Luxury Lace Look

Luxury Lace Look
Afternoon everyone! Heres an outfit inspiration post for you all featuring this gorgeous AX Paris dress. I love this its so elegant looking and you can wear it anyway you like but this is an example of how I would wear it and hopefully you guys all like it too! I matched this dress with some deep purples because I feel like it goes really well with the black lace of the sleeves and top of the dress. Also its different from just matching this dress with nude lipstick, nude nails, nude or white shoes etc etc and it adds a bit of individuality to the look. So the nails, shoes and lipstick are all purples and its only a certain amount of purple so its not too dark a look. All the jewellery is from also the coat is in store at the moment and it is ridiculously comfortable and soft! Its perfect for winter coming up just around the corner. With this outfit I was thinking that a simple Kim Kardashian style low ponytail would go perfectly with this. Simple make up and you have the completed look! This look is a chic look with a bit of edge and I really like the feel of it. Its a bit different but not dramatically so. I hope you all enjoyed this outfit inspiration post and talk to you all soon!
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New Looks from NewLook

Hey everybody I hope you have all had a good week and Im sorry for my radio silence over the last few days I have been working everyday this week so I haven’t had time to do any posts but here is one for today! This one is just a little update on my recent purchases and new outfits that I have been wearing the last few days!

Over the last week I picked up a few things from work when I was finished and I am so happy that I did! I have a total of six new items from this week and Here are the first two items I bought!



This Stone Contrast Collar Shell Top is now in the sale items and it is so comfortable! It goes with virtually anything and I love it it can be work with highwaisted jeans, this skirt, denim shorts and depending on your look actually can look really like sixties style! It has just a simple two button up at the back just on the collar. This Monochrome Houndstooth Wrap Skort is also so comfortable! I have yet to wear it out but I have tried it on with a few things and its another favourite. It goes really well with this top and with my yellow chiffon blouse from Tk Maxx which was featured in their Me By Me campaign a while ago!
My next few items I absolutely love!

I am actually obsessing with my Mom Denim Shorts and Belt. I spent about two days matching them with everything and as an outfit with tights all the pieces in this photo go together perfectly!

The way I have been wearing this outfit the last few days for work is with my Midnight Plum lipstick from Maybelline and my purple jewel statement necklace from Primark/Pennys with straight hair and diamond stud earrings. Its not my usual look for outfits and thats why I love it because its a bit different for me!

If you follow my instagram you will have seen these photos before but this is a more detailed post for you all! All this was topped off yesterday by the fact I recieved a name tag! I feel so official now and have had a great week at work!

A post about all the happenings in my week will be coming up tomorrow! For now though I hope you are all having a good week and enjoy your weekend!
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The Birthday Blog

Hello everybody! Here is a blog post to start the week off and this one is a little special because today is in fact Evanna Lily’s first birthday as a blog!

This time last September I was in Galway as a fashion retail student creating this blog at my kitchen table! Evanna Lily has had a few changes over the last year in Layout, design and even the URL which went from being lilyatkinson1 to just evannalily! (this was because I didnt set it up right but I learnt how to use wordpress!) i started off with a different theme to the one I have now and I prefer this one alot more! Here is a snap from Instagram that I posted the first day it was created

During this time last year it was Milan Fashion Week and my very first post was of a Dolce And Gabanna look for the runway which included florals and jewellery. I loved this look and am so glad I used it as my first post!

But there are some people I need to thank for helping Evanna Lily last a year and that is you guys. All my followers on all my social media profiles from all over the world not just on here for taking interest in my posts and sharing them around. For letting me know your thoughts via comments and for just helping Evanna Lily to grow and gain more interested followers. Thank you all for joining me on my journey and even though Evanna Lily still has a while to go to becoming a big fashion blog its all of you guys that are making it happen. So thank you all and I hope you will all still be here for the next few years of birthdays to come!


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Love Lily Atkinson creator of Evanna Lily

Hayden Williams Check Her Out Look

Hayden Williams Check Her Out Look
Here is another Hayden Williams look for you guys to check out! By now you have all probably guessed that I am obsessed with his work and its true I am! If you haven’t seen his posts then have a look on his Tumblr and Pinterest page because his stuff really is amazing! I also did a post a while back featuring a few of his pieces and a little biography bit. Also check out his illustrations for London Fashion Week on Rimmel’s Facebook page and on his Instagram!
This look is called Check Her Out and it is a vintage sort of look. I love the check peplum top and red combination and as Autumn is here Red is becoming a bit colour. As with the top Monochrome and check prints are very in at the moment especially in NewLook. We have some amazing pieces in store and online to be sure to have a look! I like the touch of gold in this look too because it is subtle but adds to the look. In the Illustration her nails are red but I went for black instead because I didn’t want to overkill with the red colour and I thought it would match with the shoes more. All these pieces are easy to find online through my Polyvore by clicking the images below.
I hope you all enjoy this look and speak to you soon!
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New Look New Job

Hey everybody! I hope you are all having a good week and for those of you in Ireland I hope you have been enjoying the lovely weather we have had the last few days. I am just checking back in with you all to tell you about whats been happening lately.


A few weeks ago I was called to do an interview at my local New Look store here in Killarney and after a couple of weeks I got a call saying I had got the job! I was so happy to hear that because New Look is genuinely one of my favourite stores and I have loved shopping there since I first got into fashion. You guys probably already know this as I tend to include a lot of their products in my Outfit Inspiration posts!


On Thursday I had my Induction day which was only two hours but I enjoyed every minute. I started off my day by learning about the fitting rooms. I already had a bit of experience with this from doing Work Experience in Oasis for college in Galway last year so luckily I had some knowledge already. It wasn’t too busy because all the young people are at school (says me at 19 years of age!) so it was quieter than normal but it was an easy pace to start with. When on fitting rooms you just have to check the amount of items a person is bringing in just incase people are being sneaky and when they hand you back items just make sure they are tidy and ready to go back out on the floor.

After this I did some Health and Safety training which is how to lift boxes correctly, what to do in case of a fire, etc. I didn’t cover any of this in Oasis because it was only five days work experience so there wasn’t really any need to so this was new to me. That was my first day which was only two hours so it was a nice day to learn those things.

Yesterday, Friday, was my second day which was longer and involved more tasks to do. I started off the day by clearing the rails in the fitting rooms. This is where all the things people leave in the fitting rooms because they don’t fit or changed their minds go onto the rail by the door and then someone takes the rail out into shop out of the way and puts them all back onto the floor. This is a good task because I need to learn where everything is and remember where it all goes so this is really good for that. I worked in the fitting rooms again for a while after this and then I did a new job which was Size Order. Size Order is going around an are of the shop and making sure that everything is in the right order of size on the hangers e.g 6, 8, 10, 12 and so forth. This was good because it really helped you to remember where everything in that section was for clearing the rails.

grey flecked textured zip front skirtCream Wool Mix Zip Front Collarless Coat


Grey Flecked Textured Zip Front Skirt and Cream Wool Mix Zip Front Collarless Coat in store now

Everyone I have met on my two days that I am working with is so nice and helpful. They are all friendly and happy to help me with any questions I have about anything and I am really pleased with my job.

I am really pleased to be working in this store because it gives me a chance to apply all the things I learnt in my Galway College Course about Fashion Retail and working in the Retail Industry and I can’t wait to learn more and settle in fully to working with everyone and the clothes. Needless to say I think a lot of the clothes will end up coming home with me! As my dad said “Its perfect for them that you work there because the money they pay you will be going back to them with all the stuff you buy!”

Black buckle side block heel chelsea bootsMonochrome Check Wrap Skort

Black Buckle Side Block Heel Chelsea Boots and Monochrome Check Wrap Skort in store now

Hope you are all enjoying your week and I will check back in with you all soon! (By the way I am very obsessed by the last two items and I am planning on getting them myself the next day I am in!)

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Hayden Williams Heartbreaker Look

Hayden Williams Heartbreaker Look
I haven’t done one of these in a while so here is a new Hayden Williams outfit post! This one is called Heartbreaker and is a sexy look with a bit of attitude. I love the red in this illustration because it just makes the entire look. This red coat is perfect for this look and for winter coming up to add some colour to your wardrobe. I always try to recreate Hayden Williams illustrations perfectly with the pieces I choose so I hope that this one does the trick! As you are all probably aware I am kind of obsessed with these Missguided heels and I chose them for this again because they just go with everything! As for the actual outfit itself the skirt doesn’t have a slit like in the illustration but it is the closest one I could find. The top is also a bit shorter than the illustration but depending on how you wear the skirt highwaisted, on the hips can change the look! I haven’t gone overboard with accessories in this look because they are simple in the illustration so these bangles, chain necklace and earrings are perfect! I love the detail Hayden Williams uses in his drawings and I chose these Pop Lashes because they best match the illustration.
I hope you all enjoy this post and are having a great week!
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Design Skills Sketchbook Assignment Three

Here is the post for my final photo shoot assignment from college in my Design Skills module! This one was about street style and features three different looks. My model for this assignment wasn’t me this time but my friend Monique who was in the same college. I hope you have all enjoyed these posts and don’t forget to comment and like!



First up in this assignment was a few cutouts from Grazia Magazine of some street style looks for inspiration and ideas. I love these looks because they are all unique and have their own style.



The next couple of pages demonstrates the looks through the decades. Starting with the 70’s all the way up to the present day. Again these are just cut outs fro different magazines and are all ideas and inspirations for different street style looks. This first page shows the 70’s and 80’s styles and pieces.



Next up we have the page showing the 90’s and present day looks. All the cut outs are modern day pieces but fit into each category and are perfect for this assignment!



Next up is three pages full of outfit, make up and photoshoot ideas. These are my favourite pages because these images are so cool and interesting. There are some interesting styles of outfits and photoshoots in these cut outs and I hope you like them!







And finally we have the last few pages displaying my photoshoot featuring my friend as the model for this. There are three different looks for this simple elegant, grunge and girly. You can see the actual photos from this shoot in my category My Galway Adventure.











I hope you liked this post and the other two assignment posts. Don’t forget if you have any comments than feel free to post them! Also people have commented asking me to email them so if anyone has any business to discuss or any queries then my email is in my contact page as well as my other social media links.

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Simple Monochrome

Simple Monochrome
Here is another simple college look you for of you going back soon! Just a skirt and blouse with some accessories never fails. You can find a good majority of these pieces on and through my polyvore. I am obsessing over these Crocodile Texture Block Heel Boots! They are so cool and perfect for winter coming up. I am really tempted by them! The blazer, skirt and tights go so well together because they are all monochrome/black based. The top adds white to the mix which goes well with the rings, lipstick and other jewellery.
Remember if you have any questions or comments you can always leave them!
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College Calling

College Calling
As the time for colleges to start again is drawing near I though it might be time to do a little college set for those of you looking for some inspiration as to what to get. I did an outfit on the left hand side based on what my general college look was featuring skinny jeans, a white jumper and boots. As the Winter draws closer I will be doing some season looks that will be helpful for battling the elements for everyday people not just the college students! I found some great things in this set for you guys to have a look at. I adore the leather diary because it is so simple but pretty and you will need either a calendar or diary in college to mark down when assignments are due and if theres any changes to your schedule. The three notebooks by Marc Jacobs are really handy for getting notes down and I like the different city landmarks on the covers. The laptop case is handy because you may need to bring it college to work on assignments or hang out in your local cafe to work on weekends just to get out of the house so it is always handy! The panda USB stick is a must have. Not only is it really cute but it is great for storing all your back up assignment and if you have to go to an internet cafe to print things just bring that down and save the time of sitting on a computer and logging on and finding your assignment and this way all you have to do is pay for printing. The last thing was one of my favourite and most handy possessions in college. A travel mug is just great. Pour your coffee in the morning and go no need to buy one, que, pay, etc etc just have it on you during classes and re use over and over again! (Also its a good thing to be holding in the winter while walking to college because its so warm!). This set features mostly Newlook items and a few bits and pieces that I found on Polyvore.
I hope you enjoyed this set and good luck with starting college wether you’re just starting or are returning!
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MTVs Video Music Awards Best and Worst

Hey guys this is just a short post for today so hope you enjoy!

This week saw the return of MTVs Video Music Awards and there was some serious style going on!
Here are my top 4 Best and Worst looks from the night.

1. Jennifer Lopez has taken my number one spot with her beautiful Charbel Zoe dress. Her look is so elegant and shows off her amazing figure. The cut out detail is in all the right places and she definitely shows she’s still got it. Her hair and make up is subtle and pretty too. She matched this look with a simple silver clutch bag.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards

2. My second spot goes to the the queen B of the celebrity world, the first lady of music, the one and only Mrs Carter. Beyonce had three looks for the night her black dress for arrival to the event, a body suit for her performance and this beautiful maroon dress by Zuhair Murad for the end of the night. I absolutely love this dress on her. The detailing is amazing and no one could have pulled it off better!

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room

3. Third place goes to the ever so gorgeous Rita Ora with her beautiful red Donna Karen Atelier gown. She is such a glamorous girl and this dress definitely shows Calvin Harris what he’s missing! She sported brushed back hair and a diamond choker necklace for this look. Red is definitely her best colour and she knows how to work it!


4. My fourth place goes to Rita’s friend and Black Widow rapper Iggy Azalea who looked super chic and stylish in a strapless Versace gown. The detail on this dress is beautiful and shows off all her curves perfectly. Her diamond necklace ties in perfectly and if you weren’t convinced by the song you know she is definitely Fancy now!


Now on my least favourite three looks from the night and these are just my opinion so feel free to tell me Im wrong!

1. My first place worst look of the night goes to none other than Amber Rose who apparently had nothing but a necklace to wear. Amber wore a diamond chain body piece by Laure Luxe to the event and definitely turned a few heads! It is a controversial look with people saying she looked amazing others saying she should cover up but as for me I will say well done for being adventurous but it was a bit too much…



2. Second place goes to Katy Perry. Katy rolled up to the VMAs pulling a Britney in a denim Versace dress with Riff Raff beside her doing a Justin Timberlake with a denim suit. Katy has a great sense of humour and adventure but frankly we were just forgetting Britney and JTs denim disaster and now its fresh in our minds again…


3. My third place goes to Arianna Grande. I feel bad and I have been battling with myself as to wether she should go on this list or not but her look just didn’t amaze me. I just feel like she could have done a little bit more with her look. There was just a bit of a boring vibe coming from her Moschino look that night and I just think she needed a bit more colour and I don’t know something more. Sorry Arianna.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals