Autumn Green

Autumn Green
Hey everybody here is an outfit post for you today featuring a few different items that I think are perfect for this time of year. I have called this look Autumn Green because I think it makes a great look that ties in with all the colours of this time of year. The green jumper is a nice knit for this time of year and the dark green goes well with the season of colours getting darker and their changes. I have chosen a few browns and tan colours because I think they resemble the leaves outside as they fall from the trees and loose their green and turn to the reds, browns, golds that Autumn brings. Thats why I have chosen gold based accessories like the midi rings and the earrings. This is a simple everyday look that is still fashionable, affordable and in season. I love fedora hats at the moment as we have some really nice ones in store! If you follow my Tumblr page you will see I have reblogged a few things featuring fedora hats. I hope you all enjoy this post and find some Autumn inspiration!
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Pure Perfume

Good afternoon everyone I hope you are all having a nice day even if it is Monday! Todays post is about the new perfumes by Newlook which are in stores as of last week and is about two of the perfumes which I purchased the other day and what I think of them. Here is the link to the beauty line at Newlook for you to browse.



So over the last week Newlook launched its new beauty line Pure which besides perfumes also features foundation, eye shadows, mascara, nail polishes, powders, lip liners, lipsticks, lip gloss and concealers. The two perfumes I purchased were Pink Blush and Pure Dusk. The first one I will be talking about is Pure Blush.

The packaging for the perfumes is quite simple but effective. Its a nice neat little box with the colours on the lids signifying which fragrance is which. White makes it look expensive with the black lettering. The coloured names of the perfumes in bold and capitals make it look formal as well and I think that it is a really pretty design for a box. You probably can’t see it from the photos but the box actually has patent thick white stripes in half vertical lines along the box. The bottles are 50ml bottles so you ono what that means girls you can bring it on a Ryanair flight!


Pure Blush is a cute girly perfume and has such a nice look to it. It looks really classic and expensive and has a feel of luxury to it. The bottle really suits it because it is such a pretty and chic design. The Pink Blush one to me is a really cute, girly, pretty chic type of perfume and if it was a person I would think Arianna Grande would suit it. Its a sweet smell with hints of citrus in it. It has a floral scent of sweet flowers that I can’t quite put my finger on. Its a nice scent and is similar to a Chanel perfume. If your not mad on sweet perfumes like Anais Anais scents then this isn’t really the one for you but I adore it! Its my favourite one I think out of the four scents there are.



The next one is the Pure Dusk perfume. This fragrance is associated with purple and is also really cool looking. I think the purple colour makes it a bit edgy and is perfect for night. This one is also a bit sweet and has hints of the Iris flower. Its a strong scent and is a different type of sweet to the Blush scent. Its a bit darker and makes me think of a slight grunge look. It reminds me of Plum lipstick and a black dress. An attractive scent if you will perfect for that darker sexy look. It still looks pretty and chic like the Blush. If this was a person as well I would have to say… Megan Fox meets grunge. I think this scent has a little something for everyone but try it out for yourself and see what you think!



There are four perfumes in total from this range the other two are Pure Touch Green and Pure Devotion Yellow. I haven’t had the chance to try these out myself yet but I read they have a fruity fragrance with jasmine and damascus rose flower scents. Here they are.





So I hope you all enjoyed this post and go out and test these perfumes out for yourself. They are in store now at €9.99 and are online but I think they only deliver to the UK at moment and they are 7.99 GPB online. So pop in to sample the new fragrances and have a browse of the new beauty products!



Happy Monday everybody and I hope you all enjoy this post and speak to you again soon!

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Wifi and Knitwear Jumpers

Hello everyone! I know you haven’t heard from me in a while but I am back now and with an explanation why and with details of my latest purchases and looks while I have been away!


Firstly on the 4th of October my internet connection was cut off until today so it was harder to do posts for you guys. I could still use my Instagram and Facebook page but using Polyvore and Blogging from my phone is a bit tricky. Polyvore is different on my phone so it comes up smaller on my computer and I like to have everything perfect for you all. So I have prepared a few Outfit Inspiration posts for you which will be coming up during the week. So the pain of suffering without internet for almost two weeks is Β now over and I can get back to my online life! I think the above photo just sums up my feelings about it to be honest!

During the last two weeks there have been a few goings on which I will tell you about now. I purchased a new jumper from work which I think I am starting to have a serious relationship with because its pink and warm and I just love it. It contains Alpaca Wool so is warm and perfect for the weather starting to get colder. Its a slight polar neck jumper which I was surprised that I liked because lets face it we all remember Polar Neck jumpers from the Nineties/ early Noughties and they were not good. At the moment I have been wearing it with black jeans because they go so well together. I was wearing it tucked in but it is also nice just left out because it sort of hangs at the waist. This jumper also comes in a light aqua type of blue. Here it is!


With this jumper came a slight new look. I get a bit bored just having my hair down all the time and I normally end up tucking it behind my ears so I tried out a new hairstyle for the week and I really like it. I decided to try out Arianna Grande’s signature hairstyle but obviously not as well done as hers! I’m not a huge Arianna Grande fan I think her style is cute and would be perfect for if you wanted to look really girly but I decided to try out her hairstyle and this is the end result.



I like how long it makes my hair look! So I have been wearing this hairstyle for the last few days and its so much better then having to stop my hair going in my eyes at work and its not a ponytail but its not down either so its great! Another look I was wearing last week was my denim shorts with an old black knit and shirt collared top. I was surprised I was wearing shorts at this time of year in Ireland but I got a couple days more out of them before the weather just turned into this mad, windy, raining and dull type weather. I bought some socks from work as well because I liked the idea of having them with ankle boots. They have a lace frill at the top of them and they sit at the top of the ankle boot and are a bit more interesting instead of just a plain tights. This top is a few years old and is just a black knitted top with a shirt collar in it. The collar has gold tips too!




As Autumn is starting to look a little bit more like Autumn now with leaves all over the place, wind throwing them all over the place its time to start investing in your knits and cosy clothes. We have some really nice stuff in store at the moment and one thing I love is our Fedora Hats. Seen here on the mannequin featuring a darker pink fluffy jumper and a long crepe jacket. I am so tempted to get one of the hats because the one I bought last year doesn’t really fit my head (My dad and I both have small sized heads so has are a problem for us!) Β IMG_3957


So pop in store to see our new Autumn wear pieces including loads of fluffy jumpers (when I say fluffy I’m talking about cloud like fluffy!), new jackets, long knit wear cardigans both chunky and not and of course our shoe selection including boots both ankle and high and occasion heels. Also we have some very exciting new products in store and online in the form of our new beauty line! We have four different perfumes, eye shadows, nail polishes and mascara. Here are two of the perfumes which I will have a post about tomorrow!


So again Im sorry for the silence guys but I hope you like this post and are having a good weekend. Tomorrow I will taking about these new perfumes by Newlook and I will have some outfit inspiration posts up for you guys soon. I will do one today just to give you a little bit more then just this post!

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A Winning Look For NFL

Hey everybody! I hope you are all well and dont have the miserable weather we are having here in Ireland now we have hit Autumn! This post is a little different from normal because this one is in association with Fanatics Sports Apparel.
At the end of last week I recieved an email from the people over at Fanatics asking if along with some other bloggers I would create a look featuring one of their NFL Jerseys from their online store for a project they are doing and of course I said yes! So here is my post and I hope you all find some inspiration for your NFL games attire!
Now I am not even going to pretend to know squat about any kind of sports (Sorry everyone!) but I definitely know that NFL stands for the National Football League over in the USA so this one is for all my American followers and I hope you all enjoy it! I went onto the Fanatics website and after going through all their jerseys I finally chose one. It took me a while to decide because there are so many different possible looks from all the colours of the jerseys but I finally settled on one. I chose one that I think I can relate to and I will explain why.

I chose this Womens San Francisco 49er’s Colin Kaeperick Nike White Platinum Jersey for several reasons.
1. It is mainly white with a touch of Grey so it will go with virtually anything.
2. My father lived in San Francisco for a while in his younger days and has always said it was such an amazing place and he had the best time there. He is always talking about the mad adventures he went on and his great experiences there!
3. This jersey is number seven and that is the date of my birthday so I always consider it a lucky number so I always involve it in the lotto numbers and things! (I have yet to win the lotto though!)
The look I want to go for with this jersey is a home gathering like a barbeque with friends or just out supporting your team. As I always say “Just because its sports doesnt mean you have to stop being stylish” by this I mean you dont have to go around in an oversized hoodie with sneakers and some sort of sports pants. So I went online to and found some suitabley stylish pieces to help you get a gameday look touchdown! (I know some Lingo!)
So I think if you take this jersey and tuck it into these Black Coated Skinny Jeans with it just hanging over the waist you have a great look already and you havent even got shoes.

The black will really make the white stand out and will stop your jersey from being just that bit big to showing off your figure with little effort involved. Just tuck it into the jeans and bam you have it complimenting your waistline. I have also picked some matching shoes for this in the form of these Cream Bow Front Pointed Court Shoes.

They are cute, they are simple and they add a little glam to the look. I did have a black boot in mind too but I just think its a bit safe to go with a white top, black jeans, black boots, etc etc so Im trying to create a monochrome type look if you will which is in style at the moment. I have a few accessories that I think would really work with this and make it a bit more interesting and add some glamour.



I especially love the Black Felt Fedora Hat because as we are in Fall hats are coming back in a big way so why not wear them to an NFL gathering with your family and friends? My absolutely favourite piece of this look is next. I just think that this bag adds so much fun and actually really stands out against the rest of the look. I think its really fun, cute, creative, unique and also stops the outfit from being too serious! Here it is the Pink Doughnut Zip Top Clutch!

So I hope you all like my NFL outfit post in association with Fanatics Sports Apparel! Remember to check out their website ( for all your sports needs and your NFL jerseys! I am so thrilled to be able to do this for them and connect with a company abroad and also my non irish followers! I hope you all like this post and enjoy your NFL games everybody!
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Good Hair Day

Good afternoon everybody! I hope you are all well and having a good week. Todays post is a beauty related post about my hair routine. A lot of people always say how my hair is soft and shiny so I have decided to share my routine with you guys for my straight hair look which I do a lot! I started straightening my hair when I was about twelve and it has been a downward spiral ever since! For about three years I was straightening my hair everyday without fail. I hated how it went curly after a couple of hours of being at school so I would straighten it for 10 minutes before going to school and then again when I got home. It has definitely suffered over the years! But the last few years I have cut down on the straighteners and leave it curl and my hair is healthier. A couple of months ago I paid a visit to the lovely Sean Taaffe Salon in Killarney where my mum is a regular and finally got rid of all my split ends from the last five years. I did not realise how bad they were.



So remember guys the straight hair may look good but don’t forget to lay off them as well. Variety is good! So I hope you enjoy my routine and find some helpful tips about how to achieve the straight hair look and how to keep it that way without having to reach for the hot iron everyday!

I like to have volume in my hair so that it looks thick and healthy so I use my amazing L’Oreal Paris Heat Protect Volume spray which works wonders. I discovered these L’Oreal products a couple of years ago and they have been part of my essentials list ever since. I absolutely love them! For me they are the only choice for hair care. You can find them in any big chemist like or supermarkets like Tesco for example. The volume one has a little pink square that says volume so look for it because all the bottles are the same and the square tells you what type it is. It has a good spray because it covers a wide area of your hair and has an even coverage. The only thing is when you use these sprays use it over a carpet or something because if you have some type of wooden floor like I do in my bedroom it leaves that part of the floor a bit slippy for a couple days.



So I have three areas of my hair that I spray with the volume spray so I have definite volume. I spray my hair line parting, under my side fringe, and then I flip my hair over my head and do the base of my hair where the back of my neck is. This ensure that you have volume in the key places. Then I just do quick sprays of the roots down to the ends of my hair and then I rough it all up a bit with my fingers. Next I use my Straight Heat Protect Spray from L’Oreal on the middle of my hair down to the ends to lock in the straightness. These sprays lock in their action for three days so you don’t have to worry about your hair going curly again in humidity or it going flat. obviously everyones hair is different depending on what hair type you have it will either last longer or a day less. There is also a Curly spray available which I also have but I don’t use it as much because I don’t curl my hair really.



After all this is done I leave it for one or two minutes just to set in and then I blow dry it. This takes a while because my hair is so long. I normally blow dry my hair with it upside down because then it has the best result. (It says to do this on the bottles under directions of use anyway) once this done I have volume and am ready to start straightening.



Now when I straighten my hair I don’t go the bother of separating all the different sections and pinning them on both sides and then Β making sure each section is the same width because quite frankly I cannot be bothered so leave it the professionals in my opinion! What I do is I brush my side fringe into a normal fringe in front of my face and then twist it and pin it back. I then bring all my hair to the front so theres none at the back that I miss and then just do straighten it. Not all at once obviously but like the back bits first then the middle then the front and then move on the other side. When this is done I untie my fringe and do that then brush it into a side fringe. Here is the finished results!





I hope you all found some useful tips in this post and don’t forget to leave comments and let me know what you think!

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Luxury Lace Look

Luxury Lace Look
Afternoon everyone! Heres an outfit inspiration post for you all featuring this gorgeous AX Paris dress. I love this its so elegant looking and you can wear it anyway you like but this is an example of how I would wear it and hopefully you guys all like it too! I matched this dress with some deep purples because I feel like it goes really well with the black lace of the sleeves and top of the dress. Also its different from just matching this dress with nude lipstick, nude nails, nude or white shoes etc etc and it adds a bit of individuality to the look. So the nails, shoes and lipstick are all purples and its only a certain amount of purple so its not too dark a look. All the jewellery is from also the coat is in store at the moment and it is ridiculously comfortable and soft! Its perfect for winter coming up just around the corner. With this outfit I was thinking that a simple Kim Kardashian style low ponytail would go perfectly with this. Simple make up and you have the completed look! This look is a chic look with a bit of edge and I really like the feel of it. Its a bit different but not dramatically so. I hope you all enjoyed this outfit inspiration post and talk to you all soon!
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New Looks from NewLook

Hey everybody I hope you have all had a good week and Im sorry for my radio silence over the last few days I have been working everyday this week so I haven’t had time to do any posts but here is one for today! This one is just a little update on my recent purchases and new outfits that I have been wearing the last few days!

Over the last week I picked up a few things from work when I was finished and I am so happy that I did! I have a total of six new items from this week and Here are the first two items I bought!



This Stone Contrast Collar Shell Top is now in the sale items and it is so comfortable! It goes with virtually anything and I love it it can be work with highwaisted jeans, this skirt, denim shorts and depending on your look actually can look really like sixties style! It has just a simple two button up at the back just on the collar. This Monochrome Houndstooth Wrap Skort is also so comfortable! I have yet to wear it out but I have tried it on with a few things and its another favourite. It goes really well with this top and with my yellow chiffon blouse from Tk Maxx which was featured in their Me By Me campaign a while ago!
My next few items I absolutely love!

I am actually obsessing with my Mom Denim Shorts and Belt. I spent about two days matching them with everything and as an outfit with tights all the pieces in this photo go together perfectly!

The way I have been wearing this outfit the last few days for work is with my Midnight Plum lipstick from Maybelline and my purple jewel statement necklace from Primark/Pennys with straight hair and diamond stud earrings. Its not my usual look for outfits and thats why I love it because its a bit different for me!

If you follow my instagram you will have seen these photos before but this is a more detailed post for you all! All this was topped off yesterday by the fact I recieved a name tag! I feel so official now and have had a great week at work!

A post about all the happenings in my week will be coming up tomorrow! For now though I hope you are all having a good week and enjoy your weekend!
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The Birthday Blog

Hello everybody! Here is a blog post to start the week off and this one is a little special because today is in fact Evanna Lily’s first birthday as a blog!

This time last September I was in Galway as a fashion retail student creating this blog at my kitchen table! Evanna Lily has had a few changes over the last year in Layout, design and even the URL which went from being lilyatkinson1 to just evannalily! (this was because I didnt set it up right but I learnt how to use wordpress!) i started off with a different theme to the one I have now and I prefer this one alot more! Here is a snap from Instagram that I posted the first day it was created

During this time last year it was Milan Fashion Week and my very first post was of a Dolce And Gabanna look for the runway which included florals and jewellery. I loved this look and am so glad I used it as my first post!

But there are some people I need to thank for helping Evanna Lily last a year and that is you guys. All my followers on all my social media profiles from all over the world not just on here for taking interest in my posts and sharing them around. For letting me know your thoughts via comments and for just helping Evanna Lily to grow and gain more interested followers. Thank you all for joining me on my journey and even though Evanna Lily still has a while to go to becoming a big fashion blog its all of you guys that are making it happen. So thank you all and I hope you will all still be here for the next few years of birthdays to come!


Happy Fashions Dolls
Love Lily Atkinson creator of Evanna Lily

Hayden Williams Check Her Out Look

Hayden Williams Check Her Out Look
Here is another Hayden Williams look for you guys to check out! By now you have all probably guessed that I am obsessed with his work and its true I am! If you haven’t seen his posts then have a look on his Tumblr and Pinterest page because his stuff really is amazing! I also did a post a while back featuring a few of his pieces and a little biography bit. Also check out his illustrations for London Fashion Week on Rimmel’s Facebook page and on his Instagram!
This look is called Check Her Out and it is a vintage sort of look. I love the check peplum top and red combination and as Autumn is here Red is becoming a bit colour. As with the top Monochrome and check prints are very in at the moment especially in NewLook. We have some amazing pieces in store and online to be sure to have a look! I like the touch of gold in this look too because it is subtle but adds to the look. In the Illustration her nails are red but I went for black instead because I didn’t want to overkill with the red colour and I thought it would match with the shoes more. All these pieces are easy to find online through my Polyvore by clicking the images below.
I hope you all enjoy this look and speak to you soon!
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New Look New Job

Hey everybody! I hope you are all having a good week and for those of you in Ireland I hope you have been enjoying the lovely weather we have had the last few days. I am just checking back in with you all to tell you about whats been happening lately.


A few weeks ago I was called to do an interview at my local New Look store here in Killarney and after a couple of weeks I got a call saying I had got the job! I was so happy to hear that because New Look is genuinely one of my favourite stores and I have loved shopping there since I first got into fashion. You guys probably already know this as I tend to include a lot of their products in my Outfit Inspiration posts!


On Thursday I had my Induction day which was only two hours but I enjoyed every minute. I started off my day by learning about the fitting rooms. I already had a bit of experience with this from doing Work Experience in Oasis for college in Galway last year so luckily I had some knowledge already. It wasn’t too busy because all the young people are at school (says me at 19 years of age!) so it was quieter than normal but it was an easy pace to start with. When on fitting rooms you just have to check the amount of items a person is bringing in just incase people are being sneaky and when they hand you back items just make sure they are tidy and ready to go back out on the floor.

After this I did some Health and Safety training which is how to lift boxes correctly, what to do in case of a fire, etc. I didn’t cover any of this in Oasis because it was only five days work experience so there wasn’t really any need to so this was new to me. That was my first day which was only two hours so it was a nice day to learn those things.

Yesterday, Friday, was my second day which was longer and involved more tasks to do. I started off the day by clearing the rails in the fitting rooms. This is where all the things people leave in the fitting rooms because they don’t fit or changed their minds go onto the rail by the door and then someone takes the rail out into shop out of the way and puts them all back onto the floor. This is a good task because I need to learn where everything is and remember where it all goes so this is really good for that. I worked in the fitting rooms again for a while after this and then I did a new job which was Size Order. Size Order is going around an are of the shop and making sure that everything is in the right order of size on the hangers e.g 6, 8, 10, 12 and so forth. This was good because it really helped you to remember where everything in that section was for clearing the rails.

grey flecked textured zip front skirtCream Wool Mix Zip Front Collarless Coat


Grey Flecked Textured Zip Front Skirt and Cream Wool Mix Zip Front Collarless Coat in store now

Everyone I have met on my two days that I am working with is so nice and helpful. They are all friendly and happy to help me with any questions I have about anything and I am really pleased with my job.

I am really pleased to be working in this store because it gives me a chance to apply all the things I learnt in my Galway College Course about Fashion Retail and working in the Retail Industry and I can’t wait to learn more and settle in fully to working with everyone and the clothes. Needless to say I think a lot of the clothes will end up coming home with me! As my dad said “Its perfect for them that you work there because the money they pay you will be going back to them with all the stuff you buy!”

Black buckle side block heel chelsea bootsMonochrome Check Wrap Skort

Black Buckle Side Block Heel Chelsea Boots and Monochrome Check Wrap Skort in store now

Hope you are all enjoying your week and I will check back in with you all soon! (By the way I am very obsessed by the last two items and I am planning on getting them myself the next day I am in!)

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