Christmas Party Princess

Good afternoon everybody I hope you are enjoying your Friday! Im off work today but I am on everyday next week and its Christmas so Evanna Lily will probably get a bit quiet but make sure to follow my Instagram @evannalily for updates and to see what fashion this Christmas has in store for me! As Christmas day is only 6 days away (excitement is starting to kick in!) I am just doing a Christmas outfit post for you guys to get some inspiration for Christmas day if you’re not fully prepared yet! Im going to pick out three dresses from three different stores and add a few accessories on how to wear them. First up is with three of my favourite party wear dresses on their website.

Zelma Satin Cami Dress with belt in bluePhillippa lace layered midi dress in whiteLara Love Cold Shoulder Pleated Dress in Blue

Zelma Satin Cami Dress with belt, Philippa Lace Layered Dress, Lara Love Cold Shoulder Dress

I love the look of these three dresses and they’re all at really good prices! They’re a bit different from the normal Christmas colours too with reds and greens and I think the blue colours are gorgeous because they are a bit like the ice blue colours of Winter. the white lace crochet is also stunning because it has so much detail and is so elegant like a snowflake is. (I sound really corny right now but thats just my opinion as it christmas theres snow and white is a popular colour!).

Next up we have Miss Selfridge and some gold tone skirts!

Nude 2 Tone Sequin Pencil Skirt - as seen in LOOKSilver Ombre Sequin Midi SkirtShimmer Skirt

Nude 2 Tone Sequin Pencil Skirt, Silver Ombre Sequin Midi Skirt, Shimmer Midi Skirt

Another popular colour at Christmas is Gold but too much can go very wrong when dressing up. I found these gorgeous pencil and midi skirts on and I think they are perfect for this time of year. They aren’t too crazy or too bland and are so easy to dress up. The pencil skirt has a gold/nude tone in it so it doesn’t really need anything drastic to dress it up. The second skirt I have used before in a polyvore post in my Outfit Inspiration category so you can search that post to see how it can be styled! The third skirt is so pretty because it can go with anything. Black, white, cream, red, and its not too bright or too dark a colour.

Lastly we have with two maxi dresses and a skater dress!

Ralona Red Lace Maxi Dress with double splitRain Slouchy Skater Dress Petrol BlueYolanda Chiffon Maxi Dress Ice Blue

Ralona Red Lace Maxi Dress, Rain Slouchy Skater Dress, Yolanda Chiffon Maxi Dress

These three dresses are more towards the Christmas colours. The red maxi dress is gorgeous and has a double split with such pretty detail on the bust. The skater dress is in Petrol Blue and is more for the casual people but you can dress it up so easily with heels and jewellery so it can go from tights, boots and a beanie hat to statement necklace and court shoe heels. The last one maybe suited to taller people as Im only 5ft 2inches myself I dont think I could get away with it but I have a few tall friends who would! Its colour description is Ice Blue so its perfect for this season!

Here is a few shoes I found online at Missguided that would go with any of these pieces I have selected.

Missguided Selena Pointed Toe Court ShoeBarely There strapy heelmgktaw14t005_red_003_5


Selena Pointed Toe Court Shoes Silver Glitter Heels –

Barely There Strappy Heeled Sandals in Black –

Kylie Cut Out Heeled Sandals – 

 I hope this gives you all a little inspiration or idea for your Christmas look this year and that you are all ready and excited for Christmas! I will have a little end of year post scheduled for New Years Eve as well about how things have changed (Dont worry it won’t be a million miles long just a paragraph or two!) in the last year.

For now Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year in advance!

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Beauty Sleep In Style

Hello everybody I hope you are all well and are having a good week! Christmas is nearly upon us so I hope you are all prepared and aren’t stressing too much about gifts, guests and your looks for the all the parties! Todays post is another feature post all about Beauty Sleep and a Pinterest challenge held by who are based in New York. Their Mattresses are online and can be delivered to your doorstop in a mini fridge size box despite the size you have ordered! (Its true Ashton Kutcher tweeted a photo of his delivery on his doorstep!) They are having a contest on their Pinterest page to celebrate January 3rd being The Festival Of Sleep (why is that not everyday?) featuring different styles of beauty sleep and your looks for a good nights sleep!

So first of all I will tell you a little bit about! Casper make quality, comfortable mattresses for a good cosy nights sleep with their special made mattress using the most comfortable materials which support you and ensure a good nights sleep. They are based in New York and are a start up company and already have customers like Ashton Kutcher as I mentioned and are really taking off! You can shop their mattress range here by clicking the link https://casper/mattresses


I have done some shopping around for some of the most fashionable and affordable nightwear online so here are my favourites

Debbie Lace Trim Crop & Shorts Set Lea Donut tshirt and grey marl jogger lounge setWillow Flawless Tshirt and Runner Short Set

These nightwear sets from are so cute and fun without being childish or overly sexy. This Debbie Shell Pink Lace Trim Contrast Shorts and Top are really pretty and cute and are perfect for summer nights when the weather is warmer and if you wanted to you could wear the shorts during the day to the beach or the top as a crop top! Its the same with the third set Willow Flawless Tshirt and Runner Short Set the top can be worn as an everyday top as well as a pyjama top. I like the Flawless word on it as well because why not feel like Beyonce going to bed instead of just during the day? (Be your own Beyonce ladies!). The middle set called Lea Donut Tshirt And Grey Marl Jogger Lounge Set is a bit more practical at the moment with actual trousers instead of shorts for the colder weather and its not boring or childish. Its perfect for a cosy night in.

Some people like to have other night pieces like an eye mask, earplugs, slipper socks etc for a good cosy night of beauty sleep so here are a few things I found online.


Face Mask , Minus 417 Facial Night Cream, Slipper Socks.

Everyone always has a routine they do before they go to bed wether it be drinking a healthy tea before going to sleep, reading a book, yoga etc etc everyone has a different one! I personally have developed a little routine since living in Galway and it goes like this:

  • 30-60 minute workout
  • A cup of Camomile tea
  • Remove my make up
  • Change into nightwear and bed.

It sounds bit short but its just simple everyday things I do. The most important thing for me is to remove my make up because otherwise your skin will dry out with the make up still on while you sleep and then you wake up the next morning with an obviously dry face and a weird make up look.



I always use my Garnier Cleansing Water to remove my make up as is it gentle and doesn’t require rinsing or washing and does the job just right! I did a post on this a while ago and you can find it by searching Garnier Cleansing Water Review in the search bar on the blog! You should always emote your make up at night to have a fresh and clean face in the morning. You also don’t end up with make up marks on your sheets! I always moisturise before going to bed as well just to make sure my skin is staying hydrated. I use Vaseline Moisturiser Cocoa Butter scent. I use this in the morning too just ensure all day moisture.

The camomile tea is so relaxing before you go to bed. Because it doesn’t contain caffeine you aren’t getting energy before you go to sleep and it doesn’t make you need the bathroom like normal tea does at night. I drank it religiously every day in Galway to try and be a bit healthier and some people think it tastes odd but I like it. The nicest one I find is Twining’s Camomile Tea. 

Bedroom Corner

Everyone has their own little nighttime routine and thats just a little description of mine! The best thing about a good nights sleep if your bed. If you have a good mattress, nice sheets and fluffy pillows then you are good to go! My favourite good nights sleep is when you have fresh washed bed sheets on your bed because they are all fluffy and clean. My bed in Galway wasn’t the best to be honest I had a really creaky mattress and the springs were broken in it! (I dont think I want to know how it happened!) so it was a bit uncomfortable! Your bed definitely makes a difference to how you sleep. I only have a single bed myself and Im used to it so whenever I end up in a double bed its so nice to have loads of space. If your mattress isn’t right then it can play havoc with your back. Some people like hard mattress and other can’t stand them but the main thing is that you are comfortable and its not affecting you. So these mattresses from will be well worth a look at if you are thinking of getting a new one!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I hope you all found a little inspiration for you bed time routine! If you have questions about any products in the post then please ask me! Dont forget you can ask me any questions or advice you like on my Tumblr page and via my email address in my contacts page. Make sure to take a look at and look out for their competition over on Pinterest!

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Miss Selfridge Sparkle

Miss Selfridge Sparkle
Here is todays outfit inspiration post for you guys featuring yesterdays Miss Selfridge silver sequin midi skirt! I spotted this yesterday for my small outfit post in my Invaluable post and I love it. Its perfect for Christmas with its sparkle detail and because its a midi skirt its a nice shape and fit. Especially if you’re looking for a sparkly dress or look for christmas without getting something too short or too long. I have put this silver shine camisole top, also from Miss Selfridge, instead of the black top I used yesterday I think the white goes better because its less heavy with the sequins colour. These shoes from go perfectly because they have the embellishment detail which is different from a plain black shoe and balances it out. The jewellery is a bit different too because I went for gold based pieces to match the top of the skirt and the gold clutch bag. I like the aqua colours in them as well because they add a pop of colour and go really well with the sparkle of the skirt. The watch is white which ties in with the white camisole top. The make up I have kept simple and matched it with the watch. I know that sounds a bit odd but the face of the watch is a rose pink colour so I think that pale pink lipstick and liner are best for this outfit. I think nude lips dont stand out enough and red is too much never mind getting to darker colours! This hairstyle is gorgeous for this look too because its a classic look and its simple but pretty.
I hope you found some Christmas inspiration with this post and I hope you are prepared for Christmas and not stressing too much!
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Find Time at

Hey Everybody I hope you are all having a good week! I have been dying of a cold the last three days so I have literally been sneezing every two minutes any on top of that my new workout routine has destroyed my muscles so Im not even human at this point Im just an aching sneezing shell! Anyway this post is another post that is to do with a particular website and this is one is called and they are a live auction website that I came across recently!


Owning five watches myself and always involving them in my outfit posts for you guys I said yes and here it is! To start off I will give you guys just a quick introduction as to what are all about. Invaluable are online auction website that have a wide range of antiques, collectables, arts and even estate sales. You can sign up to find items that you are collecting or just to see what is there. They have online bidding so you can state your price for an item and go from there!



So as I stated earlier I have five watches myself and compared to my past history thats not many! I love a nice watch. They are such a simple thing for finishing an outfit off. My five are two pink, two gold and one silver because then I have a pair for every occasion! I fell in love with watches in Primary School when I got my first wrist watch which was a denim strap with a purple face and I wore this and the same four bracelets religiously for five years until I started secondary school when the strap was all frayed and needed replacing. Around this time my nanny bought me a really pretty watch for my birthday and every year we would go into town and get a new one for two or three years so I had a bit of a collection going! My latest five are a mixture of Newlook and Asos and then my little silver square watch was one my nanny found in town one day just sitting in the pavement and she brought it home and gave it to me. If you follow my Instagram you will have seen all of these watches at some point or another. I basically can’t go out without wearing a watch.

A watch is such a simple or extravagant thing which can make any outfit complete. You have such a wide variety of styles, sizes, shapes, colours, makes, materials, features, designs, functions, the list goes on and on. I know I haven’t done any Polyvore posts in a little while but if you look at a few of them in my Outfit Inspiration Category you will notice that I have a watch in virtually every post because they really are just the piece that sums up an outfit and ties in all the jewellery pieces together. Here are two I found on the Invaluable website. You can also shop the pieces by clicking the link here

Gents Rolex Yellow Gold Oyster Perpetual Daydate Watch

Gentlemens Rolex Yellow Gold Oyster Perpetual Daydate

Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin Silver Mens Watch

I have chosen two mens watches here and I will explain why I have chosen a mens watch for this piece. In the email that was sent to me by the people at there was a line that said “I personally love a mens watch on a females figure” and I agree. I think that because we have boyfriend coats, boyfriend jeans etc etc why not wear a mens watch as well! I think it is a really cool statement piece to have a simple outfit with a slightly oversized mens watch on your wrist just to switch it up a little bit. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your accessories!

Here is just a little outfit inspiration idea for one way to wear these beautiful watches

Black Ribbed Panel One Shoulder Top

Black Ribbed Paneled One Shoulder Top –

Miss Selfridge Sequin Midi Skirt, Silver

Silver Sequin Midi Skirt – Miss Selfridge

Boohoo ALexis Embellished Pointed Court Shoe

Alexis Embellished Pointed Court Shoe – 

This look is perfect for christmas and wearing one of these watches because it features both of these watches colours and has christmas sparkle! This gorgeous sequin skirt from Miss Selfridge brine the outfit to life with its all over sequins and its elegance. The watches go perfectly with this piece because they too stand out with their gold and silver colours and against the black of the top and the little extra sparkle on the shoes they are sure to stand out making you the brightest star at the Christmas party! (I know that sounds really corny but is true!). Especially since these watches are mens watches they are sure to catch the eye on a female wrist. I will do a polyvore post on this look tomorrow in full so you can all get a better idea on how to wear this look!

This I hope you all enjoyed todays post in association with and found some inspiration on how to fashionably time keep during the day! I hope you are all well and as for me Im back to my blanket!

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This Weeks Must Haves

Hello everybody I hope you are having a good week so far and are all getting prepared for Christmas (yes I used the C word) and the New Year. This post is just a quick post about my these items I found on the website yesterday and I think after my little browse my bank balance may be in danger.

Black Waffle Textured Balloon Midi Skater Skirt

Black Waffle Textured Balloon Midi Skater Skirt

Black Grid Check Pencil Skirt

Black Grid Check Pencil SkirtBlack Premium Strappy Diamond Emellished Playsuit

Black Premium Strappy Diamond Embellished Playsuit

First up out of my two categories for this post are these two skirts and this playsuit. This first skirt is just gorgeous. Its called Black Waffle Textured Balloon Midi Skater Skirt and its is just stunning. It was definitely love at first sight and I am seriously holding myself back from buying it so much! I think it would be perfect for an evening occasion or anything you wanted really. Im not particularly mad on skirts so when I find a skirt I absolutely love I know its perfect!

The next skirt called Black Grid Check Pencil Skirt is also really nice. I bought a top yesterday before working which is the exact same as this skirt and I think it would be nice to have them as a set and keep them together like they belong (I know I sound mad but when you have co-ordinates you have to have the other half). Its also different from just a plain black pencil skirt that everyone wears at some point in their life either to work, dress up, occasion, etc etc.

The third item is the Black Strappy Diamond Embellished Playsuit which I love because its so chic and sophisticated without being too loud or out there. It is just so elegant looking and would suit any type of occasion. Just out on a kimono, fur coat, cropped jacket, coat and you are good to go!

White Cut Out Pointed Boots

White Cutout Pointed Boots

Black Studded Double T-Bar Strap Pointed Heels

Black Studded Double T-Bar Strap Pointed Heels

Stone Patent Multi Strap Studded Pointed Heels

Stone Patent Multi Strap Studded Pointed Heels

Here is where I have a major problem going on because I am having an internal battle as to which ones I should get and I honestly love all three equally and don’t know what to do (Let me know what you think I should do!). The first pair are a pair of cut out boots and I think they are really cool and a bit different so they would stand out a bit more. I don’t own a pair of white boots and the only pairs I do own are my frequently worn tan chelsea boots and my black heeled ones on nights out so I think these would make a change!

These next two are to die for. These black ones are just gorgeous and so chic and they look like a designer pair of heels and really expensive but not anywhere near the designer price tag! I love the double straps and studs because they are different from a regular ankle strap sandal heel which were very in this year and they are just really chic.

The second pair are the exact same as the black but in a nude/stone colour. I figure that you should always have black shoes so they go with everything, nude shoes to break up the black and white shoes to add glamour to a look and other colours just happen to make their way into your wardrobe. So these shoes are available in black and stone/nude and I want them both so badly!

If you guys have any advice or ones that you like more than the rest let me know because I love hearing from you all! I am also preparing a few posts later in the week that feature particular websites that got in touch but more on that later! I will speak to you soon and I hope you all enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!

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Black Friday Favourites

Hey everyone I hope you are all having a good start to the weekend and if not then I hope this post helps a little! Black Friday was yesterday officially but some online stores are keeping it going for the weekend so I thought I would share some of Black Friday favourite pieces from my online clothing shops list. (I have a list of about thirteen places above my desk please tell me someone else does this too?!) First up we have with a 30% Discount and Free Delivery for the weekend on certain things so here are my favourite three pieces.

Promotion Code: FREEDEL

Claire Strappy Back Maxi DressBillie Turtle Neck Sleeveless Midi Bodycon DressLoren Distressed Rip Knee Skinny Jeans


Here we have the Claire Strappy Back Maxi Dress, Billie Turtle Neck Sleeveless Dress and Loren Distressed Rip Knee Skinny Jeans. These three pieces are demonstrating three different looks for you with the first being for possible a debs or special occasion, the second for maybe a night out or just a casual dinner and then the jeans you can wear anytime you like, whenever and wherever you want! The second dress comes in  four or five different colours including black, mocha and this burgundy.

Next up is which I only discovered a short time ago but its such a good site! They have loads of things that look kinda expensive but are actually really good prices! Their Black Friday discount ends on the 30th and they too have 30% off selected things. They also have 30% off for students anyway if you are in college and are looking for stuff throughout the year!

Promotion Code: WEEKENDER

Katrina Fringed 20'S Style Mini Dress in GoldJessenia Shaggy Fur gilet in blackKaty Boyfriend Jacket In Mint


These three things are so versatile and so unique! From left to right is Katrina Fringed 20’s Style Mini Dress in Gold, Jessenia Shaggy Fur Gilet in Black and Katy Boyfriend Jacket in Mint. This dress is so cool and my first thought when I saw it was Alesha Dixon – The Boy Does Nothing video! (If you don’t know it then listen to it its so catchy and the video involves a lot of dance moves in this sort of dress!). The fur gilet is so handy just to put on over a dress, jeans and a top, it goes with anything really! This jacket is also really nice because you can use it all year around and the colour is gorgeous!

Lastly we have with their 20% discount which ends at midnight on Sunday. I discovered this store at the start of the year and I love it. It has some really good stuff on it and they have good prices! So if you haven’t heard or seen it have a look now!

Promotion Code: BLACKFRI

Eleazar Black Fringe Detail Crop TopAshia Camal Trench CoatZina Wine Velvet Mini Dress

I love these three pieces! The first one is called Eleazar Black Fringe Detail Crop Top, the second is Ashia Camal Trench Coat and the third is Zina Wine Velvet Mini Dress. I think the dress is my favourite because its such a nice colour and its just really gorgeous. The crop top is really cool and is a bit edgy with the fringed sleeves which I like because I think it would go with a lot of different pieces. This coat is also gorgeous and if any of you saw my Christmas Wishlist post then you will know that I have a similar one from another store on there! I love how there is no detailing on it and its just a simple coat that you can dress however you want.

So thats my Black Friday favourites done and I hope you all found some bargains as well during the shopping craze! If not don’t worry there is still time because these three stores are all offering the discount over the weekend!

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Evanna Lily Look

Evanna Lily Look
Hey guys todays outfit post is called Evanna Lily Look and its basically about a look that I wear myself to work but with a few differences! So I use the jeans, top, cardigan, belt and bag to go to work in Newlook and I normally wear flat ankle boots as I am running around a lot but I decided to use these ankle boots with gold plated heels because I think they would be so cool with this just to dress it up a bit. I have had my eye on these boots for a good few weeks now and I am so tempted to get them! I normally wear a simple gold chain necklace with this look to add some gold detail to it and to match the belts buckle. I also wear the watch and my two midi rings that I bought during the summer (I cannot go anywhere without rings on!) but I chose these ones to add to the gold detail. The cardigan is super comfortable and goes with basically anything! The top and jeans are nice too. The top is a good fit and isn’t as skin tight or cropped as it looks and the jeans fit really well and are really comfortable! They are like a softer jean fabric so they have a little stretch in them. I thought the fedora hat could be cute just to put on on a Winters day and add to the look. The lipstick by is a colour I basically live in! Its called Tantalizing Taupe and is like an of nude colour so it goes really well with any look! All of these things are from and the stores that I have mentioned above!
Hope you are all enjoying your Friday and I hope you found some amazing deals this black friday!
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Rimmel London Lips

Hey everyone this is just a short post about a new product I picked up the other day and its part of the Kate Moss Lasting Finish lipstick collection for Rimmel London. I bought shade 30 and I can’t wait to use it! This is like a dark red colour almost near to a purple but its more of a burgundy shade. I am actually so happy with it because its exactly what I was looking for!


I have read a few things about this collection online and they have been good. A lot of people say that its a really creamy texture and aren’t too heavy or dry your lips out. This range has “Light reflecting black diamond and black mica for stay true colours with incredible depth and intensity” so basically its a long lasting colour with good colour! My work Christmas party is this week so Im planning on using it then so I will let you know afterwards of what I think of it!





Im going to have a couple of exciting posts up for you this week so stay tuned guys!

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Casual Boohoo Look

Casual Boohoo Look
Hello everyone I hope you are all having a good Tuesday! Here is todays outfit post which features all products and pieces to create an easy, casual look for Winter before all the snow, frost, ice and general Winter weather kicks in fully! Who doesn’t love a good knitwear piece? Whether its a chunky knit or not who doesn’t look forward to snuggling up in a warm cosy knit during Winter? I know I do! So this is one way to wear a knitwear piece but you can wear it a million different ways all through the year! I recently bought a cable knit cardigan which I am virtually living in the last few days! If you follow my instagram you will have seen this piece already. These boots are just amazing! I know they’re not exactly perfect for Winter with a massive chunky heel but for those of you who don’t get Winter like we do in Ireland these are perfect for you! Put on these frilled socks so the frill is just at the top of the boot and you have a cute little detail in your look. This look is going for a few darker colours for Winter like the jeans, the bag, the boots, the socks and the beanie but with the right accessories you can make it look like any time of the year. The gold and pearl accessories add some chic to it and the hat has jewel detailing which adds some bling to the look. I just added the travel cup for fun as I love a hot chocolate especially in Winter on the go so why not bring your own!
I hope you all enjoyed this look!
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