See You Soon

oceanHello everyone! This post is just an update to say that I won’t be posting for the next two weeks because I will be in sunny Spain and so won’t have the ability to post while I am there! Obviously you can keep up with me on my vacation by following my Snapchat @lilyatkinson_95 and following my instagram @evannalily and also my twitter @Lily_Atkinson95 where I will posting a few photos and sharing my holiday thoughts. As I am away I will not be responding to Emails until my return to apologies for anyone who wants to get in contact! I hope that you are all well and I will speak to you all soon but for now I will in the sun looking nothing like this Hayden Williams Illustration!Hayden Williams IllustrationsEver Yours



Newlook New AW15

Newlook Aw15


Good Afternoon everybody I hope your Tuesday is treating you well so far! Todays post is just on Newlook’s new AW15 collection and its really good! It has lots of tan, camel, burgundy and fringe! Above is a polyvore set of a few of the key pieces so head over to the website for this and more
So Newlook released its Autumn/Winter 2015 collection a couple days ago and its got some amazing pieces in it. Its got a seventies vibe to it and features all the on trend details like fringe, tans, a line skirts and also ankle boots which we are just starting to consider slipping back into for Autumn! The pointed boots in Image three are the ones I bought by the way and I absolutely love them! I think out of these three looks the first one featuring the leopard print skirt and waterfall gilet is my favourite look. I just love how it has a vintage feel but is also so classy and different. I love the colour combinations in it. You can shop all the key items in the images by clicking the descriptions below the images!
Newlook AW15 look 2newlook aw15 look 5newlook aw15 look 1111219043_10153539730504809_6033375241170999913_n
These four images are not featured in my little collage at the start but are still cool enough to get a mention! The rust coloured shorts are also available in two other colours on the website so if you’re not feeling the red then take a look at those. The jeans and the fringe heels are so handy because they are basic pieces you can wear at any point like jeans just lying around the house and the shoes for dinner out or a night out just dress them up however you want!
I love the yellow top with the floral waistcoat I think its a really nice look and the colours really compliment each other. Its a nice simple but stylish casual look and at an affordable price too! The crop top I have seen in the store and they went really fast which shows they are great on! They aren’t a skin tight crop top they have a little bit of space in it but in the right size for you you dont notice it at all. The third look here again contains the rust coloured short and this is another way to wear them. I cant find the wrap on the website at the moment but keep having a look for it because it might not have been added to their new season yet!
burgundy fringe bagblack leather pointed toe ankle bootgrey over the knee bootspatchwork handbag
So to finish up there are a couple of accessories that featured in the above images in more detail. I mentioned above I have the black boots and they are seriously so comfortable. They aren’t that high and are the perfect casual boot. The two bags are so different and interesting. I love the burgundy colour of the first one and the fringe. The second bag has a real seventies feel to it and also has the on trend fringe detail making it perfect for this season. The grey boots are really nice too even though I cant wear them because Im too short but there are plenty of leggy people who can definitely pull them off!
Thats about it for todays post and I hope you all enjoyed my little piece on Newlooks latest stuff. Remember you can see all of these and many many more items on!
Speak to you all soon!
Ever Yours

Beauty Buys

beauty quoteAfternoon everybody and happy Friday to you! Todays post is just a short one on my latest beauty buys from the other day which I had on my snapchat a couple days ago (@lilyatkinson_95) when I had a couple hours in town. I just picked up a few essentials and some holiday bits as I am off soon! I cannot wait to be in constant sunshine and actually have some form of summer in my life!

beauty buysThe Ice Cream Girlstravel bottlesFirst of all I picked up a book in Easons to read while I am lying pool side or on the beach over in Spain. A book is such a handy thing to have on holidays because you can just lie there in the sun getting lost in a good book and just be totally relaxed! I spotted this one which is by Dorothy Koomson called Ice Cream Girls and is basically about two girls who were involved in an incident when they were younger and how years later its coming back to haunt them. It sounds good so I’ll keep you posted! I also picked up these really handy travel bottles for shampoo, make up remover, eye make up etc for travelling in Pennys for only €1.50! Im not planning on wearing a full face of make up while I’m there because whats the point so Im just bringing a bit of moisturiser, a bit of make up remover for the BB cream and waterproof mascara I am bringing just for meals out and a bit of toner for night.

Garnier Cleansing Watergarnier cleansing watergarnier tonerWhile in Pennys I also picked up some more of Garnier’s Cleansing Water and also decided to try out their Simple Essentials Toner too as I had never tried it before and I really like it! You just use it after you have removed your make up and you let it dry naturally so theres not wiping or anything involved. I bought two bottles of the cleansing water one in a regular size and the other in 125ml bottle to bring on holidays. Obviously there is the issue of the 100ml limit (rolls eyes at all airlines ridiculous policies) so I figured thats over half of the bottle I can take a good bit of it with me and just use the remaining bit when I get home and still have the bit bottle left to use up. So I dont think I will be running out of it anytime soon! There are loads of different versions of the cleansing water and the toner such as Eye Make Up remover, Cleansing Wipes and Gel Washes. To see all these products on their website just click here

Catrice Waterproof MascaraCatrice Waterproof mascaraThis is the waterproof mascara that I will be taking with me. I bought it in waterproof because of swimming in the pool and the sea so I just wanted to have a light make up look for when Im in the town or out having dinner at night and then just have the long lash look when Im in the water too. Its just subtle things like this that can make a difference to how you look on holiday. If I went with a completely bare face then I wouldn’t want any photos of myself! As I said I am not going with a complete full face of make up because I dont see the point of that on holiday and when its hot like that your face is going to melt even just a little bit so I think a simple natural look is better.

So Sue Me Nail PolishLast but not least I finally found SoSueMe nail polish in Killarney. I have seen the instagram posts of all the colours from her range on her instagram and also the nail polishes instagram as well and I really wanted to try them out. I found these in the small pharmacy next door to Murphys Ice Cream for anyone in town who is looking for them! The colours I have here are a nude and a black. The nude colour called I Do she actually said on her snapchat the other day was her favourite colour from the collection. I have read loads of people love it because its such a nice colour so I had to try it out for myself! The black is called Private Jet and I bought it because the black I have currently literally chips off a day even with a clear coat on top of it and I think every girl has to have a black nail varnish at home at all times of the year! Ill let you know what theyre like when I try them!

Thats all for my beauty purchases from todays post so I hope you all enjoyed it. Enjoy the rest of your Friday guys and have a good weekend. Speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



Purple Rain

Friends Afternoon everybody! This post s just to let you know how my night was last night in Killarney and it was as usual great fun! As it was a Monday and Puck Fair has started in Killorglin there wasn’t too many people out but it was still busy enough! Myself and Eimear headed out to The Kube as we normally do for the first drink and then on to The Grand.

Evanna Lily and Eimear

So I know I put up a video/photo of my look from last night on my snapchat but I did change it a little after that! I decided to change my shoes because I though that wearing new shoes probably wasn’t the best idea for dancing around all night and my ankles are still suffering from the last time I wore new shoes out a few weeks ago! These shoes are actually so comfortable to wear. I got them around Christmas last year and I wore them for New Years and they ankle straps started to rub a small bit but having worn them a few times they actually are the most comfortable shoe with no rubbing anywhere at all! These Black Crochet Runner Shorts were originally bought for The Galway Races (which I ended up not attending) to wear under a chiffon side split long top so it all just looked like a dress. They have a cute bobble detail along the edges too and they also come in white.purple rain cocktails the KubeWhile in The Kube we decided to try out a cocktail called Purple Rain which turned out to be really nice! I was thinking I wasn’t going to like it because any drink thats purple or a bright colour sounds slightly suspicious but I was pleasantly surprised! Its basically vodka, blue curaçao, grenadine, and they have a secret Kube ingredient. The only way I can describe it is in my opinion like a slushy. You know those drinks you can buy at the cinema? I think its a bit like an alcoholic version of a blue slushy. If you dont like really sweet drinks I recommend you steer clear of it though!IMG_7082 (1)Round two was the usual Cosmopolitan which I have virtually overtime I go out! I really like the start of nights out with the girls where we just sit with cocktails and talk about everything just having a laugh its just relaxing and fun to be chit chatting with friends with a drink in your hand! The decor in The Kube is really cool as well. The wall behind my drink in the photo is made up of a tough glass with bottles carved into it and it changes colours every few seconds (My photos aren’t really doing the place justice!). The sofas are really comfortable as well because sitting on a bar stool for me is annoying as Im not that tall! (que Cian Twomey video about being short)

The Kube WallThe Kube WallAfter our Kubing we went to The Grand and had a bop to some of the best tunes ever! They actually had some really amazing tunes on last night both old and new, tiny technical glitch at one point between two songs where we ended up with no music at all for a minute but after that it all went well! By 1am we were all danced out! My knees started suffering at the end though and I actually had to sit down for a while! Its always a fun night in The Grand though!

When The Grand closed we headed up to the Chinese to get food but it was closed (very upset about it) so we headed to Allegro to get chips where I witnessed some awful behaviour towards staff by two young girls who ended up being forced by the staff (who also was a bit verbally offensive towards them) out the store but decided to start banging on the windows and door give them offensive gestures. I honestly dont know what started it but if you become verbally and physically abusive towards other people dont go to shops. I can only imagine the things that all the food shops have to put up when everyones pouring in after a night out so you should always be nice to them as they have to put up with enough stuff already and end of the day they are up at 3am to provide food for you so being verbally and physically abusive to them is just disgusting behaviour.

I also met a girl called Aisling on the street who was attending the Killarney debs who stopped me to tell me she loved the blog and she though it was really good! It was so nice have someone come up to me to tell me they enjoy Evanna Lily and that they think its great! I havent met any readers who weren’t people I know from school and college to it was really nice! She suggested I start doing youtube videos so I don’t know is that something you guys want me to do? Let me know! So thank you to Aisling for saying hello!

So thats all for today really! I have a couple posts planned for the next few days first up tomorrow I am announcing some big changes to my Twitter and Snapchat accounts to make sure you take a look at it because it is a big change! The I will have a post up later on about my favourite pieces of formal jewellery! I hope you are all having a good Tuesday!

Ever Yours

Evanna Lily


Dinner At Dyne



Hey guys! Why do us bloggers always start with hey guys? Anyway todays post is just a short one about a meal out I had on Wednesday for my mothers birthday in a local restaurant here in Killarney called Dyne which has good simple food that is worth every penny. To be honest I dont go there that often but there is always something I want to try when Im there. They have really nice flavours and dishes so if you want somewhere simple with good food in Killarney that isn’t going to break the bank then definitely try Dyne!

Dyne Logo dyne starterdyne mainDyne Logo and Sign//Roasted Grapes Bruschetta with Goats Cheese//Tagliatelle With Beef Ragu

As I said it was my mothers birthday so we had a nice family meal here and just enjoyed the celebrations and of course this could not be done without a little cocktail as it was a birthday after all!

dyne cocktailThe actual restaurant is a smallish space from the outside but it can fit a good few people into it. They also project old black and white silent movies onto the wall which is really interesting because its not something you normally have during a meal out! So its a nice little space with a black and white movie, good food and a nice atmosphere and its not going to empty the bank account!

I hope that you are all having a good Friday and are ready for the weekend. Im heading out again tomorrow night so hopefully this time I will have time to take a few outfit pictures for a post but Im nearly always late by the time I’m ready to go anywhere! I have a few new purchases to post about so stay tuned for that in the next few days!

Ever Yours



Footwork Favourites

stieltto heel court shoes white holographicstiletto heel court shoe white holographicpointed toe cap ankle boots reptile printpointed toe cap ankle boots reptile print boots Stiletto Heel Court Shoes White Holographic • Missguided//Pointed Toe Cap Ankle Boots Reptile Print • Missguided

Afternoon everybody! Todays post is just about my favourite style shoes which are pointed toe boots and court shoes. Due to Irelands non existent Summer this year I have started to look at a few different boots online for Autumn (Cant believe I am already doing Autumn/Winter shopping) and I think I am just going to collect Pointed to boots. I bought a pair from Newlook back in January which I am just totally in love with! They are definitely well loved because they have scuffed points and the leather has lost shape by this point but they are definitely my favourite pair of boots I have ever owned!

Evanna Lily ShoesEvanna Lily ShoesEvanna Lily Shoes studsEvanna Lily Shoes BlueEvanna Lily Shoes BlueEvanna Lily Shoes Blue

Newlook Ankle Strap Stud Heels//Primark Blue Court Shoe

I myself have a small shoe size which is only a mere size 3 (36) in regular shoes and a 4 (37) in shoes like trainers and sports shoes so finding shoes in my size is normally a tad difficult. When it comes to boots and certain types of sandals they can either make my my foot look bigger or longer than it actually it. I have a a few pairs of round toe boots and I like them but the pointed toe just looks that much nicer on me. I have one pair of round toe boots where if I put them on the more I look at them the more I notice the shape of them. I have a small build anyway and with certain types of boots they make my ankle look like its drowning in the top of it because the top is wide and my ankle is slim! I just think that a pointed toe is so elegant and classy and there is just something about a round toe shoe that just doesn’t appeal to me! (I sound so odd right now). So I think from now on I will be sticking to the pointed toe footwear!

black pointed blok heel bootsblack pointed block heel boots sideWhite Leather Poointed Heelswhite leather court shoe sale

These Newlook black pointed toe boots are exactly like the ones I own now but with a few differences and they are currently on the way to me in the post! I adore the pair I have now (as I have already said) but they are starting to fail me a little. (Thats why theres no photo of them they aren’t in a very photogenic state!). How cool are the Missguided holographic shoes above? I have seen a few clutch bags in holographic so is this a thing now? I kind of hope it is because its really cool! These white Newlook heels are on sale by the way and they are perfect for a simple shoe that will go with anything. I just love a white shoe because they are so classy looking. My own shoes above are ones I have for a couple years now. The black heels with gold studs are almost a year old and were a gift to me from my aunt. The blue pair I bought while I was living in Galway for college back in 2013 (cannot believe it was that long ago I was there!) for a photoshoot I had as an assignment!

So thats my post for today I hope you are all having a good week and the weather is nicer where ever you are! Im still stuck with cold wind a regular rain showers here in Kerry but I am off to Spain for two weeks soon so I am getting excited about it! I will be doing a review of my holiday foundation which I wore on that one day we had summer which was about 2 months ago and it was 22 degrees! Speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



Food For Thought

food quoteAfternoon guys! I just wanted to update you on what I have been up to recently and this is just a short post about a work dinner I had the other night at The Ross Hotel here in Killarney.

The other night my colleagues and I had a work dinner at The Ross Hotel here in Killarney which I have to admit is somewhere I had not been into and I can say without a doubt that it was amazing! The decor is really interesting because its colourful and fun without being over the top. It was a really nice night and the food was so good! We ordered our meals from The Cellar Restaurant menu which you can see hereI would definitely recommend going there because the food is really good and its not too much. A lot places do big portions of stuff and you don’t end up finishing half of it but the portions were perfect here. For my Starter I had Wok Fried Mussels in a Spring Onion and Butter Sauce which was delicious! There weren’t too many of them either which was great because I had when starters are too big because then I cant eat the main course! For my main course I had Confit Of Pork Belly which had such a nice flavour and was perfectly cooked. For dessert there was the most amazing chocolate brownie which came with honeycomb ice cream and chocolate sauce. I would actually walk to town to get that again it was so good!

My outfit for the night was a simple but dressy look because summer has completely bipassed Ireland and its everyday rain and chill so virtually everyone was in jeans. I wore my mock leather skinny jeans with my white embroidered summer top and my white sleeveless jacket with my new black lace up heels. I kept my accessories minimal with just my usual rings and a pair of earrings I picked up in Pennys a while ago.

Evanna Lily InstagramEvanna Lily InstagramBlack lace up bootieswhite sleeveless jacketSo if you are looking for somewhere different to try in Killarney for food thats not crazy expensive and has a good atmosphere, great service and amazing food definitely give The Ross Hotel a go! Im heading out again tonight so stay tuned for my snapchats of the eternal struggle of finding an outfit to wear in this weather! I hope you are all having a good week and talk to you soon!

Ever Yours



In These Shoes

I want ShoesGood afternoon everybody! Todays post is a special post because it features a great Irish website all about shoes called Shoe Horn who sent me over an infographic the other day all about how to take care of your beloved footwear! For anyone who doesn’t know Shoe Horn is a 100% Irish company that has 25 years experience in ladies footwear and accessories. They have a shop in Dublin as well as their website which both stock loads of brands so definitely take a look at them at!

So as I said they sent me over this infographic the other day to share their tips for cleaning your shoes and how to take care of them as well as some advice on when to wear certain types of shoes. Its a handy bit of information especially if after a night out or something your shoes are looking a little tired (like yourself maybe!) and you want to just tidy them up a little but don’t really know how to. They base it on three different types suede, leather and trainers. So take a look below and take in all these handy tips!

These-Shoes-Were-Made-for-Walking-InfographicI definitely have a couple pairs of boots that will be getting some of these treatments! Like my mother I have so many shoes its a little crazy in my closet! I have all my favourite shoes and my work shoes on shelves in my room and then the rest that I haven’t worn in a while or only wear in winter are all in the wardrobe! I have no boxes for them either so they are all fighting for a space in there! I think its safe to say I have around 30+ shoes in my life currently! Here is a couple photos of my absolute favourites!

Newlook white court shoenewlook white court shoeNewlook white court shoeNewlook leather ankle strap sandalnewlook leather ankle strap sandalnewlook leather ankle strap sandalNewlook White Court Shoe//Newlook Leather Black Ankle Strap Heel

These two pairs I picked up from work. The white pair I bought on sale the day of my interview for work and they were on sale for only €12 and I just love them because they go with everything. Literally everything. The black pair I bought a few months ago and I wore them to the Kerry Business Womens Awards and they are so comfortable because they are real leather and they are just such a classy looking shoe! (Also how handy is this table mum got from Tk Maxx for photos?)

So thats todays post! I hope you enjoyed it and gathered some useful tips from it. Big thank you to Shoe Horn for sending the infographic over to me and for getting in touch!

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday guys and talk to you all soon!

Ever Yours




Town and Taxis

Laughter quoteAfternoon guys! Heres just a quick post on what I got up to on Saturday night! For anyone that follows me on snapchat knows that I went out for a few drinks but I didn’t share any photos from the night on it because there was no signal where I was so I thought I would update you on the night!

pennys skirtnude cut out bootiesSo for the night I wore my new Pennys skirt and lace up heels with a plain white vest top and my new striped jacket (more on that later!). I just went for a simple look that was dressy to go out that wasn’t too hot because its always roasting when you’re dancing!(Sorry I have no outfit photos I had no time to take one I was so late leaving as per usual!). Even though it was absolutely lashing rain outside I decided you know what its June I will not be forced into boots and jeans anymore on nights out! So I was a tad frozen walking in town but once we got into The Grand I completely forgot the weather outside! I went out with one of my best friends Eimear and then later on the other bestie Aoife turned up and as per usual when we get together theres a lot of laughs and dancing had! There were some serious mad dancers out as well definite dad shapes thrown! There was a Kerry vs Cork match on that evening (up the kingdom!) and we won so there was a bit celebrating done by Killarney people as well as two hen parties around and a stag party so there were a good few people around!

When the nigh ended we got some Chinese food (it was crowded I almost became a permanent part of the shop wall) and then spent two hours trying to find a taxi. By this point the dancing had taken its toll with my shoes and they seriously sore so wandering around town at 4am trying to locate an available taxi was not helping! We were literally hunting one down! I would have taken the shoes off but I would never trust the ground after a night out with food, drinks and broken glass everywhere. By the time we got a taxi it was around half four and we were wrecked. The minute I got in the shoes were off haha. I was the last one dropped home and by this time the sun was starting to rise and you could see all the dew rising on the fields creating a fog and it was actually a nice morning. I literally crawled into my bed at 5am to get some sleep before working the next day! As the saying   above goes “A good laugh and long sleep are the two best cures for everything” I had a good laugh and now I just need the long sleep! As today is my day off its definitely a dressing gown type of day!


It was a really good night though and even when Im at work and hear a song they played in The Grand Im trying not to laugh at the memories of hearing it that night! So thats just my short update on my night and I hope you had a fun weekend too. I have an interesting post coming up soon involving a website so stay tuned for that! Enjoy the rest of your Monday guys and talk to you soon!

Ever Yours