price too! The crop top I have seen in the store and they went really fast which shows they are great on! They aren’t a skin tight crop top they have a little bit of space in it but in the right size for you you dont notice it at all. The third look here again contains the rust coloured short and this is another way to wear them. I cant find the wrap on the website at the moment but keep having a look for it because it might not have been added to their new season yet!
burgundy fringe bagblack leather pointed toe ankle bootgrey over the knee bootspatchwork handbag
So to finish up there are a couple of accessories that featured in the above images in more detail. I mentioned above I have the black boots and they are seriously so comfortable. They aren’t that high and are the perfect casual boot. The two bags are so different and interesting. I love the burgundy colour of the first one and the fringe. The second bag has a real seventies feel to it and also has the on trend fringe detail making it perfect for this season. The grey boots are really nice too even though I cant wear them because Im too short but there are plenty of leggy people who can definitely pull them off!
Thats about it for todays post and I hope you all enjoyed my little piece on Newlooks latest stuff. Remember you can see all of these and many many more items on!
Speak to you all soon!
Ever Yours

Beauty Buys

beauty quoteAfternoon everybody and happy Friday to you! Todays post is just a short one on my latest beauty buys from the other day which I had on my snapchat a couple days ago (@lilyatkinson_95) when I had a couple hours in town. I just picked up a few essentials and some holiday bits as I am off soon! I cannot wait to be in constant sunshine and actually have some form of summer in my life!

beauty buysThe Ice Cream Girlstravel bottlesFirst of all I picked up a book in Easons to read while I am lying pool side or on the beach over in Spain. A book is such a handy thing to have on holidays because you can just lie there in the sun getting lost in a good book and just be totally relaxed! I spotted this one which is by Dorothy Koomson called Ice Cream Girls and is basically about two girls who were involved in an incident when they were younger and how years later its coming back to haunt them. It sounds good so I’ll keep you posted! I also picked up these really handy travel bottles for shampoo, make up remover, eye make up etc for travelling in Pennys for only €1.50! Im not planning on wearing a full face of make up while I’m there because whats the point so Im just bringing a bit of moisturiser, a bit of make up remover for the BB cream and waterproof mascara I am bringing just for meals out and a bit of toner for night.

Garnier Cleansing Watergarnier cleansing watergarnier tonerWhile in Pennys I also picked up some more of Garnier’s Cleansing Water and also decided to try out their Simple Essentials Toner too as I had never tried it before and I really like it! You just use it after you have removed your make up and you let it dry naturally so theres not wiping or anything involved. I bought two bottles of the cleansing water one in a regular size and the other in 125ml bottle to bring on holidays. Obviously there is the issue of the 100ml limit (rolls eyes at all airlines ridiculous policies) so I figured thats over half of the bottle I can take a good bit of it with me and just use the remaining bit when I get home and still have the bit bottle left to use up. So I dont think I will be running out of it anytime soon! There are loads of different versions of the cleansing water and the toner such as Eye Make Up remover, Cleansing Wipes and Gel Washes. To see all these products on their website just click here

Catrice Waterproof MascaraCatrice Waterproof mascaraThis is the waterproof mascara that I will be taking with me. I bought it in waterproof because of swimming in the pool and the sea so I just wanted to have a light make up look for when Im in the town or out having dinner at night and then just have the long lash look when Im in the water too. Its just subtle things like this that can make a difference to how you look on holiday. If I went with a completely bare face then I wouldn’t want any photos of myself! As I said I am not going with a complete full face of make up because I dont see the point of that on holiday and when its hot like that your face is going to melt even just a little bit so I think a simple natural look is better.

So Sue Me Nail PolishLast but not least I finally found SoSueMe nail polish in Killarney. I have seen the instagram posts of all the colours from her range on her instagram and also the nail polishes instagram as well and I really wanted to try them out. I found these in the small pharmacy next door to Murphys Ice Cream for anyone in town who is looking for them! The colours I have here are a nude and a black. The nude colour called I Do she actually said on her snapchat the other day was her favourite colour from the collection. I have read loads of people love it because its such a nice colour so I had to try it out for myself! The black is called Private Jet and I bought it because the black I have currently literally chips off a day even with a clear coat on top of it and I think every girl has to have a black nail varnish at home at all times of the year! Ill let you know what theyre like when I try them!

Thats all for my beauty purchases from todays post so I hope you all enjoyed it. Enjoy the rest of your Friday guys and have a good weekend. Speak to you soon!

Ever Yours