Beach Please



Afternoon guys! I hope the week is treating you well and the weather is not as windy and rainy as where I am. Speaking of weather it has a lot to do with todays post as its all about swimwear!

My family and I have booked a holiday at the end of August in sunny Spain and I seriously need to update my holiday wardrobe. From swimwear to holiday clothes so Im doing some major browsing over the next few weeks to get it all sorted! I have taken the time to create a few collages for you guys in some swimwear looks and I hope you enjoy them!

Newlook Swimwear


Newlook Swimwear – Lilac Moulded Triangle Bikini//Blue Gem Embellished T-Bar Sandals//Black Chain Trim Cat Eye Sunglasses//White Flounce Lace Waterfall Kimono

This collage is all Newlook pieces and is a simple look for laying on the beach just relaxing. The bikini is such a nice colour and the white kimono is perfect for just covering up for a stroll along the shore line. The sandals and sunglasses are perfect accessories to add a little bit of glitz without having to wear jewellery! All of these are available on the site and inspires!

Topshopw swimwear


Topshop Swimwear – Mixed Scale High Neck Bikini//Mesh Power Tote//Floppy Felt Hat//Harbour Toe Post Strappy Sandals

This collage is all about Topshop’s stock at the moment and is a pretty cool and on trend look for beachwear. I love the pattern ad style of the bikini because its a really on trend style with the high neck and the pattern. The accessories are white to match in with the grid pattern. The hat is a cool piece to have as they are really in at the moment and can be worn with anything. The bag and sandals are pretty chic looking too so it adds some glamour to your look if you want to remain a stylish chica on vacation. Again all these are on!


Choies Black Strappy Halter Triangle Swimsuit//Ashley Stewart Metallic Chevron Print Beach Bag//Boohoo Freya Statement Coin Tribal Necklace//Mango Acetate Frame Sunglasses

This last collage is a mixture of Choies, Boohoo and and Mango and I think makes such a cool poolside look. This swimsuit is so cool with the cutouts and shape and looks really expensive (its not!) and with all these pieces together you have a killer look. The necklace is so on trend because theres loads of layered, gold, tribal accessories coming in for summer and it goes perfect with this look. The bag and sunglasses match and gold obviously makes things look a bit more expensive than they are so they are really useful colours to have. If you just put a white kimono and black wedges with this you could be in a photoshoot!

I hope you guys all enjoyed todays post and found some inspiration from it for your holiday shopping (it seems weird to be looking at beachwear when the wind is howling outside and the rain is pouring down!) and if you have any questions ask away!

Ever Yours



Colour Crushes

1ffd0cbed6830d125d09db1ec9fe04a4Hey everybody I hope your week went well and that your coffee is strong this Monday! Todays post is another hair related post and its just all about the colours and styles Im crushing on at the moment. To be honest I am slightly bored with my hair because it has been the same for quite a while now with a side fringe, long, straight and dark brunette and I feel like a little change is order! I am so scared of doing anything with my hair though because I dont want it to end up looking awful and I cant have it changed every other day! Im not Kim Kardashian! (Who’s recent hair colour I definitely will not be trying out!)

First up we have a colour that I tried out briefly last year and I might try it out again and its dark cherry. The last time I dyed my hair this colour I just dyed it at home instead of going to the hairdresser and I would like to have it done properly so that its more noticeable. When I did it myself (I was a student I couldn’t afford the hairdresser!) it was just me and my housemate working off the instructions and I dont think I left it in long enough! Anyway here are some people who definitely can pull it off!


Selena Gomez

Hair Colour


Another thing I want to try but I dont think I ever will is a wavy mid length bob. I was thinking about it for a few weeks around the start of February but I dont think I would be able to deal with it! Last time I got my hair cut it felt so short even though it wasn’t so I think I am definitely a person who needs long hair!

10981507_637109409727887_371492101766452891_n10995889_637109163061245_8895430664579008555_n10981867_637108943061267_2831686940439415569_nLastly I would love to go blonde at some point in my life. Not like a bleach blonde or really light blonde but an almost brown blonde (I will admit right now I am not down with the hair colour chart lingo!) but I think I would like to try it just to go in the complete opposite direction of my natural colour! Just to see what its like and do something completely different.




I am also considering some extensions just to add some volume and a little extra length to my natural look. I would literally kill for Michelle Keegan’s hair!


So thats my post for today and I hope you guys all enjoyed it and who knows I may opt for the blonde a bit earlier than I say! Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions on colours or styles.

Ever Yours




Al Natural



Afternoon everybody! Todays post is another hair care post but not exactly about products or routine. So the other night I posted a photo to my Instagram of my hair natural and you guys just went mad over it! Some of you even left some comments saying how nice it was so thank you! So todays post is about that but in more detail.



From a couple hair care posts you all know my hair is naturally curly but I have a slight obsession with my straightener but for the last few days I have left it alone and I have to say the end result isn’t as bad as I thought it would be! From my last hair care post (Good Hair Day) you all know that I use a couple of heat sprays and straighten my hair a lot but lately my hair has a had a break from all of these things. Heres my reasons why Im going against my routine:

  • I have run out of Volume Heat Spray
  • My Hairdryer is broken
  • I want to change up my look a little.

Thats it. My whole list of reasons! Basically a couple days ago my hairdryer started to overheat and this insane orange light was coming out of it but lately it just doesn’t get hot anymore so I think its time to start looking for a replacement! Its sort of a good thing because when my hair is towel dried after I finish washing it the curls are really nice but as soon as I blow dry them they just go frizzy! So with my hairdryer entering retirement stage I only use the lowest heat setting to sort of finish off the drying stage and then the curls are still there but not mad frizzy! After my hair is dry I just twist the left and right side individually and then twist them together at the back and tie it into a bun and leave it for as long as possible. I normally wash my hair in the evening so its clean for work the next day so maybe two/three hours tied up. It just helps the curls set in.

The end result is just my natural curls that had a little help and I can do anything with it. When I put my curly hair into a bun it works so much better than the straight hair because it has more body and so stays the way it is where as the straight hair in a bun just falls normally. Here is the end result!



So thats todays post on a little hair care trick! I hope you guys enjoyed it and are looking forward to Friday tomorrow! This week went so fast or is it just me that thinks that? Hope you are all enjoying your week!

Ever Yours




Keeping Up With Khaki

khaki and print


Hey everybody todays post is one I haven’t done in a while and its about Khaki. I have noticed that recently theres a lot of khakis and green coming into the store where I work so I thought I would do a post on the many ways you can keep up with the khaki this season! First up I have gathered a few pieces from which show off exactly how you can wear khaki. I have two tops and dress and they’re all different styles.

Khaki Sleevless Turtle Neck Top - PLTKhaki Split Sleeve Roll Neck Crop Top - PLTkhaki Chiffon Scallop Trim Midi Dress - PLT

So first up we have the Sleeveless Turtle Neck top and as sleeveless/high neck pieces are coming in this is dead on trend with colour and style. Its perfect for casual looks and adding colour to a look. The second is the Split Sleeve Roll Neck Crop Top which is great if you are a little edgy with your style and like things that are on trend but not the same as every other piece. It would be great for a night out with jeans or a skirt. Lastly we have the Chiffon Scallop Trim Midi Dress which I think is gorgeous. Its really simple and easy to dress up with accessories. Its a really nice style and would be perfect for summer occasions like garden parties for example.

333421734D1Anita and green Khaki Embellished Collar Shirt Jumer-NLKhaki Jersey Pocket Ffront Sleeveless Midi Dress- NLParisian Khaki Soft Belted Utility Trousers - NL

These are all really versatile pieces from and are easy to style. First up is the Double Pocket Front Tie Waist Midi Shirt Dress which I styled in my window display post (see The Window Look in my Work Diary Category) which is actually so easy to dress up or down. Literally a wedge sandal can make this dress ready to wear for meeting for a coffee in town or going to a semi formal dinner.  The second is an Embellished Collared Jumper which is great for this time of year when its Spring but its not that warm yet so snuggling up in a jumper is still an option! Third we have the Jersey Pocket Front Sleeveless Midi Dress which I think is really sweet because its so simple but not dull. Some jewellery will make this piece really stand out or just some flats to keep it casual. Lastly we have the Soft Belted Utility Trousers which are really in style at the moment. All these sort of fabric trousers with the elasticated ankles and tie up waist are in and are easy to dress up. They are comfortable as well because they aren’t too tight and its nice to take a break from jeans now and again!

I hope you all enjoyed todays post and found some inspiration. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday and speak to you soon!

Ever Yours



Playing Dress Up

Afternoon everyone! This is just another quick post on some new pieces I have bought recently that you might have seen on my Instagram a little while ago! These two new pieces are currently my favourites in my wardrobe and I have been putting some looks together at home but haven’t worn them out yet. Both of these pieces came from Newlook and I just love them both. The camel sleeveless jacket by Cameo Rose is perfect for any semi formal occasion. So if your just feeling dressy but dont want to make too much of an effort then its great for just finishing a look off. I have tried two different looks with this jacket at home and it goes really well with blue jeans, a black vest and the fedora hat (seen below). You can find it on the Newlook website by choosing the Cameo Rose option in the Label Lounge section!

Next are the Ankle Strap Heels which are Number 1 on my shoe list at the moment! They are so comfortable and fit perfectly. They are real leather so they are not a rough material like some ankle strap shoes where they end up rubbing on the toe band. I have tried these out with a few other looks at home too and they go with virtually anything! Jeans, skirts, dresses of any colour. They also look so chic especially with a dressy dress. I cant wait for it to start getting warmer all the time so I can wear them out to something (its way too cold at night to have sandals on in my opinion I was freezing the other night in boots when I was outside!) and show them off properly! You can find them on the Newlook website too and also in White! evanna lilyevanna lily




My fedora hat has been making a small appearance in my outfit experiments and I love it so much but its One Size so its too big on my head so if anyone knows where I can get one around this time of year in a size small or where I can get a band to put into it so make it smaller let me know! This hat goes really well with the Cameo Rose Jacket and I cant wait for summer to start wearing the two pieces outside without the risk of getting a chill! (Im fighting a cold at the moment and I am just so done with this cold weather!) Coincidently this hat also goes perfectly with my new favourite casual outfit for work and for sunny but slightly chilly days featuring my Acid Shorts and Grey Shirt.

Acid Shorts and Grey Shirt


I hope you are all having a good Tuesday and got your week off to a good start. I spent last night doing some Visual Merchandising at work with the swimwear pieces (so head over to my Instagram to see those photos) and Im off today so Im just doing some general tidying up of all my magazines and getting rid of the ridiculously old ones (I have about 70 Grazia Magazine issues in my desk and half of them were cut to use photos for my college photoshoot ideas!) so a few may pop up on my Instagram! While I’m talking about social media I am making a promise to tweet a bit more on my Blog account because Im a bit quiet over there even on my personal account but Im going to start keeping you guys up to date a bit more over on that page! I gave it a make over yesterday along with the Facebook page so take a look!

Also Facebook have a new policy where they are deleting inactive followers so my likes have dipped a little bit so if you guys could give it a like and share it around I would so grateful!

Have a great day and speak to you all soon

Ever Yours



Evanna’s New Look



Good morning guys and welcome to the brand new Evanna Lily! So I spent ages last night deciding on a theme and trying to find something that resembles my Tumblr blog layout and this was the closest one I could get!

IMG_4943For anyone who has seen my Tumblr layout you will know thats its pretty simple looking with the title in Black lettering and the photos just laid out down the profile so I wanted the same style on here. The last layout was a good layout but just lately I feel like the colours in it were a bit dark (mostly black and green) and my header wasn’t really brightening it up.

Evanna Lily Blog Header and Title


Also the header wasn’t my own photo (eek!) it was one I found on Tumblr about a year ago and thought it was good for the blog. So in this new layout I want to keep it simple but chic. I have removed the header and brightened it up a bit with whites! Im not mad on the pink menu bar but due to the type of theme I don’t think I can change the colour of it! I would rather have it black but for now it might have to stay that way! So there be a few changes happening over the next few days because Im still tweaking it a bit!

I have also added a couple of new categories called Fashion Feature and Work Diary. Fashion Feature is going to contain all the posts I do with other websites and online stores and also anyone who emails, tweets, messages etc etc me with anything you want me to know about e.g I recently had someone ask me about to wear a certain item so you can send an image my way and I will do a short post about it! Work Diary is going to contain all my work related posts on Newlook e.g my post The Window Look can be found in there.

When it comes to my social media pages Im going to be changing the headers, profile pictures, descriptions and other little bits so you may find some disruption there but not too much! I will be starting with the Facebook page and then doing each page at a time. I am working today so I won’t get them all done today but hopefully a good bit. The only page not changing is my Tumblr blog! (

So I hope you all like the new layout and let me know what you think of it! If you have any suggestions or ideas of what you want me to post about as well do let me know because I love hearing from you guys.

Ever Yours



Evanna Lily Make Over


Good evening everybody! I just wanted to do a quick post on an announcement I have about the blog. I have been thinking about it for a while now and just toying with the idea but I have made a decision about Evanna Lily and it will start tomorrow.

Starting tomorrow Evanna Lily is going to have a brand new look! I have been thinking about the look of the blog and the layout and I think its time for a little make over. So there will be a new look and I hope all of you like it! This will be the third change of Evanna Lily since it was set up back in September of 2013 but I just want to find a look for the blog that I love and that hopefully you guys love too and even though I really like the look it has now I think its time for a change! It won’t take long at all because I have been testing out new layouts, colours and styles and have it all figured out so you can still access the website.

I hope you all like the new Evanna Lily look and had a good Sunday and I will speak to you tomorrow!

Ever Yours




About Last Night


Afternoon everyone here is just a short post on last night and what I got up to! So me and my two best girlies decided to head out for the night and have a couple drinks and just catch up as were all busy at college and working so haven’t seen each other properly in a while and it was so much fun! It was great to get out of the house and have a great time. We started off with cocktails in a bar called The Kube in Killarney and then went off for a dance. It was such a great night because we literally did not stop laughing the entire night! I think we may all have abs on our stomachs now from laughing so much! Here are just a couple of photos from the night.


So today I’m just relaxing a bit and meeting up with them again for coffees a bit later! I am loving my newest Pennys buy in the form of this camel coloured knit. Todays look is just casual, simple wear and doesn’t take any effort! Most people will wear sweat pants or something when they feel like doing nothing but I dont exactly do dressing down like everyone else!



Have a great Friday guys and talk to you all soon!

Happy Fashions Dolls


The Window Look

Good afternoon everyone I hope you all enjoyed your Paddy’s Day and are not suffering the effects of St. Patricks Day too badly (lord knows Im not as I was working all day and dont go out!). Todays post is all about my latest Window Dressing experience and I (finally) remembered to take a few photos for you guys and fill you in on my window displays!


As you all know I am currently working for my local Newlook store and I have recently started doing more window displays. I have had minor experience in window dressing before as creating a window display was part of my Fashion Retail course with Galway Technical Institute and I got to assist in doing a window display when I was doing work experience in Oasis as part of my course. I have done a couple more window displays since I started working for my local Newlook store and this was one I did a couple of weeks ago. This one is the first one I did on my own (the first was done with a manager) and Im quite happy with how it turned out. Im not taking credit with how the mannequins are styled because that is actually created and sent to each store every time a window needs changing but if we don’t have an item in stock we have to improvise. I chose their accessories though! IMG_5639_2IMG_5642_2IMG_5643_2IMG_5644_2

I always have a favourite look from each window but in this one I have two favourite looks! The first is the Khaki Shirt Dress which is styled with a gold pointed necklace and White Backpack Bag because its really simple and yet dressy. I put a black turban headband with it because it just adds a certain something to it. My second favourite look is the last mannequin featuring a Black Ribbed Crop Top and these Printed Wide Leg Trousers. I love this layered necklace with it because it adds a cool, urban vibe to it even though its a bit of a casual, cool , festival look. I would love to be able to pull off one of the looks from the windows but sadly I am only 5.2′ and the trousers would absolutely drown me! The mannequins are even taller than me!


So that was my first window which as I said I did a couple of weeks ago but I got to do the second window yesterday almost by myself (one of the mannequins is not a fan of having jeans put on so you need two people to get them on without breaking the leg off it!) and I think Im getting used to it because its not taking me as long as it did the first time! At first its a bit surreal taking apart a mannequin to dress it because you’re basically taking apart a body by removing the arms, torso and then dressing it certain ways but after a while you just get used to it! Yesterdays window displays contain five mannequins and then a little display of shoes and bags. So here are the looks from that and I’ll be telling you about my favourite looks from yesterday!


There were some really cool looks for this window and my two personal favourites are the Khaki Trousers and the Khaki Dress with the silver layered necklace. I would genuinely wear the Khaki Dress look if I went anywhere other than work with the necklace because its so simple its classy. The other look is also really cool because its so casual. The heels dress it up a bit but stick a pair of canvas shoes on instead and you have the perfect casual look for a walk or just to pop to the shops. As you are all well aware I love versatile pieces so these outfits are just perfect for that!

IMG_5655_2IMG_5632_2IMG_5654_2IMG_5635_2IMG_5656IMG_5628_2Unfortunately because of the angles I dont have a full photo of the Khaki dress but heres some I had left over of the others! Lastly (Im sorry this post is really long!) we move on the shoe and bag display at the end of the window. They’re mostly sandals because of summer coming up but still contain a lot of colours and some great pieces for any look!




I hope you guys all enjoyed this post and I hope to share a lot more of my window displays with you in the future! Im a little excited about all this because Im getting to be more involved with the visual merchandising side of the store and there are some courses I am hoping to do to get more training in it and it will open up a lot of opportunities for me with different stores and I cant wait to see what the rest of the year has in store! As the saying goes “Big things often have small beginnings

If you have any questions on anything in the post then please leave a comment or email me via my email address. You can also message me on my Facebook page and you can give it a like while you’re there too!

Happy Fashions Dolls


St. Patricks Day



I just wanted to say a quick Happy St. Patricks Day to all my fellow Irish wherever you may be in the world and to have a good day and night full of celebration! For any followers that dont know St. Patricks Day is a major holiday not just in Ireland but also in places like London, Australia and New York! St. Patricks Day is a celebration of the Irish saint Patrick every year on the 17th of March. The sign for this day is the Four Leaved Clover or the Shamrock because he used the Shamrock  to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish Pagans. Its traditional to wear green on this day because it has basically been the colour for Ireland since the 1600s and because of the colour of the Shamrock. So every year wherever in the world they might be the Irish celebrate their nationality! We have parades all over Ireland in the small towns like Killarney to the big cities like Dublin. You can normally see the Dublin, London and New York one on tv that day too!

So thats just a brief little description of the event and heres a little irish quote to finish off the post!



Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!