Liebster Award

SuccessfulHey everyone I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Todays post is all about the Liebster Award that a fellow blogger has nominated me for so thank you to Elise at for that! So for anyone that doesn’t know about the Liebster Award here is what its all about!

Liebster Award


The Liebster Award is an online award from blogger to blogger to encourage them to gain more acknowledgement. Its for blogs with under 200 hundred followers just to help give them a boost.   Its to help bloggers like yourself to just expand their followers and get a little more acknowledgement while promoting other blogs. Here are the rules to the award:

  • Thank the blogger and blog who nominated you and leave a link to their website
  • Answer the questions they set for you
  • Nominate your own favourite blogs with under 200 followers and create your own list of questions for them to answer
  • Let your nominees know about their nomination by commenting on their blogs.

So Elise has set out a list of questions and here are my answers!

  • What Do You Like Best About Blogging/Blogging Community?

The thing I like best about blogging and the blogging community is the way that every blogger and blog is different and you can learn something from each one. Everyone has a different style of writing and posting and you can look at a few blogs and take something away from each one and try to improve your own style. Its easy to look at a professional blog and blogger and say “I want my blog to be like that” but they had to start someone too and work on their blog and I think that when your starting out its great to look at other beginner blogs like your own just to see the different styles and variations that are out there and all learn something new from each blog. I think that we all support each other without even realising it, Just by reading someones post either from yesterday or a few months ago you are helping to boost that blog and taking something from it yourself which is always great for the blogger because it means they are doing their job/hobby right.

  • If You Could Have Any Super Power What Would It Be?

If I could have a super power I think it would be able to have a magic wand to just to do things for me like redo my bedroom. Its not a typical super power but it would be very handy to just wave my magic wand and have my room completely redecorated exactly the way it is in my head with new furniture and everything! I would use it all the time to do things like that. I would also like to power to actually save an outfit in my wardrobe overtime I like one on instagram! You always see those posts saying “I wish when I liked a photo on Instagram it would save in my closet” well I would love that! It would be so handy to have except I think I wouldn’t have a room left if I had that power because my wardrobe is pretty full as it is!

  • Who Knows You The Best?

That is actually such an interesting question because I dont think there ever is one person that knows you the best. I think everyone has a part of themselves that they keep hidden away. Its like that saying “You Never Fully Know A Person”. I would like to say my three main best friends who I cannot live with out and who keep me sane a majority of the time even when Im not with them and I drive them crazy a lot of the time so thanks to them for putting up with me!  I think two of them I have known since secondary school so they know me the longest and know all my little ways and my other bestie I met in Galway and she knows me maybe too well at this stage! I could never do without these three girlies because we all know too much about each other!

  • How Do You Like Your Coffee?

Im actually not a massive coffee drinker. I know people say you either hate coffee or you live off it but I can honestly say that I am in the middle. I only started drinking it a year ago maybe and even now I dont drink it every day. I like a teaspoon of the instant coffee, a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of hot chocolate powder and a good bit of milk. Its so nice because its not too strong and not too weak. Pure coffee is just too strong for my taste!

  • If You Could Be Anywhere In The World Right Now Where Would It Be?

At this current moment in time its is actually cold and rainy in Kerry after a couple weeks of pure warm sunshine so somewhere nice and hot! As I am originally from London I would like to say in London just shopping around, going to the British museum and seeing all my old friends. I would like to say Galway as well because I just love it there. After living there for a year having never been there before I just fell in love with it. It really is such a gorgeous place and everyone is so friendly there. I would love to be walking to the Pier on the Salthill Prom with my best friend Aleks just talking about the Kardashians and just chatting.

flying high

  • What The Quirkiest Thing About You?

I like to think the quirkiest thing about me is my ability to remember lines from movies having only seen them once. I don’t know why but movie lines just stick in my head for some reason! I can almost mouth along with every single episode of FRIENDS I have seen them so many times! I can also identify an actors voice from commercials and stuff. Its a weird little talent but I cant help it!

  • Are You  A Morning Or Evening Person?

In all honesty Im a bit of both. If I get up early enough and put on a nice casual outfit and get straight to whatever I have to do I feel good and feel like I have achieved something before the afternoon even starts which frees up the rest of my day and i dont feel as tired. I think that when I get up late like 11 its about 1 o clock before my day starts properly and then Im tired around 3 o clock and then I wake up in the evening so I just end up in the cycle of being tired at ridiculous times. Like when I go to work at 2 o clock Im so tired by about half 3. I do like to just sit in the evenings and watch a movie and relax on my bed though.

  • What Would you Describe As Your Best Quality?

My best quality I like to think is that I never judge a book by its cover and I like to see the best in people. I try not to automatically judge someone (I think we all have a tendency to judge someone in a moment before we get to know them) so I like to think that everyone is a nice person and is a good soul. I always make an effort to be nice to people also because as the saying goes “Better to be the one who smiled than the one who doesn’t smile back” so its just nice to be nice.

  • Whats The Precious Thing In Your Closet?

The most precious thing in my wardrobe isn’t actually clothing its actually a piece of jewellery that my nan gave me years and years ago and its a pink diamond necklace with a silver chain. I just love it so much that I only ever wear it on really special occasions and it is one of my favourite things in the world. Its one of my favourite things because its from one of my favourite people.

  • Where Do You Get Your Inspiration To Blog From?

I get my inspiration to blog from different bloggers really. I have always seen other blogs and profiles and wanted to have my own little profile that I could call my own and work on myself. I started getting into fashion when I was about 12 I started designing and creating outfits and seeing all the different looks and then I went off it for a while and had my weird fashion phase (It was mainly a hoodie and runners with skinny jeans) but then I found my style and started to get into it again. I made my decision to start an actual blog in Galway because I wanted a way to share all my fashion projects and thoughts with people. I had also seen a few fashion blogs and though to myself “Maybe I can do this” and after a while and some thinking I decided to give it a go. Im really happy I did because even though I am still learning and I still have a good way to go I feel like this is something I can do and frankly it makes me happy.

So that is all the questions asked by Elsie and I hope you enjoyed this post. I would like to thank Elise for asking me to take part and talk to you again guys!

Ever Yours



Social Media Scene

Social MediaAfternoon everybody I hope you’re all enjoying you’re Sunday wherever you are in the world and that its as sunny and bright as it is where I am in Kerry! Todays post is about my favourite social media sites and why I like them so much so I hope you all enjoy it!

Evanna Lily SnapchatFirst up is my new Snapchat which I set up yesterday so I hope you all get adding! I have my own personal snapchat for my friends and family anyway but I decided over the last week to set one up for the blog as well so I can share things with you right in the moment instead of taking a million photos and just uploading them to Instagram later. I’m planning on using snapchat to create day to day stories of my daily outfits and let you know a bit more about what I’m up to during the day. Snapchat is such a handy app because it allows you to connect with people and share a moment with them exactly when it happens. So I hope you all get involved and enjoy my stories!


evanna lily instagram


Instagram is an app that I just love. Its a great way of sharing photos with people all over the world simply by using a hashtag. It has a range of 20 different filters to edit your photo and all the setting to change the lighting, colour, shadows, highlights, sharpness etc and it can really make your photos amazing. When writing a description for your photo you add a hashtag of the subject your photo is about and when people search that hashtag then your photo comes up! I use Instagram for my personal life and for the blog so everyone can see my fashion related posts and then for personal things like family photos I have them on my personal instagram which is on private. You have the option of having your profile on public (so everyone in the world can see them) or on private (only for people you approve to follow you). I would say if you just want a personal account just to share with friends then put your profile on private but literally anyone can screenshot your photos and you will never know. You do get the spam accounts commenting on your photos but when that happens I just go back and delete them later! I basically use this app just to boost my posts and let you all know what Im up to and the filters are great for enhancing a photo. So if you’re not following them do give a follow!

PinterestEvanna Lily Pinterest


Another great app and site is Pinterest. Pinterest is so handy for finding things and personally I think it finds more than google images a majority of the time! I have to admit I dont keep up with this app as much as others but I love it for finding images. I use it to find quotes, outfits, home decor, jewellery etc literally everything you could ever search for is on Pinterest. For anyone that doesn’t know how Pinterest works you basically create mood boards online. You have a board for example Spring In My Step and you can search for Spring Outfits and pin them to your board so they are all saved in there for you to look at whenever you want. I have a few boards besides these for Summer Outfits, Home Decor, Quotes, Hair, Nails, Shoes and Dresses. You also have the option of having private boards so for example if you were planning a wedding or something and you didn’t want everyone to see this board then you can change it to private and keep all your ideas and inspiration pins in this board and only you can see it. You can have as many boards as you want on public or private and add as many pins as you want to any of them! I love it for quotes because it is just filled with loads of amazing quotes and they are a weakness of mine I just love inspiring quotes.


evanna lily tumblrTumblr is one of my oldest online accounts. Tumblr is a blogging site where you can repost photos, articles, quotes etc to your profile and have a mix of other peoples posts and your own on one site. I love my Tumblr profile because you can link it to your WordPress blog and Instagram so all my Instagram photos go straight to this page when I post and same with my blog posts. I use it to find a majority of my outfit photos from the albums on my Pinterest and my Facebook page. Its great for just gathering loads of interesting photos and inspiration for projects and updating my Facebook albums. There are also loads of different layouts and options for your profile layout for example you can let people ask you questions and you can respond and it shows on your profile. It can be kind of addictive as well I remember days off in college you could sit there for a good long while just re-blogging loads and loads of photos! Im almost at 200 followers so thank you all for following and keep sharing!

I hope you all enjoyed todays post and any questions let me know! Remember to use social media responsibly because once its on the internet you can never erase it and never use it to attack others.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone

Ever Yours



Summer Shopping

Holiday Quote


Afternoon everyone! Todays post is about some of the new pieces I have bought to update my summer wardrobe and to have for my holiday later in the year which I am so excited about! When it comes to things like this its so handy to have my work discount so I can get so many things from the store and online just by going to work! So here are a few things I have picked up lately.

white sleeveless jacketwhite sleeveless jacketwhite sleeveless jacket


This White Sleeveless Jacket came into the store about a week ago and I just had to have it. Its similar to my Camel Coloured Cameo Rose Sleeveless Jacket but this is the Newlook version. It is so classy because its white but you can dress it down really easily just over jeans white sneakers. It has a side split detail on both sides at the end too which really cool. Its really comfortable as well because its a Polyester and Elastane mix where as the cameo rose one is a more textured version and feels that tiny bit rougher but I still love them both and cant wait to shoot some outfit creations with these!



I spotted this Neon White bikini on Misguided a while ago and after a bit of deliberating I decided to get it. I dont normally order swimwear online because my size varies between an eight and a six on the top so I have to try them on but this one is so nice. The top is a tad too big and Im past the point of returning it so Im going to try and alter it a bit but its so nice on. The top is a front zip up top so theres no clasp or anything at the back which is kinda handy because some bikini tops you really have to fiddle with the clasp because its a weird twisty sideways slide clasp (Hate those) but this is just an easy front zip.

black jumpsuitblack jumpsuit


I bought this Plain Black Jumpsuit from work about two days ago because i had my eye on it for a while but I just could not make my mind up on it. Im usually a bit wary of jumpsuits because Im not the tallest standing at a total of 5 foot 1 Inches so the legs are normally way too long and the waist is in the wrong place but this one didn’t disappoint me. The legs are a bit long but if I roll them up a bit they are perfect. The straps are adjustable on this one as well which is so handy because then you can alter them to the right length for you and it alters the waist a bit  as well because it gives more room depending on how you have the straps because the back lowers as the straps get longer.

Parisian PlaysuitParisian Playsuit

Parisian PlaysuitParisian PlaysuitParisian PlaysuitParisian PlaysuitParisian Playsuit


Lastly this is one of my favourite buys from work over the last few weeks. You may have seen my preview photo on my Instagram about a week ago of the label but here is the full thing and I am so excited to play around with my playsuit! This playsuit is from the Parisian Collection which features on the Newlook website and I just fell in love with it when I saw it. I just adore the neon embroidery against the white. Its a really elegant piece and I have already started to create a few look with it and my favourite one so far is with my white court shoes. It has the pretty embroidery all over it in small forms like along the bottom of the legs, on the pockets, down the neckline and has the cute bobble detail along the neckline, sleeves and legs.  I just love it so much! Its also available in Black with orange embroidery on the Newlook website last time I looked.

I hope you all enjoyed todays post and have a good weekend everyone!

Ever Yours



Hair Happy

e39b647adb22df2a0934a82528cb4bc7Afternoon everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and aren’t too depressed about tomorrow being Monday. Here is a bit of Sunday reading for you and todays post is all about my new hair colour!

For anyone that follows my Instagram you will have seen a photo of my new colour but for those of you who haven’t got Instagram here is a post with some details! So a while ago I posted a few photos of what colour I was crushing on (You can see Colour Crushes by searching in the search bar) and I finally went for it! I based my look on a colour that Cheryl Cole (Cheryl cole or Cheryl Fernandez Versini?) had a good while ago and I love it so much. I went to my usual place as its the only one I trust and my mum is a regular there too called Sean Taaffe’s and I had a really nice hairdresser named Ruth who was so helpful with the colour and explaining what effect the colour would have. She explained that because I have dark roots then colour would get lighter at the ends and that there would be natural lighter parts due to my natural highlights underneath. For anyone near Killarney/Killorglin/Tralee here is a link to the website. Sean Taaffe has just won a few awards for their hairdressing skills including  National Salon Of The Year, Munster Salon Of The Year and the Customer Care Award so congratulations to them!

Here is a few photos I took when I got home and I hope you guys like as much as I do!










So thats my main news from the last couple of days! I hope you are enjoying the weekend and that the weather is as nice where you are as it is here in Kerry!

Ever Yours




Anniversaries and Easter Eggs

growing old

Good afternoon everyone sorry for the silence lately but I have just been busy at work and enjoying a few things that Im going to tell you about in this post!

Last Friday was my Grandparents 61st Wedding Anniversary (Sixty One whole years!!) and to celebrate this we went for a lunch at The Europe Hotel And Spa in Killarney and had a nice lunch before I headed off to work. It is actually amazing that two people have been together for sixty one years and still have fun. They are such an inspiration and I can only pray that I could find someone to put up with me for that amount of time and still want to be around me everyday! As I said we went for a nice meal in The Europe Hotel and it is one of my favourite places in Killarney. I had two birthday dinners in there and the food is so good. The views are stunning and the hotel itself is just amazing. Here are a couple photos from the day!






I was so glad that I finally got to wear my Cameo Rose Sleeveless Jacket out and about! I kept my outfit and look pretty simple as I was going to work afterwards so just a change of shoes and a cardigan and I was good to go! As you can see I went for a steak and chips and I struggled to finish it let me tell you but at least I was nice and full for work so I definitely did not get hungry half way through my shift! The decor in the hotel is so nice. Its like rustic/modern with the wood and horn chandelier but with the modern lamps and chairs. The first hotel photo is of the lounge and I didn’t even get the view from the window wall at the end but if you have a scroll through my posts there is definitely some photos of the view from previous posts! The second hotel photo has a peak at the view of The Lakes of Killarney and is actually the stairs leading to the Spa (I haven’t used it yet but it definitely something I need to do!) and the little mirror disks are really cool.



So obviously last Sunday was Easter Sunday and I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend and enjoyed all your chocolates! I was working that day so I didn’t get any Easter Egg until I got home but my mum didn’t disappoint with a Lindt egg and gold bunny! I haven’t started it yet because Im really weird with chocolates I like to save them for a really good movie night or for when I watch a show like Keeping Up With The Kardashians which is only once a week so its like a little treat to myself (I sound like such a weirdo but I cant be the only one who does this?) so Im just saving it for a while! When its Easter my mum likes to do a little bit of decoration just for when people come over theres like a little display and she always gets a branch from outside and hangs these little decorated plastic eggs on them and puts it in a vase. She added daffodils this year as well because they are all in bloom at the moment!







So thats my week really and I hope that you are all looking forward to the weekend. Im having my hair done tomorrow so be on the look out for a post about it! Also I am thinking about setting up a snapchat account for the blog so you can all see what Im doing right then and there instead of just Instagramming it later on so let me know if this is something you would be interested in!

Ever Yours




Happy Easter Bunnies


I just wanted to say Happy Easter Sunday everyone! I am instantly going to apologise for this GIF is you are off chocolate or don’t celebrate easter but I couldn’t help myself! I hope you are all spoilt with chocolate and don’t feel too guilty about the amount you eat because after all this day is officially a day dedicated to chocolate so it would be rude to only eat a little! Incase none of you know I do have a bit of a sweet tooth so no doubt I will eating chocolate all day like the rest of you (goodbye summer body!) although to be honest Im always eating some form of it most days anyway! After today Im sure a lot of us will resemble this little easter bunny!



I hope you all enjoy the day whatever you get up to and don’t feel too guilty about all the easter eggs! Remember to follow my Instagram for updates on my day and see what Im up to today and use the hashtag #evannalily with your photos if you want me to see any looks or outfits you have put together for any occasion or to let me know if you have created a look from the blog!

Happy Easter Bunnies


Beach Please



Afternoon guys! I hope the week is treating you well and the weather is not as windy and rainy as where I am. Speaking of weather it has a lot to do with todays post as its all about swimwear!

My family and I have booked a holiday at the end of August in sunny Spain and I seriously need to update my holiday wardrobe. From swimwear to holiday clothes so Im doing some major browsing over the next few weeks to get it all sorted! I have taken the time to create a few collages for you guys in some swimwear looks and I hope you enjoy them!

Newlook Swimwear


Newlook Swimwear – Lilac Moulded Triangle Bikini//Blue Gem Embellished T-Bar Sandals//Black Chain Trim Cat Eye Sunglasses//White Flounce Lace Waterfall Kimono

This collage is all Newlook pieces and is a simple look for laying on the beach just relaxing. The bikini is such a nice colour and the white kimono is perfect for just covering up for a stroll along the shore line. The sandals and sunglasses are perfect accessories to add a little bit of glitz without having to wear jewellery! All of these are available on the site and inspires!

Topshopw swimwear


Topshop Swimwear – Mixed Scale High Neck Bikini//Mesh Power Tote//Floppy Felt Hat//Harbour Toe Post Strappy Sandals

This collage is all about Topshop’s stock at the moment and is a pretty cool and on trend look for beachwear. I love the pattern ad style of the bikini because its a really on trend style with the high neck and the pattern. The accessories are white to match in with the grid pattern. The hat is a cool piece to have as they are really in at the moment and can be worn with anything. The bag and sandals are pretty chic looking too so it adds some glamour to your look if you want to remain a stylish chica on vacation. Again all these are on!


Choies Black Strappy Halter Triangle Swimsuit//Ashley Stewart Metallic Chevron Print Beach Bag//Boohoo Freya Statement Coin Tribal Necklace//Mango Acetate Frame Sunglasses

This last collage is a mixture of Choies, Boohoo and and Mango and I think makes such a cool poolside look. This swimsuit is so cool with the cutouts and shape and looks really expensive (its not!) and with all these pieces together you have a killer look. The necklace is so on trend because theres loads of layered, gold, tribal accessories coming in for summer and it goes perfect with this look. The bag and sunglasses match and gold obviously makes things look a bit more expensive than they are so they are really useful colours to have. If you just put a white kimono and black wedges with this you could be in a photoshoot!

I hope you guys all enjoyed todays post and found some inspiration from it for your holiday shopping (it seems weird to be looking at beachwear when the wind is howling outside and the rain is pouring down!) and if you have any questions ask away!

Ever Yours



Colour Crushes

1ffd0cbed6830d125d09db1ec9fe04a4Hey everybody I hope your week went well and that your coffee is strong this Monday! Todays post is another hair related post and its just all about the colours and styles Im crushing on at the moment. To be honest I am slightly bored with my hair because it has been the same for quite a while now with a side fringe, long, straight and dark brunette and I feel like a little change is order! I am so scared of doing anything with my hair though because I dont want it to end up looking awful and I cant have it changed every other day! Im not Kim Kardashian! (Who’s recent hair colour I definitely will not be trying out!)

First up we have a colour that I tried out briefly last year and I might try it out again and its dark cherry. The last time I dyed my hair this colour I just dyed it at home instead of going to the hairdresser and I would like to have it done properly so that its more noticeable. When I did it myself (I was a student I couldn’t afford the hairdresser!) it was just me and my housemate working off the instructions and I dont think I left it in long enough! Anyway here are some people who definitely can pull it off!


Selena Gomez

Hair Colour


Another thing I want to try but I dont think I ever will is a wavy mid length bob. I was thinking about it for a few weeks around the start of February but I dont think I would be able to deal with it! Last time I got my hair cut it felt so short even though it wasn’t so I think I am definitely a person who needs long hair!

10981507_637109409727887_371492101766452891_n10995889_637109163061245_8895430664579008555_n10981867_637108943061267_2831686940439415569_nLastly I would love to go blonde at some point in my life. Not like a bleach blonde or really light blonde but an almost brown blonde (I will admit right now I am not down with the hair colour chart lingo!) but I think I would like to try it just to go in the complete opposite direction of my natural colour! Just to see what its like and do something completely different.




I am also considering some extensions just to add some volume and a little extra length to my natural look. I would literally kill for Michelle Keegan’s hair!


So thats my post for today and I hope you guys all enjoyed it and who knows I may opt for the blonde a bit earlier than I say! Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions on colours or styles.

Ever Yours




Al Natural



Afternoon everybody! Todays post is another hair care post but not exactly about products or routine. So the other night I posted a photo to my Instagram of my hair natural and you guys just went mad over it! Some of you even left some comments saying how nice it was so thank you! So todays post is about that but in more detail.



From a couple hair care posts you all know my hair is naturally curly but I have a slight obsession with my straightener but for the last few days I have left it alone and I have to say the end result isn’t as bad as I thought it would be! From my last hair care post (Good Hair Day) you all know that I use a couple of heat sprays and straighten my hair a lot but lately my hair has a had a break from all of these things. Heres my reasons why Im going against my routine:

  • I have run out of Volume Heat Spray
  • My Hairdryer is broken
  • I want to change up my look a little.

Thats it. My whole list of reasons! Basically a couple days ago my hairdryer started to overheat and this insane orange light was coming out of it but lately it just doesn’t get hot anymore so I think its time to start looking for a replacement! Its sort of a good thing because when my hair is towel dried after I finish washing it the curls are really nice but as soon as I blow dry them they just go frizzy! So with my hairdryer entering retirement stage I only use the lowest heat setting to sort of finish off the drying stage and then the curls are still there but not mad frizzy! After my hair is dry I just twist the left and right side individually and then twist them together at the back and tie it into a bun and leave it for as long as possible. I normally wash my hair in the evening so its clean for work the next day so maybe two/three hours tied up. It just helps the curls set in.

The end result is just my natural curls that had a little help and I can do anything with it. When I put my curly hair into a bun it works so much better than the straight hair because it has more body and so stays the way it is where as the straight hair in a bun just falls normally. Here is the end result!



So thats todays post on a little hair care trick! I hope you guys enjoyed it and are looking forward to Friday tomorrow! This week went so fast or is it just me that thinks that? Hope you are all enjoying your week!

Ever Yours




Keeping Up With Khaki

khaki and print


Hey everybody todays post is one I haven’t done in a while and its about Khaki. I have noticed that recently theres a lot of khakis and green coming into the store where I work so I thought I would do a post on the many ways you can keep up with the khaki this season! First up I have gathered a few pieces from which show off exactly how you can wear khaki. I have two tops and dress and they’re all different styles.

Khaki Sleevless Turtle Neck Top - PLTKhaki Split Sleeve Roll Neck Crop Top - PLTkhaki Chiffon Scallop Trim Midi Dress - PLT

So first up we have the Sleeveless Turtle Neck top and as sleeveless/high neck pieces are coming in this is dead on trend with colour and style. Its perfect for casual looks and adding colour to a look. The second is the Split Sleeve Roll Neck Crop Top which is great if you are a little edgy with your style and like things that are on trend but not the same as every other piece. It would be great for a night out with jeans or a skirt. Lastly we have the Chiffon Scallop Trim Midi Dress which I think is gorgeous. Its really simple and easy to dress up with accessories. Its a really nice style and would be perfect for summer occasions like garden parties for example.

333421734D1Anita and green Khaki Embellished Collar Shirt Jumer-NLKhaki Jersey Pocket Ffront Sleeveless Midi Dress- NLParisian Khaki Soft Belted Utility Trousers - NL

These are all really versatile pieces from and are easy to style. First up is the Double Pocket Front Tie Waist Midi Shirt Dress which I styled in my window display post (see The Window Look in my Work Diary Category) which is actually so easy to dress up or down. Literally a wedge sandal can make this dress ready to wear for meeting for a coffee in town or going to a semi formal dinner.  The second is an Embellished Collared Jumper which is great for this time of year when its Spring but its not that warm yet so snuggling up in a jumper is still an option! Third we have the Jersey Pocket Front Sleeveless Midi Dress which I think is really sweet because its so simple but not dull. Some jewellery will make this piece really stand out or just some flats to keep it casual. Lastly we have the Soft Belted Utility Trousers which are really in style at the moment. All these sort of fabric trousers with the elasticated ankles and tie up waist are in and are easy to dress up. They are comfortable as well because they aren’t too tight and its nice to take a break from jeans now and again!

I hope you all enjoyed todays post and found some inspiration. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday and speak to you soon!

Ever Yours