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love quoteAfternoon everyone! Sorry for the silence the last few days but I have just been working away! So todays post is just going to be a catch up of a few things I have planned for the next week and what posts will be coming up just to get you all caught up on whats going on!

So to start off my last post was a short one on the marriage referendum here in Ireland and the Yes vote being so important and as of Saturday the 23rd I can say that we did it! We made history by being the first country to pass a a referendum by popular vote! I am so glad this little country came together and supported marriage equality and made history this year! When the Irish get together we can move mountains so well done everyone!

Ireland Thank YouSo theres just a few little things that I have been up to and it involves outfits. I have been doing some late night wardrobe creating because on June 5th I will be joining my mother at the Connect Kerry Business Awards which she is nominated in and its a black tie event! I have my look almost sorted out but I am still working on the full look but I did post a little preview to Instagram about a week ago and I cant wait to show you guys the full thing! I am so excited to be going and I think its going to be a great night for networking and meeting new people!

Secondly I have been messing around trying to find something for my Grandmothers birthday on Friday so were having a meal out to celebrate and this weather is so confusing its near impossible to plan a look. One day its really warm and sunny and then, like today, its really grey and so cold! Its nearly June Irelands summer needs to sort itself out. I have however figured out a way to wear one piece in my wardrobe. I bought these grey suiting like trousers ages ago from online and I havent worn them because they were a bit big on the leg and I am so used to skinny jeans it just looks kind of weird to me! After messing around the other night I tried rolling up the ends and I actually like the result. I havent worked out how to wear them in a full look but its a start instead of them sitting in the wardrobe doing absolutely nothing!

Evanna Lily InstagramEvanna Lily Instagram photoSo stay tuned for the first post which will be our meal out and my look coming up after Friday!

The next post I am hoping to have up over the next few days is on my hair. As you know I had my hair dyed in Sean Taaffe’s Hair Salon about 7 weeks ago and the colour was virtually gone so I decided to touch it up myself using Garnier Olia Permanent Colour so I will be doing a review of that product having never used it before! I won’t be posting my hair pictures yet though because I don’t think I did it right so I have to go over the ends of my hair again! I think because my hair is really long it didn’t reach all of it but thankfully because my hair is dark is doesn’t look terrible! It just looks like my hair is a dark brown at the moment so I will be doing it again before the black tie event!

Sean Taaffe ColourGarnier Olia Hair ColourSo thats all really and I will be doing some more polyvore posts and for now just stay tuned to my Snapchat and Instagram for updates!

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Same Love

Hey guys this is just a quick post on whats been happening today which is actually a pretty important day here in Ireland. Today here in Ireland we all had our say in the new marriage referendum which would allow same sex couples to get married. So this morning I got myself down to the voting station to give a massive Yes to equal marriage! If you haven’t voted today the voting stations are open from 7am to 10pm so get yourself down there and cast your vote! This is such an important thing here because still in 2015 so many people in this country have not accepted homosexuality. There have been so many posters and adverts against equal marriage and they used children as their weapon for this. They used slogans like “Equal marriage is Inequality for children”, “Two fathers cannot replace a mothers love”, “Children deserve a mother and a father” etc and this is not only offensive to same sex couples but also single parents as they are insinuating that a single parent cannot provide the love that two people could which is obviously not true because there are hundreds of people across the nation who do this everyday and maintain the role of mother and father at the same and do an amazing job at it. This referendum is about Marriage Equality not adoption, not surrogacy, not parenting skills or requirements but about two people being able to celebrate their love with the people closest to them by being able to say I Do like any other couple. Im sure that we all know a homosexual, bisexual, LGBT person in our lives or know someone that does and imagine what it would mean to that person to have everyone support their right to love and be loved. I know gay people and I would love to be able to be there in the years to come when they stand up and say I Do and be recognised as a loving married couple.  So I hope you all voted Yes to this referendum and help made 2015 the year of Equality and Fairness! I will let you all know the outcome of this tomorrow but for now I am staying positive and I would like to believe that with all the Yes support I have seen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and from all over the world that we have done it. Macklemore, Zach Braff, Ed Sheeran, and so many other celebrities have encouraged people to vote yes and so many Irish abroad have come home to vote so I really hope we have done it! So in the words of Macklemore “No freedom till were equal. Damn right I support it.” Equal Love

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Keep Calm and Casual

Keep Calm and Casual
Afternoon guys I hope you are all having a good week so far! Todays post is just an outfit post and here it is! I said in my post White Hot Jeans that I would do a post using white jeans which are all in trend right now so here it is! As usual I did two choices of shoes for this look so that you can get an idea of how to dress it up or down but still keep it casual. These black heeled sandals are from and I love the gold plate detail on the heel. The flats are from but you can get versions of this virtually anywhere. These jeans are from and they come in different leg lengths and styles of jeans too so definitely take a look at them online! The shirt is from and I love a nice shirt thats not too dressy or casual and just goes with anything. The bag you may recognise from my Fringe It post because its the black version of the nude H&M bag I had in that which I am still so in love with by the way! The accessories are simple enough and dont distract from the look and add some nice details. They are from,, and
I hope you all enjoyed todays post and I have a few posts planned for the next week so stay tuned for those!
Ever Yours

Fringe It

Fringe outfit pinterestAfternoon everyone! Sorry for being so quiet lately but work has been really busy over the weekend so I just have not had the time! Todays post is about a trend that I am really getting into which is Fringe. I have seen a few fringed pieces around so I thought I would a post on where you can get it and the different ways to wear it.Suede Fringe Shorts MissguidedEmroidered Fringed Cami Top Missguided                                                              So these two pieces are from Missguided and I love how they show the different type of fringing. The first is a Burgundy Fringed Short which looks really cool in their photo on the website and I think is perfect to add a little edge to a look or just to dress up a dull outfit because it adds a cool detail. The Embroidered Cami Top is really pretty and perfect for summer. I like the colour detailing above the fringe to it adds a festival or boho feel to it!

H&M fringed bag in nudeH&M light grey fringed bagH&M fringed backpackI spotted these bags on the H&M website and I just love them. I am so tempted to buy one of these bags because they are just so cool and different to a regular everyday bag and I am seriously crushing on the nude bag! I like the fact that they are leather and not felt because I think they will so much handier if theres a slight rain or something the felt will get soaked so the leather is at least a little weather resistant. I love the fact that it is all over fringing so you cant see the actual bag. The adjustable straps are also really handy because I like to wear bags on my shoulder or I’m walking for a while then a shoulder strap comes in handy! The first bag also comes in colours brown, black and grey and the second also comes in black. You can see all of these and more over on the website at H& and they are really good prices too so definitely go and take a look!

River Island cream biker jacketEmbellished fringed dressRiver Island Fringed leather look skirt


These three products are from River Island and are all really cool and easy to dress. The first Cream Leather Look Biker Jacket is a great colour for summer and spring to move away from Black and brighten up an outfit. The second would be so handy for Holidays to wear in the evenings and the fringe would definitely make it a more interesting and stylish holiday look. These two products are on the website as Limited Edition so I would check them out fast because people will be buying them! The third product here is their Leather Look Fringed Skirt which would be so cool to dress up on a night out. It would go with virtually anything so you could wear it more casually too!

So thats todays post and I hope you found some fringe-spiration (see what I did there?) and I hope Monday isn’t being to hard on you!

Ever Yours





Growing Pains

Be Your Own Kind Of BeautifulHey guys todays post is another personal post but this time its more about growing up then whats been happening lately or what my plans are for the future so I hope you guys enjoy it and take a little something from it!

So yesterday was Tuesday and thats the night I watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Royals and in this weeks episode of KUWTK the main focus was Kylie Jenners lips. She has been under a lot of fire from the media over her new look and there is a lot of stories and attempts to recreate her look by people putting there lips in shot glasses and things like that and just ending up looking like complete idiots and I was one of the people thinking “She so obviously had lip fillers and I think that at 17 years of age that is so wrong because she’s still so young and this is what happens when you get kids growing up in the public eye” etc etc but in this episode she changes my mind. I still think that having lip fillers at 17 is a bit young even if they are temporary and that she should have waited a little while before deciding to try it out but she explains really well why she did it. Kylie Jenner before and afterWhen her sisters talk to her about her lips she says “I have always been insecure about my lips and I don’t like talking about them” which is fair enough we all have our own insecurities but in the show interview she says “People are always criticising us and I have always been insecure about my lips and I think that when you have people criticising you everyday, especially at my age when you’re trying to find yourself, it can make you very insecure about yourself” and thats when I remember that she is just a 17 year old girl who in the words of Britney Spears is “Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman” and that got me thinking about how I felt about myself at that age (it was only two and half years ago but a lot has changed!) and the insecurities I had. I think people do forget that Kylie is just a teenage girl who is in the public eye everyday with people saying anything they want about her having never met her and basing everything on her appearance and the family show. I do feel bad for her because I dont think everyone understand hows hard it is to be 16/17 years old as a girl in this day and age.  So here is my story of the insecurities I had at her age. (Only a whole 2 and a half years ago so Im pretty to close to her age!)

Old photo from 2008                            When I was 7 I moved over here to Ireland to Kerry and started a new life basically. New school, new people, new house everything and that was pretty scary at the time. I was a small curly haired child with no knowledge of any current music or trends or fashion at the time and I remember being totally clueless of anything that any of the girls in my class were interested in like Girls Aloud or even Britney Spears or Gaelic Football (not that I am anyway interested in football now) but I learnt a few things along the way and caught up with stuff during my 5 years in my primary school. Then I started Secondary school and it was a whole other story. I didn’t know anyone when I started my secondary school and I remember feeling so scared about joining a building with 600+ students having been in a school with about 60 people maximum! There is a photo somewhere of me on my first day with my skirt so long it was at my ankles and my hair in this bushy curly fringed ponytailed mess and I hadn’t discovered make up or beauty at this point and I remember getting there and seeing how many girls there were in my year and how they were all so much prettier than me.Me and my nanny in 2008So over the five years of being in that school thats when insecurities started to grow. There were girls in the school not just in my year who were just looked perfect everyday with perfect make up, perfect hair and even though we were all in the same uniform they managed to make it look so flattering and then there was me. I was wearing a skirt that I rolled up so it rolled down at the back and looked really awful and the jumper was way too big and I couldn’t control my hair if my life depended on it so as you can imagine I was not the pretty, popular type! My securities went as follows:

  • I hated my glasses and the fact that I had to wear them.
  • I hated my frizzy wild hair and my awful fringe.
  • My skin was kind of bad and I hated that I didn’t know a thing about make up.
  • I hated my smile because my teeth are slightly crooked and when I do smile fully it made my cheeks look really chubby.
  • My uniform looked awful on me compared to the other girls who somehow managed to look really skinny and like models in theirs where as mine looked frumpy and oversized.

By the time I was in my fourth year I had somewhat mastered my school look. I was always so insecure about my hair because it was more frizzy than curly and I remember a guy making fun of it on my bus one day (we ended up being really good friends and you can see him on Instagram and Youtube doing videos under @Justjuniour94) so by this point I had been straightening the life out it! I really wanted to be like the pretty, perfect girls of the school and so started straightening my hair to try and fit in. It wasn’t like I didn’t have friends I have some really good, amazing friends from my time at school but just to be recognised as a pretty girl would have been the best thing at the time! I slowly got into make up and started the long period of mismatched coloured foundation while trying not to let it be too obvious for fear I would get in trouble for wearing make up! No matter what I did I just didn’t feel like I was a pretty girl. I would wear the make up and straighten my hair but halfway through the day my makeup would have rubbed off in places and the rain would have messed up my hair and I just felt to ugly compared to the vast majority in my year and in the school. You can imagine this was so frustrating being 16 and wanting nothing more but to feel pretty and have other people say it too. christmas 2011In fourth year thats when I started to feel a bit better about myself. I got out of my grey hoodie phase and started to become a bit more confident and a teeny bit secure in myself. I had somewhat mastered make up by this point and had found a foundation that worked for me and my hair had been trained into staying straight. I still hadn’t joined the pretty girl club and I wasn’t noticed by boys or anything but I had good friends around me that helped me through the hassle of being 16 and insecure. Hell we were all in it together and we all had insecurities!

After my last year at secondary school it was time to start all over again by moving to Galway to do my fashion retail course and thats when it all changed. I ended up living with 5 very different girls all around my age and learned something from each and every one of them. The main two I got on with were totally different to each other and are both so interesting! One was french and was only in Galway for a year and the other was English living in Clare studying journalism. I also met my one of my best friends at my course who is an amazing friend and I could not do without her! Galway truly was one of the best experiences of my life and also taught so many lessons in so many ways. I honestly did not think I would leave with all the things I have learnt outside of my college course! Galway really was the reason I finally got comfortable in my own skin and I have so many people to thank for that! As Kylie said “At this age when you are finding yourself” and I really did in Galway. I turned eighteen a few months after I moved there and I have grown up so much and have found my passion and who I am.

Free bird in GalwayI learnt some really good lessons while I was there and here are a few of them!

  • There is no point in looking in the mirror and focusing on your flaws and putting yourself down all the time because end of the day you are you and you’re the only version of that so how can you be unattractive if theres no other you?
  • There are always going to be people that look like they have everything so much better than you and that seems so perfect and has everything together but everyone has insecurities and things that you dont know about so dont think that these people are any more important than you are.
  • If you focus on all the good points about yourself you will be happier with yourself. For example I actually really like my eyes and lips. Its not a shameful thing to say that you like something about yourself! I know that if you’re 16 if a girl says that they’re really pretty you think “god you’re vein” but unless your are constantly shoving it in peoples faces and always saying how good you look then you’re not vein you’re just confident!
  • Leave all the school girl drama exactly where it belongs. In the past. If you have had issues with anyone other girl at school over what you both look like or anything like that just move on. You’re not 16 anymore so let it go and be adult. I know from experience that there are some girls who just cant get out of the 16 year old girl mindset so don’t get caught up in their drama and just remove all that teenage negativity from you life because honestly it will hold you back if you are constantly keeping an eye on that one person you didn’t get on with just to be up to date with their life when you have your own one to live! Basically when it comes to school just Let It Go!
  • One of the most important things is to just be yourself. If you like sitting at home reading a book instead of going out then do it, if you like dressing up and going out every weekend with friends do it, whatever you’re interested in and feel happier doing then do it. Don’t do things just to please people and definitely do things when you are ready and don’t let people pressure you into anything. Just because everyones doing something doesn’t mean you have to, work at your own pace and do what you’re comfortable with. I remember when I was 16 nearly all my friends had started drinking and I just wasn’t interested in getting drunk and didn’t feel like I wanted to so I didn’t. Now Im 19 Im still not mad into getting absolutely hammered on a night out like a lot of people but I do have a few and honestly I feel like if you can have a few drinks and still remember the night thats better than waking up not knowing a thing!

So remember everyone is different all around the world from different shapes, sizes, styles, skin, origins, interests and passions and everyone has had their insecurities so just don’t let them hold you back from anything! Kylie Jenner has found a solution to her insecurity that not many of us at 17 could afford but she found her happiness and thats what made her comfortable with herself so I hope that everyone else finds their insecurity solutions too!

Evanna Lily InstagramSo thats todays post and I hope that you all enjoyed it and remember that you are all unique and beautiful and not a sheep in a flock just following the rest of them!

From the girl who finally got comfortable in her own skin.



Stepping Stones

GoalsAfternoon everyone I hope Monday isn’t being too hard on you! Todays post is a more personal post today about my goals and hopes for the future and my plan which I am always working on to get to where I want to be.

So this year I have accomplished a few things on my list and one of them is to do with driving. I now have my provisional license sorted so now I’m just waiting on finding the right instructor and this time next year I aim to be qualified fully and driving around in my own little car! I’m giving myself until 2016 because purchasin, taxing, insuring, NCTing a car is so expensive so Im just going to spend the next year save save saving! It would be so handy because then I will be freer to do more projects in and out of Kerry like photoshoots with Ryan Elle Photo so try different locations and stuff instead of relying on my mum and her schedule as well as my own work one.

driving pinterest                    Learning to drive also ties in with an idea that I am toying with for 2016 and that involves doing a second fashion course in Galway Technical Institute. I had such a great time there the first time around and I learnt so much which really helped me with my job at Newlook and since I am really interested in visual merchandising like displays, mannequins, shop floor etc I think it would be a good idea to expand my knowledge of this area and learn more about it. I am hoping to start a course through the Newlook Academy in visual merchandising so that will be great because I can literally learn at work but I think that this course in Galway might be a good idea too. So if I do this course and I am driving then it will be a bit easier than the first time I lived there because I will have my own transport and be able to drive up and down from Kerry when it suits instead of getting on a bus on Fridays with a big bag and waiting in the rain etc. So i’ll let  you know the outcome of this and get back to you!Shoe Window Display for newlookMannequin window display for newlook After I have finished my courses I want to be a lit more involved with the visual merchandising side of my workplace a bit more and hopefully have a lot input into it and just get involved really. There are some really good opportunities within Newlook when it comes to visual merchandising like having a say in how other stores look and going up to say Galway so see their store and have a say in how its laid out and if there are any changes that can be made. One thing that I want this all to lead up to is for me to own my own fashion retail store in London or somewhere like that. I wouldn’t design any of the clothes myself obviously I am so not talented enough for that but I would love to have my own line like the Kardashians have the Kardashian Kollection and DASH or Michelle Keegan’s line at Lipsy London. My friend Aleks and I were talking one night about having our own store in New York, Miami, London and Dublin which would be amazing but that is definitely just a dream right now! New York CityLondon CityDublin                                        As I mentioned London in my last paragraph I would like to have my own store there I also have a life goal of owning a London Townhouse. I have been re-blogging photos of them on my Pinterest for the last day or so and I just love them. They are just so classy and cute looking! I am aware of how super expensive they are but I figure everyone who owns one started somewhere and thats what Im doing! So when I think that maybe I should give up on something I just think of that townhouse and how Im not going to get there by giving up. In my view if you can see yourself somewhere and you want it really badly you should put in effort to get there because like anything if you dont put work in and you do nothing towards it and it doesn’t happen you only have yourself to blame for not putting any effort in! I am a long way off my townhouse being only 19 and starting out in the world but I am willing to work to make it happen so when I am at that point I can say “I did it” which I think is a really rewarding thing to be able to say…Townshouse leavesPrimrose hillpink doorgeorgiana house designnotting hillSo thats about it really. This is all based over a long period of time so I have plenty of time to get there being only 19 at the moment! So for anyone else who sits there and sees someone doing really well remember that you are just beginning and that they have a head start so just keep going and you will get there!  I hope you enjoyed todays post and I will speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours



Hello Yellow

Yellow ColourAfternoon everyone and happy Sunday even though tomorrow its Monday all over again (ugh). Todays post is all about my latest colour crush Yellow. I would love to have loads of yellow pieces in my wardrobe at the moment because its just such a bright and happy colour and is perfect for summer. I have started my relationship with yellow by purchasing a chiffon summer top from Pennys (more on that later) so hopefully I’ll get a few more pieces to brighten up my everyday outfits and for my holiday later in the year. So as per usual I have looked through my list of online stores and here are some of my finds!

Zara Layered DressZara Layered Dress back

Zara Skinny Trousers

Zara skinny trousers close up                  I came across all these gorgeous products on which my mum is a big fan of. If you havent looked at their website then give a go because it honestly such a nice website with really good photos of their products and I really really like it! These two things are such great examples of some great yellow pieces. This Layered Dress is absolutely stunning and I just love it. Its really elegant and pretty and perfect for summer. I am seriously considering adding this to my wardrobe! These Skinny Trousers are perfect for casual wear and for dressing up a bit. They are so much nicer then the regular black and grey boring trousers and just a jean. Wear them around in sandals or dress them up with scrappy heels whichever I am sure they would be a good friend for life!

Newlook Plaited CamiNewlook yellow blazer                                                                            I first saw this Plaited Cami Top at work in Newlook the other day and I am seriously crushing on it. Its also available in white and coral and a few other colours on the website and its just so nice for summer because its really simple and summery. We may not have the weather for it right now in Kerry but I’m sure we will again at some point so I think it will be a great buy. It will go really well with shorts, jeans, trousers and skirts. This Waterfall Blazer is really great for summer too because it will just brighten up any outfit. Just plain jeans and a top will look that little bit more special with this colourful blazer as you can see in the photo from the website. This blazer is also available in a range of colours so check the website if the colour isn’t really working you but the blazer is!

H&M maxi dress

H&M bandeau dressBoth of these items are from H&  and are really good examples of how to dress up the colour yellow a bit. The Maxi Dress is just a must have for holidays (not if you’re on the shorter side like me because it will just drown you) and is so nice to just throw on by the pool or if you’re heading out for some sight seeing. This one is easy to dress up which is exactly what you need on holiday. A case full of versatile clothing for any occasion while your away. Its a really simple style as well so its not too fussy or anything. The second dress is a more dressy version of how to wear yellow. This Bandeau Dress is perfect for an occasion like a night out or a party and you’re bored with the usual black and everyday colours. Its a nice shape and would look really good on!

So thats my post for today and I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any comments or questions leave one below and I will get back to you A.S.A.P! Happy Sunday everyone.

Ever Yours





Plain Grey T

Plain Grey T
Afternoon everyone. I decided to do a Polyvore post today before I head off to work instead of going another day without a post (I feel so bad when I dont have time to post and hate that I go days without a post!) so here is a simple enough outfit that you can dress up or down. I added two different types of shoes just to show how both go really well. This pink a-line leather look skirt is from River Island and I matched it with this plain grey t-shirt to give a cool casual but great  look. In my head you wear the shirt with the side tied to bring it in a little or off one shoulder but anyway you want to wear it is fine! These cut out boots are from and are a great way to dress this look up for a casual meet up for drinks with a few friends and then the All Star sneakers are perfect for just running around town doing some browsing in the shops and stuff. This black fringe bag from Newlook you will have spotted in my snapchat and I just love it! I chose it for this look because I think it adds a fun detail to the look with the fringe waving about. The accessories are simple enough so they’re not too dressy but still add a bit of glamour to the look. Just simple rings and a watch will do because otherwise I think a necklace might dress it up too much. The sunglasses are a good accessory if you have the weather for them and these are from and have a cute shell pattern on the base of the rim. I added black nail varnish just because its the easiest colour to put with this look and also it matches the bag!
I hope you enjoyed todays look and happy friday everybody!
Ever Yours

Met Gala Gowns

Dress QuoteAfternoon everyone I hope you have all had a good week so far. Todays post is my Met Gala post and Im sorry its a little late but I have been working and haven’t been feeling too great! So here it is and i hope you enjoy it!

This years Met Gala had a really interesting theme of China Through The Looking Glass and the fashion that followed it did not disappoint. Well a majority didn’t anyway! Here are my favourite looks from the night

BeyonceFirst up is Queen B in Givenchy leaving little to the imagination but living up to her title. The detail in this dress is just amazing and is definitely number 1 from the night.SJP met galaSarah Jessica Parker collaborated with H&M on this look and the headpiece is just fabulous. She really took the theme on board with this look and did not disappoint! Carrie Bradshaw would approve!

Kim Kardashian Met GalaKim Kardashian West was an angelic sight with here feathered Roberto Cavalli gown which was also transparent like Beyonce’s gown. This look was really pretty and was definitely one of the top looks from the night.

MET-Selena-GomezSelena Gomez looked lovely in her Vera Wang gown with her floral head piece. I like this look because it was really elegant and not too fussy and I think simple, chic pieces look really good on her.

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez definitely did not look like she just came from the block in this Atelier Versace dragon detailed gown. Like Kim and Beyonce this dress had a see through detail which works well on her. The dragon detail on the dress is really interesting and of course perfect for the theme but it makes the dress unique and really interesting.

Lily AldridgeLily Aldridge looked stunning in this gown (I couldn’t find the designer if anyone knows leave a comment below!) Its a sleek and pretty look and the layered skirt detail is nice on her because it highlights small frame without over doing it.

RihannaI have to admit I am slightly divided over this look from Rihanna. Its a really amazing piece and the designer Guo Pei is definitely talented I just dont know if I like it. There are a lot of pictures going round about it being compared to an omelette or a pizza but I think its a great piece but I just dont know if RiRi pulled it off. It reminds me of Belles dress from Beauty and The Beast actually….

Solange KnowlesSolange Knowles is definitely interesting when it comes to fashion. She didn’t do well with her look at last years Met Gala look (see last years post Met Ball 2015) and this year I think she almost did it but not quite. Like Rihanna’s look there is no denying this is a really interesting and wonderful piece by Giles Deacon but it does look a little odd. It sort of looks like her dress has blown up infront of her face and that her arms are stuck and she cant reach it. The detailing is amazing and the look of the dress is really cool but it doesn’t look practical or comfortable and although I do sort of like it the more I look at her in it the more I sort of dont like it…

So thats my gown highlights from this years Met Gala and I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know any thoughts you have by leaving a comment below and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

Ever Yours



White Hot Jeans

Hello May


Happy Monday everyone and happy May as this is my first May post (where is this year going?!) todays post is just going to be about some jeans trends that I have been crushing on lately and that I have seen around the store and online etc. For anyone that keeps up with my snapchat (evanna_lily) you will have seen my new white ripped knee skinny jeans that I adore but I found a hole in them yesterday so they have to go back. So I thought I would just do a post about the different styles of white skinny jeans.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner here wearing a simple skinny leg jean which are a great style because they are just simple with no rips or anything and they will go with anything because they are white. This style works really well on tall leggy people like Kendall but will suit shorter people like myself but depending on the length you may have to roll up the ends. Here a some affordable styles I found online.

Topshop jeansNoisey May White Skinny JeansNordstrom jeans

Image 1 Topshop White Jaime Jeans//Image 2 Noisy May Eve Skinny Jeans at ASOS//Image 3 Skinny Jeans at 

Hilary Duff


Here we have Hilary Duff sporting a semi casual look with distressed white skinny jeans which are right on trend right now. This is a sort of extreme if you like instead of just simple ripped knee jeans. They are a really cool look and are a cool detail to any jeans look. Heres some that I found

Image 1 Liquor and Poker Shredded White Jeans at ASOS//Image 2 Dollhouse Destruction Skinny jeans at 3 White Distressed Jeans at

white jeans pinterest


I saw this look on Pinterest and I just love it! The jeans that I bought from work were similar to these but the knees where just slits not a cut out. They are such a nice style because they’re simple enough to be worn causally but so good for dressing up. Heres the ones that I found.


Image 1 Authentic High-rise Ripped Knee Jeans at 2 Winter White Skinnies at ASOS//Image 3  Parisian Collection white skinny jeans at

So there the three main styles of white jeans at the moment and I’m planning on a few outfit creations using these styles on my Polvore so keep an eye out during the week for that. Also on a separate note I am thinking of re starting my Depop account because I have so much stuff that could go because I have either never worn it or stopped wearing stuff from years ago so let me know what you think about that and wether thats something you would be interested in me doing.

Happy Monday everyone!

Ever Yours