Footwork Favourites

stieltto heel court shoes white holographicstiletto heel court shoe white holographicpointed toe cap ankle boots reptile printpointed toe cap ankle boots reptile print boots Stiletto Heel Court Shoes White Holographic • Missguided//Pointed Toe Cap Ankle Boots Reptile Print • Missguided

Afternoon everybody! Todays post is just about my favourite style shoes which are pointed toe boots and court shoes. Due to Irelands non existent Summer this year I have started to look at a few different boots online for Autumn (Cant believe I am already doing Autumn/Winter shopping) and I think I am just going to collect Pointed to boots. I bought a pair from Newlook back in January which I am just totally in love with! They are definitely well loved because they have scuffed points and the leather has lost shape by this point but they are definitely my favourite pair of boots I have ever owned!

Evanna Lily ShoesEvanna Lily ShoesEvanna Lily Shoes studsEvanna Lily Shoes BlueEvanna Lily Shoes BlueEvanna Lily Shoes Blue

Newlook Ankle Strap Stud Heels//Primark Blue Court Shoe

I myself have a small shoe size which is only a mere size 3 (36) in regular shoes and a 4 (37) in shoes like trainers and sports shoes so finding shoes in my size is normally a tad difficult. When it comes to boots and certain types of sandals they can either make my my foot look bigger or longer than it actually it. I have a a few pairs of round toe boots and I like them but the pointed toe just looks that much nicer on me. I have one pair of round toe boots where if I put them on the more I look at them the more I notice the shape of them. I have a small build anyway and with certain types of boots they make my ankle look like its drowning in the top of it because the top is wide and my ankle is slim! I just think that a pointed toe is so elegant and classy and there is just something about a round toe shoe that just doesn’t appeal to me! (I sound so odd right now). So I think from now on I will be sticking to the pointed toe footwear!

black pointed blok heel bootsblack pointed block heel boots sideWhite Leather Poointed Heelswhite leather court shoe sale

These Newlook black pointed toe boots are exactly like the ones I own now but with a few differences and they are currently on the way to me in the post! I adore the pair I have now (as I have already said) but they are starting to fail me a little. (Thats why theres no photo of them they aren’t in a very photogenic state!). How cool are the Missguided holographic shoes above? I have seen a few clutch bags in holographic so is this a thing now? I kind of hope it is because its really cool! These white Newlook heels are on sale by the way and they are perfect for a simple shoe that will go with anything. I just love a white shoe because they are so classy looking. My own shoes above are ones I have for a couple years now. The black heels with gold studs are almost a year old and were a gift to me from my aunt. The blue pair I bought while I was living in Galway for college back in 2013 (cannot believe it was that long ago I was there!) for a photoshoot I had as an assignment!

So thats my post for today I hope you are all having a good week and the weather is nicer where ever you are! Im still stuck with cold wind a regular rain showers here in Kerry but I am off to Spain for two weeks soon so I am getting excited about it! I will be doing a review of my holiday foundation which I wore on that one day we had summer which was about 2 months ago and it was 22 degrees! Speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



Food For Thought

food quoteAfternoon guys! I just wanted to update you on what I have been up to recently and this is just a short post about a work dinner I had the other night at The Ross Hotel here in Killarney.

The other night my colleagues and I had a work dinner at The Ross Hotel here in Killarney which I have to admit is somewhere I had not been into and I can say without a doubt that it was amazing! The decor is really interesting because its colourful and fun without being over the top. It was a really nice night and the food was so good! We ordered our meals from The Cellar Restaurant menu which you can see hereI would definitely recommend going there because the food is really good and its not too much. A lot places do big portions of stuff and you don’t end up finishing half of it but the portions were perfect here. For my Starter I had Wok Fried Mussels in a Spring Onion and Butter Sauce which was delicious! There weren’t too many of them either which was great because I had when starters are too big because then I cant eat the main course! For my main course I had Confit Of Pork Belly which had such a nice flavour and was perfectly cooked. For dessert there was the most amazing chocolate brownie which came with honeycomb ice cream and chocolate sauce. I would actually walk to town to get that again it was so good!

My outfit for the night was a simple but dressy look because summer has completely bipassed Ireland and its everyday rain and chill so virtually everyone was in jeans. I wore my mock leather skinny jeans with my white embroidered summer top and my white sleeveless jacket with my new black lace up heels. I kept my accessories minimal with just my usual rings and a pair of earrings I picked up in Pennys a while ago.

Evanna Lily InstagramEvanna Lily InstagramBlack lace up bootieswhite sleeveless jacketSo if you are looking for somewhere different to try in Killarney for food thats not crazy expensive and has a good atmosphere, great service and amazing food definitely give The Ross Hotel a go! Im heading out again tonight so stay tuned for my snapchats of the eternal struggle of finding an outfit to wear in this weather! I hope you are all having a good week and talk to you soon!

Ever Yours



In These Shoes

I want ShoesGood afternoon everybody! Todays post is a special post because it features a great Irish website all about shoes called Shoe Horn who sent me over an infographic the other day all about how to take care of your beloved footwear! For anyone who doesn’t know Shoe Horn is a 100% Irish company that has 25 years experience in ladies footwear and accessories. They have a shop in Dublin as well as their website which both stock loads of brands so definitely take a look at them at!

So as I said they sent me over this infographic the other day to share their tips for cleaning your shoes and how to take care of them as well as some advice on when to wear certain types of shoes. Its a handy bit of information especially if after a night out or something your shoes are looking a little tired (like yourself maybe!) and you want to just tidy them up a little but don’t really know how to. They base it on three different types suede, leather and trainers. So take a look below and take in all these handy tips!

These-Shoes-Were-Made-for-Walking-InfographicI definitely have a couple pairs of boots that will be getting some of these treatments! Like my mother I have so many shoes its a little crazy in my closet! I have all my favourite shoes and my work shoes on shelves in my room and then the rest that I haven’t worn in a while or only wear in winter are all in the wardrobe! I have no boxes for them either so they are all fighting for a space in there! I think its safe to say I have around 30+ shoes in my life currently! Here is a couple photos of my absolute favourites!

Newlook white court shoenewlook white court shoeNewlook white court shoeNewlook leather ankle strap sandalnewlook leather ankle strap sandalnewlook leather ankle strap sandalNewlook White Court Shoe//Newlook Leather Black Ankle Strap Heel

These two pairs I picked up from work. The white pair I bought on sale the day of my interview for work and they were on sale for only €12 and I just love them because they go with everything. Literally everything. The black pair I bought a few months ago and I wore them to the Kerry Business Womens Awards and they are so comfortable because they are real leather and they are just such a classy looking shoe! (Also how handy is this table mum got from Tk Maxx for photos?)

So thats todays post! I hope you enjoyed it and gathered some useful tips from it. Big thank you to Shoe Horn for sending the infographic over to me and for getting in touch!

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday guys and talk to you all soon!

Ever Yours




Town and Taxis

Laughter quoteAfternoon guys! Heres just a quick post on what I got up to on Saturday night! For anyone that follows me on snapchat knows that I went out for a few drinks but I didn’t share any photos from the night on it because there was no signal where I was so I thought I would update you on the night!

pennys skirtnude cut out bootiesSo for the night I wore my new Pennys skirt and lace up heels with a plain white vest top and my new striped jacket (more on that later!). I just went for a simple look that was dressy to go out that wasn’t too hot because its always roasting when you’re dancing!(Sorry I have no outfit photos I had no time to take one I was so late leaving as per usual!). Even though it was absolutely lashing rain outside I decided you know what its June I will not be forced into boots and jeans anymore on nights out! So I was a tad frozen walking in town but once we got into The Grand I completely forgot the weather outside! I went out with one of my best friends Eimear and then later on the other bestie Aoife turned up and as per usual when we get together theres a lot of laughs and dancing had! There were some serious mad dancers out as well definite dad shapes thrown! There was a Kerry vs Cork match on that evening (up the kingdom!) and we won so there was a bit celebrating done by Killarney people as well as two hen parties around and a stag party so there were a good few people around!

When the nigh ended we got some Chinese food (it was crowded I almost became a permanent part of the shop wall) and then spent two hours trying to find a taxi. By this point the dancing had taken its toll with my shoes and they seriously sore so wandering around town at 4am trying to locate an available taxi was not helping! We were literally hunting one down! I would have taken the shoes off but I would never trust the ground after a night out with food, drinks and broken glass everywhere. By the time we got a taxi it was around half four and we were wrecked. The minute I got in the shoes were off haha. I was the last one dropped home and by this time the sun was starting to rise and you could see all the dew rising on the fields creating a fog and it was actually a nice morning. I literally crawled into my bed at 5am to get some sleep before working the next day! As the saying   above goes “A good laugh and long sleep are the two best cures for everything” I had a good laugh and now I just need the long sleep! As today is my day off its definitely a dressing gown type of day!


It was a really good night though and even when Im at work and hear a song they played in The Grand Im trying not to laugh at the memories of hearing it that night! So thats just my short update on my night and I hope you had a fun weekend too. I have an interesting post coming up soon involving a website so stay tuned for that! Enjoy the rest of your Monday guys and talk to you soon!

Ever Yours




The Only Way’s Michelle

Michelle KeeganAfternoon guys! Todays post is all about my favourite pieces from Michelle Keegans new season Collection at Lipsy which you can shop right here! I absolutely love this woman. Can I just have her beauty, style and hair please? I did a post last year on her previous Lipsy collection featuring all my favourites from then so you can view that here too!

Michelle Keegan faux fur waist coat for LipsyMichelle Keegan PU biker jacket

Lipsy Michelle Keegan Faux Fur Tie Waist Coat//Michelle Keegan Pu Faux Fur Jacket

These two jackets are perfect for autumn. I know its a tad early to be looking at coats and jackets considering we haven’t even had summer here in Ireland yet and if we did it was for one day in June. So in love with the waist tie coat! I think it would be the perfect Winter piece because you can wear it casually or formally and also it would go through to chilly Spring aswell. The leather jacket is a great piece because they are just so handy to have. When it gets to that point when you cant wear a coat because its too warm but also too cool for a light jacket a leather jacket is the answer!

Michelle Keegan Blossom Print Playsuit LipsyMichelle Keegan Lace Bardot Playsuit Lipsy

Michelle Keegan Blossom Print Playsuit//Michelle Keegan Bardot Lace Playsuit 

These two are cute holiday pieces. The first playsuit I love because its really cute and fun and also because its a pretty print which has perfect summer colours. It would be great for a holiday away because just with sandals or a simple heel you have something to go wandering around a town in and also something for a meal out in the evening. The second playsuit has this cool lace sleeve detail which again with sandals is perfect for late evening strolls around a holiday town.

michelle keegan lace detail midi dressmichelle keegan white lace midi dress lipsmichelle keegan circle detail body con dress lips

Michelle Keegan Lace Detail Midi Dress//Michelle Keegan Embroidered Pencil Dress//Michelle Keegan Circle Detail Bodycon Dress

Last up we have dresses which are my weakness! I will literally buy a fancy dress and go months without wearing out because I have nowhere to go! These three are perfect if unlike me you have fancy places to be! A wedding or formal party for example. The first one is a nice design the lace detail is really cute and adds chic to it. I like the colour as well because its not nude but its not exactly a yellow or peach either. The second is really pretty and I just love a white dress for an occasion because it just screams chic. The lace on that is a nice effect too. The third I think is my favourite because its a bit different and the pink tone is really nice. I just love the design and style of it!

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright

So thats my favourites from the new season of Michelle Keegans collection and I hope you all enjoyed my post! Mark Wright shared some photos yesterday of snaps from his and Michelles wedding because they have been married 1 month and could they be a cuter couple? They literally are relationship goals. Her wedding look was just amazing. What a beautiful bride she was! I have the HELLO Magazine issue of their wedding and the photos are so cute and it looks like such a perfect wedding. Saving that magazine for future reference (if I get to the wedding point haha!)

Enjoy your day guys and happy Friday!

Ever Yours



Black and Gold

Black and Gold
Good evening everybody! I know its a little late in the day to be posting but I thought I would just do this little polymer post for you. So as you might of heard Michelle Keegan’s new season collection is now on Lipsy London and it is so good! Im going to do a post on my favourite pieces from it soon but for now here is a more formal post. This Sheer Halter Lace Maxi Dress is perfect for any debs or formal occasion you have coming up. Its such an elegant dress and has such nice detailing. I have matched this up with gold mostly because I think it just adds something to it but silver would definitely work as well! So for accessories I have the Barely There Ankle Strap Sandal Rose Gold Metalic heels from Missguided which I think are simple enough but also fancy so people will notice them when you raise the hem of your skirt to sit down or dance. The clutch bag is a Beaded Clutch from Newlook which is also available in black on the website! The upper arm bracelet I think adds an interesting detail to the look and is from ETSY. All these accessories and make up I have kept close to gold with just nude tones to keep it simple. I added the St. Tropez tan just if you want to add a little colour to yourself for the event as an example of a product!
I hope you have all had an enjoyable day and enjoyed this post! Speak to you all soon!
Ever Yours

Pieces Of Pennys

said no woman ever
Afternoon everybody and happy Friday! The weekend is nearly upon us and I hope you all have exciting plans for it wether its lying around in bed or having a day out. Todays post is just a recap of some Pennys pieces I purchased during the week. If you are a follower on snapchat then you will have seen a few of these already but here they are again in a bit more detail!

side split knitlayered chiffon shirtWhite Side Split Knit//Layered Chiffon Top

First up are two tops I purchased and I love them both. The first is a sleeveless knit top with splits either side (shop similar ones here) which is really comfortable. I have been wearing on grey but warm days with plain blue jeans and my black brogues. Its longer at the back than the front but still its waist length. Its a simple piece but you can dress up in a few ways. The second top is a chiffon material with a layered effect. Its really nice on and its one of those things you can wear casually with jeans and boots or dress up with a skirt and heels. The sleeves are 3/4 length so they are just below the elbow with little gold button detail to undo the wrist. I wore it to work on Wednesday to test it out and its really comfortable and even goes under my blue jacket if it gets a bit chilly.

pennys pieces

Zig Zag Pattern Tube Skirt//Black Cut Out Sandals//Black Cut Out Lace Up Booties//Nude Cut Out Lace Up Booties

Next up are these shoes and skirt. The skirt is a tube skirt and is really nice on. Its not too short but its above the knee. It goes really well with the side split knit actually! Its a stretchy material so if you wear it on a night out theres lots of room for dancing haha! Theres a good bit of elastic in it so it will stretch but it bounces back so its not going to loose shape after a while which is handy! The boots and sandals I just love so much!

pennys shoespennys cut out bootiespennys sandalsBlack lace up bootiesnude cut out bootiesI initially bought the side split knit, the skirt and the black cut out lace up booties together but when I went in on Tuesday I spotted the nude pair and I had to have them. I am aware that buying the exact same shoes in a different colour is a little crazy but look how pretty?! Theyre from Pennys too so its a bargain! You can shop similar ones here. I cannot wait to wear these out!

Thats about it for today and I hope you enjoyed it! I have a few posts planned for the next week so look out for those. I will also be doing a few online shopping posts because as I am off to the Galway Races in a couple weeks I will be hunting for an outfit to wear so prepare for me to be a bit boring on snapchat and posting dress pictures from a thousand different stores to my story! Speak to you all soon!

Ever Yours



Style Steal

Style Steal
Afternoon guys! Todays post is just a quick polyvore outfit post before I head off to work and here it is! This look is a Kim Kardashian look and its simple and easy to recreate for yourself. This Missguided Co-ordinate is almost identical to her two piece and probably a lot more purse friendly! Kim K has been loving her crop tops and midi skirts the last few months and has worn several different versions of this look in about a thousand different colours and nailed it every time so if you are liking these pieces on her definitely head to Missguided to see all they have to offer to channel your inner Kim! The way she wears these pieces is pretty simple with no accessories and simple ankle strap heels. The heels I selected are from Zaful and are about €44. The purse is Kurt Geiger and is a nice price of €42 and due to the brand you will definitely use it a good few times in your life! I decided to put in some rings just to add a little bling to it and I found these for under €10 on Mango. The Bobbi Brown nail varnish is an example of what colour to have with this because I think too much black might be too heavy with it and nude would be just right to keep a nice light feel to it and add a summer nail colour in the look!
So thats all for today and I hope you enjoyed the post which is definitely shorter than my last two! Enjoy the rest of your day and speak to you soon!
Ever Yours

Right To Bare Arms

Victoria Beckham Sleeveless Jacket

Afternoon everybody! I know I have been a little quiet over the last few days but I have a new post for you today on another trending piece which is sleeveless Jackets. I purchased a couple of them myself from work a while ago and they are such a handy thing to have! They are perfect for when you want a simple jacket to wear but nothing too similar to a coat. I have seen them all over the shop at work and they are in so many colours it taking all my power not to buy one in every colour! Heres one I bought a while ago from the cameo rose label.

cameo rose sleeveless jacketwhite sleeveless jacketThese two are both bought from Newlook but the tan is Cameo Rose and this white one actually comes into two different textures and I think four different colours that I know about! They are seriously such a good piece because you can wear the with literally anything. Jeans, dress, jumpsuit, skirt you name it! Here are a few I found from the Newlook website.

Longline tan waist tie sleeveless jacketTie waist longline sleeveless jacket


Burgundy sleeveless jacketburgundy newlook sleeveless jacket

white and neon print floral sleeveless coatwhite and neon pink floral print sleeveless coat



 Navy Belted Longline Sleeveless Jacket//Cream Textured Sleeveless Jacket//Blue Floral Print Sleeveless Blazer 

These are just a few of the many different versions and styles on Newlook! So if none of these are colours youre mad on or if you like the look of one thing and want another colour definitely go and check their website out for loads more!

Black and White sleeveless jacket photo


Khaki Sleevless tie waist jacketPinstripe Sleeveless Jacket Khaki Sleeveless Jacket

 Khaki sleeveless jacket//Pinstripe Sleeveless Jacket//Sleeveless Tile Print Kimono

These next three pieces are from Miss Selfridge and are again different and interesting. The Green is a nice piece because the colour is just so nice for summer. The pinstripe piece would be great for working when its a bit warmer while your indoors around the office and then just casually with jeans or a pencil skirt. The long one you can wear a la Mrs Beckham above with it just flowing in the breeze and adding a little something to your everyday look.

Sleeveless JacketJKT64CAMEL-67047__90911_stdAX paris cream jacket

AX Paris black jacket


 AX Paris Sleeveless Waterfall Jacket

These sleeveless waterfall jackets have become to popular the last couple of months. We have a few in from this AX Paris range, Blue Vanilla, Apricot and they are also available from the Cameo Rose section. They are such a classy and elegant piece and they are stunning on. They are just so fancy looking! These are three different versions of the same product but there are so many more on the AX Paris website and on the Newlook website under the Label Lounge category. There is also a pink version available from the Blue Vanilla website which you can see here

So thats my post for today and I hope you all enjoyed it. Again sorry for the silence the last few days but Im still trying to figure out the balance between working and having things to update you with so bare with me! I hope you are all having a good week and enjoying nice weather where you are! Here where I am in Kerry its really warm but it keeps raining and is dull so finding stuff to wear to accommodate two different weathers is really annoying! Talk to you soon!

Ever Yours




Little Missguided

Missguided Crochet Insert Dressmissguided crochet white bodyconCrochet Lace Bra Insert Bodycon Dress White

Afternoon everyone I hope Monday wasn’t too tiresome for you yesterday and I hope that summer has kicked in where ever you are because here in Kerry its warm but grey with light showers (typical). If you added me on snapchat you will have seen in my story the other day that I was taking a look on Missguided for some inspiration as to what to wear to Ladies Day at the Galway Races this year and I came across some amazing stuff! Not just ideas for the races but just really interesting and stylish pieces. So I thought I would do a post to show you all these really cool pieces incase you’re looking to update the wardrobe too!Long Sleeve Mesh Top Midid Dress KhakiLong Sleeve Mesh Top Midi Dress in KhakiLace Overlay A-line Shift Dress in BlueLace Blue overlay aline shift dress

Long Sleeve Mesh Top Midi Dress Khaki//Lace Overlay A-Line Shift Dress Nude/Blue 

The first white dress and the second khaki dress are very Kim Kardashian at the moment and the  phrase “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” comes to mind and I think they are really cool pieces. I would love to be able to pull them off but I dont think I could to be honest! I think they really good on the people who do wear similar pieces to these when I see them on my Instagram feed or on Tumblr. Kim Kardashian has some seriously good looks the last couple of years so if you want to channel her then Missguided is where you need to shop! Go fourth and release your inner Kim K! The blue lace dress is so pretty and perfect for fancy summer things. The colour is just gorgeous and the floral lace is such a cute detail. I think I’ll keep an eye on this one for the races!

Slinky Cowl Front Midi Dress TaupeSlinky Cowl Neck Front Midi Dress Taupe backLace Scallop Hem Back Detail Bodycon DressLace Scallop Hem Back Detail Bodycon Dress side

Women’s Midi Dress – Taupe//Lace Scallop Hem Back Detail Bodycon Dress Taupe

These two dresses may be favourites out of them all. The Slinky Cowl Neck Dress is so nice! I just love the colour and the neckline and I think it would be perfect for wearing to any kind of occasion. The second dress again I just love it. The detailing is amazing and its different its not plain or right on trend and I think its really nice and would do for any formal type of occasion. The back is interesting too because its a cut out design but not backless.

Mesh Cut Out Heeled Sandals In BlackMesh Cut Out Heeled Sandals in Black BackSqaure Laser Cut Caged Heel Ankle Boot Black Suedesquare laser cut caged heel ankle boot black suede pair Mesh Cut Out Heeled Sandals Black//Square Laser Cut Caged Heel Ankle Bootie Black Suede

I know its a little early in the year to be thinking about boots but these are definitely not a typical boot! I came across these while browsing and I just love them! They are both so different and look designer and expensive but obviously they aren’t and are affordable! Like my mother I am a bit of a shoe addict so I am always looking at footwear and these are so cool! The first one is more of a shoe than a boot and I think because they are they will go with anything like jeans, skirts, dresses, everything! The second are more of a boot and I think they would go better with a skirt than pants because depending on the leg length of the trouser it could make the boot look odd but I think they would be amazing with a pencil skirt co-ordinate!

fur trim 70s style platformfur trim platform70s sandalsTassel Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals TanTassel Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals Tan close up

Fur Trim 70’s Platform Sandals Cream//Tassel Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals Tan 

How cool are the 70s platforms? Seventies is such a trend at the moment these are perfect. The colour is so handy because it will go with virtually anything and the little fur detail is so cute and playful! A platform is actually such a good shoe because you’re not straining from the height of the heel. If a heel is really high and the sole is flat your foot will have so much pressure on it from the shape of the shoe but with a platform its balanced and it makes up for the height of the heel so you are comfortable. The second pair I think are just really trendy with the tasseled fringe detail. Tan brown is so in at the moment so I think these would be a really cute and fun pair of shoes to have for outfits. The fringe is so in and I think these are such a cool way to have that detail instead of just on clothing!

So thats basically it for today and I hope you all found some inspiration from todays post! Its been a while since I did a website post so I thought I would get back into that again and with all these really interesting piece its a good way to do it! Just as a side note I updated and restarted my Depop account yesterday and added two new items for sale and apologies to everyone who left messages about items but I haven’t used it since I was in Galway and forgot to re install the app on my new phone! So take a look at that if you’re interested my user name is evannalily. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

Ever Yours